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Matt's E3 RPG Roundup

May 27, 2001

While the rest of the GF! staff enjoyed sampling a variety of different games at E3, resident RPG expert Matt spent all his time digging dirt on upcoming RPGs. That, and hanging out in the GoD lot. Read on for his takes on some of this year's biggest role-playing games, including the much-awaited Diablo II and Baldur's Gate II expansions, the excellent steampunk/fantasy hybrid Arcanum, and the mysterious Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
AquaNox E3 Preview
It's only fitting that a company named Fishtank would come up with a game like Aquanox, one fine-looking underwater shooter. It combines stellar graphics with fast-paced action, and that and the free gummi sharks have got Greg really excited about this one.  
Merchant Prince II Review (PC)
If you've got a Machiavellian nature and a high threshold for steep learning curves, you'll probably enjoy Merchant Prince II, Talonsoft's turn-based strategy game that puts you in control of a Renaissance-era city-state. It's more of a remake of the classic than an entirely new game, and the interface is unwieldy, but there's a good game in there if you can find it.  
Outlive Review (PC)
We thought only the Koreans made egregious Starcraft knock-offs, but now--live from Brazil--comes Outlive, a game that takes derivative and repetitious gameplay and lowers it to an entirely new level. Interested in RTS's that really rock? Give this one a pass and check out Kohan

Microsoft PC at E3

May 25, 2001

While the Xbox certainly took center stage at this year's E3, Microsoft also displayed an impressive collection of new PC titles. We'll soon be posting previews of Age of Mythology, Dungeon Siege, Mechcommander 2, and Sigma. We've got the AoM preview up right now, so click here to take a long hard look at the future (and mythological past) of the legendary AoE series.  
Sarah's E3 2001 Picks
It's become a staple at GF! -- Sarah runs down her top picks for interesting, exciting, and innovative console games coming out over the next year. This year she tackles GameCube, PS2, and Xbox, and our previews of these games are better than ever. Check out Sarah's E3 2001 Picks. Click-click, Hombre.
Run Like Hell (RLH) Preview (PS2)
What would a year of gaming be without some action horror titles? Crappy, that's what it would be like. Run Like Hell (aka RLH) is one of Interplay's new console titles, and it is looking really scary. What's most scary is just how innovative and interesting this game is. This ain't your daddy's survival horror. Click here if you can take it.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Preview (PS2)
BGDA004_lg-01.jpg (8215 bytes)The beloved PC RPG series makes a leap to the PlayStation 2 this Fall. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is not a port of one of the PC titles, and it's not just Gauntlet. It's a great new action RPG based on 3rd Edition AD&D rules that might bring a breath of fresh air into the stagnant console RPG genre. Get your quests here.
Pryzm Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn Preview (PS2)
TDK Mediactive is bringing us a great adventure game for all ages. Pryzm Chapter One: The Dark Unicorn will have you questing all over a huge world in order to save the inhabitants from evil and destruction. Fantasy action, a great story, and compelling gameplay should make this a hit. Click here.
Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory Preview (PS2)
Definitely not a "wholesome" title, but a hell of a lot of fun, Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory is looking like a more than suitable heir to the SR throne. Haul contraband all over the world, through war zones and populated villages, in order to hook up the connection. Banditos click here.

E3 Photo Blowout!

May 24, 2001

What a long, strange trip it was--at this year's E3 Al shot announcements, demos, CEOs, booth babes (of course!), and even a few photos of the GF! staff.  In fact, we've put together a gallery of over 60 images documenting the fanfare, all in a nice, easy format that will make your surfing experience a pleasure.  Come on in and take a gander at the visual splendor that defines E3 2001...
State of Emergency Preview (PS2)
Rockstar really threw us for a loop this year with the debut of their new title, State of Emergency. Best described as a "riot" game, this title will have you looting, shooting, bashing, and breaking everything in sight, along with about 100 of your closest NPC friends. Sound incredible? It is. Click here for anarchy!
THQ Unleashes Xbox Frenzy
THQ has been hard at work prepping for the Xbox. WWF Raw is War is a launch title, and brings wrestling games to a whole new level. Dark Summit will (hopefully) usurp SSX as the best fantasy snowboarding title. And New Legends brings a mixture of Shadowrun and Dynasty Warriors to the Xbox.
MX 2002 Preview (PS2)
Get that laundry detergent is ready, because you'll get dirty playing MX 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael. With even more pros, ultra-realistic tracks, and pretty, pretty visuals, this ain't your momma's motocross game. Check it out this June on PS2.  Click here.
Devil May Cry Preview (PS2)
From the creators of Resident Evil and Onimusha comes Devil May Cry, a game so intense and beautiful that you just might cry, too. With an incredibly high "cool" factor, you'll weild kitanas and John Woo style pistols as you take out the dark lords of the underworld. Spooky stuff this way.

