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Interview: Neil Wise, President & Founder UltraPrime Network

This is our dramatic recreation (and not necessarily an accurate one) of the UltraPrime Network offices just before coming up with their latest concept, The Evolvers: "Here's a wacky idea: Let's make a massively multiplayer online RPG mixed with an FPS. Sounds good, but not wacky enough. I have an idea: Let's tie this MMORPGFPS to a television show and we'll have the game influence the TV show, and the TV show will influence the game. Sweet! Let's get lunch." To get to the bottom of these intriguing new ideas at UltraPrime Network, we sent our man Aaron Stanton to talk with Neil Wise, President and Founder of the company. Click here to get the whole scoop.

ARTICLE: What's in a Game? A Linguistic History of "Videogame"

Jeff Luther takes us on a fantastic linguistical voyage through time and space to track down the etymology of the word "videogame". His article, What's in a Game? A Linguistic History of "Videogame" will have you scratching your head and winning bar bets faster than you can say "Gamen eft astah." Click here for the article.

Freedom of Expression Policy Project Combats Notions About Violent Videogames

A group of thirty-three scholars from various prestigious institutions have collaborated on a rebuttal to the US District Court Judgment passed last Spring by Judge John Limbaugh. Limbaugh determined that videogames could not be classified as speech and are therefore not subject to protection under the First Amendment. This is obviously an insane decision, and nobody has rebutted it as good as the FEPP. Click here for more.

ARTICLE: How to Get Your Significant Other to Love Gaming

It's a common problem for those of us of the videogame loving persuasion. How can you get your loved one to love games as much as you do? It's a very practical problem, as games can take hours and hours to enjoy and love or family life can take similar amounts of time. Our ever-helpful mistress of the console box, Monica, delivers some useful guidelines for sharing your loves. Click here for the article.
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Richard Garriott, aka Lord British
Neil Wise: President of Ultraprime Network
Dana Bruno of
David Nottingham, producer for Gotham Games
Davor Tomicic, game and level designer for Croteam
Victor Ireland, President of Working Designs
Dan Birlew, Author of BradyGames Strategy Guides
John Gildred, President of Indrema

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