Sega's Xbox Lineup

May 23, 2001

Sega is all set to release two Xbox titles this year. To coincide with the launch is Gun Valkyrie, a way-cool action/shooter that not only has big monsters and cool guns, but jetpacks, too. Due this winter is Jet Set Radio Future, the sequel to Jet Grind Radio. It's a lot like the first, but with more tricks and much more astounding visuals. Lock and Load or Tag It Up, holmes.
Dreamcast Still Kickin'
The Dreamcast should see about 30 titles released in the next year. Two big hits will undoubtedly be Crazy Taxi 2, the wacky cab simulator with a huge cult following, and Shenmue II, the compressed ending to the epic tale of revenge. Both games are looking really pretty and sport great new gameplay elements.
Monkey Ball Preview (GC)
Sega is bringing us what looks like another really addictive puzzle game called Monkey Ball. I know, what else could I possibly say to make it sound any better? How about this: There are MONKEYS. And they're in BALLS. Roll it up.
Sega Rolls Out the GBA Titles
Rounding out Sega Day here at GF! is a better look at the two GBA titles they're releasing. Chu Chu Rocket! (note the exclamation mark) is an enhanced version of the DC game. That's right -- it's bigger, better, and even more fun. Sonic Advance will come out this November, and brings back the classic, and speedy, gameplay of the Genesis versions.  

Daily E3 Coverage Continues

May 22, 2001

Our daily E3 coverage continues today with a whole bunch of new previews. We've only got one new story, this one regarding Sony's announcements at E3. It looks like Sony will bring out a network adapter, and they've partnered with several companies to give themselves an edge in the online market. Click here.
Interplay PC Games at E3
03.01.01-1_lg.jpg (8866 bytes)Interplay's booth is always a quiet bastion of sanity amidst the general madness of E3. So imagine this PC guy's dismay when everyone's favorite RPG company had more console than PC games on display this year. The good news is that the PC games pretty much rocked. Check out our quick previews of Neverwinter Nights, Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Star Fleet Command: Orion Pirates, and Torn right here
Game Boy Advance Onslaught I 
The GBA is going to be a big deal. This is the handheld that will make handheld consoles seem like a good idea. The Game Boy Advance is really sweet. Also, check out these launch titles: Hot Potato! is a cool puzzler. Fire Pro Wrestling packs tons of characters and moves. And action fans should dig Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure. Check them all out.
Game Boy Advance Onslaught II 
Don't think GBA releases will taper off towards fall. With a schedule of over 60 titles due by the end of the year, we've got some early looks at a few of the most promising. Ecks vs. Sever is a Perfect Dark style FPS game that looks great. Dark Arena is also an FPS title, but takes an approach more similar to Half-Life.
Xbox Launch Titles 
The Xbox will be well-supported this fall. Check out Blood Wake, an insanely cool looking gunboat combat game. This title snuck up on us, and we love it. Also, we've got updated, hands-on info about Halo, one of the biggest launch titles for Bill's Baby.
Soldier of Fortune Preview (PS2) 
The cult hit Soldier of Fortune will migrate to the PS2 this fall. Sporting an in-depth storyline and a cool locational damage system, this game has all the gore and action you could ever want in an FPS. Click here, soldier.
Eternal Darkness Preview (GC) 
The GameCube will be blessed with the horrific Eternal Darkness. Spawning centuries of human existence, you'll fight the creeping evil that makes things, well, creepy. With an innovative gameplay system and incredible graphics, this is a truly immersive and exciting game. Click here if you have the guts.
Twisted Metal: Black Preview (PS2) 
Jeff finally got his hands on Twisted Metal: Black, and he doesn't regret it. Now that the development has reverted back to the original team that made TM2 so grand, TMB is looking like a phenomenal next-gen installment of the beloved vehiclular combat series. Get your motor runnin'.

E3 Coverage Every Day This Week

May 21, 2001

Our E3 coverage this year is bigger and better than ever before. We've got our writers socked away in little cages, pounding furiously on their keyboards to bring you a veritable plethora of previews, news, articles, editorials, and miscellaneous goodies. Check back every day this week for updates.
GameCube Details 
Big N has done it again. The GameCube was incredibly popular at this year's E3, and Nintendo announced a launch date for their system, as well as launch titles. Also, Panasonic showed the alternate version of the GameCube, and Nintendo showed off their modem, ethernet card, and wireless controller. Click here for the full scoop.
All Kinds of Xbox Goodness 
The Xbox was blowing up at E3. In addition to a ton of titles playable for the new system, Capcom announced a lineup of three games for the Xbox. Sega announced they would release online versions of the 2K3 sports titles. Microsoft has cornered the AI license, and will create interactive sequels to Spielberg's film. Microsoft also committed to broadband gaming. Oh yeah, and there's that launch date and price info we've all been waiting for.
Kiss Pinball Review (PSX) 
It ain't pretty, but it's a KISS game, and that's all that really matters, right? Well, maybe not. Although KISS Pinball probably won't be on your summer wishlist, it does feature some spiffy soundtrack options that'll make you rock. Click here or TILT.
Atari Makes Splash at E3 
One of the sleeper hits of E3 was the ultra-secret Atari project being undertaken by Infogrames. We got the scoop, so click here for some cool, refreshing goodness.

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