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True Crime: Streets of L.A. Review (PS2)

Is it the next big thing, or just another GTA clone that wasn’t quite there. True Crime: Streets of LA, delivers an action game, a narrative experience, a driving game, and a fighting game all into one. This free roaming game puts you in the shoes of a LAPD cop. Will you be a good cop or a bad cop? What kind of story will you tell? The choice is yours, but choose to click here first.

XIII Review (PS2)

XIII brings something new to the FPS genre: an un paralleled sense of style and purpose. There just isn’t anything to compare it to. A fantastic aesthetic and a great story are two of the very good reasons why you should click right here and read the review.


PC and Console Games

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Peripherals and Hardware

Altec Lansing XA3021
Altec Lansing 251 Speaker System
Altec Lansing 5100 Series Speakers
Altec Lansing XA3051 Speaker System
Aureal Vortex2
Aiwa CD15
Canopus Spectra 2500
Cybernet Use Your Head
D-Link DFE-905 Network Starter Kit
D-Link DI-704
D-Link DMP-CD 100
D-Link DSH-5 5 Port 10/100 Hub w/Switch
D-Link DWL 810 Ethernet to Wireless Bridge
D-Link DWL-900AP+ Wireless Access Point
D-Link DWL-920 Wireless Home Kit
Dreamcast Broadband (Ethernet) Adapter
E3 2000 PC Peripherals 
Evergreen Technologies RumbleFX 
Interact's Mobile Monitor for PSone
Logitech GT Force

Logitech MX Series Optical Mice
Logitech Surge-17 Speaker System for Consoles
Logitech Wingman Force 3D

Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP

Logitech Wingman Rumblepad
Logitech Wingman Strike Force 3D
Microsoft Force Feedback 2

Naki Thunder Wheel
Nyko AirFlo
Pelican Charge 'N Go Game Boy Peripheral
Pelican MP3DC Audio Player
Razor Boomslang

Roq-It 32
SMC EZ Connect Wireless Ethernet Adapter
Sony Glasstron
Tiger Poo-Chi and Interactive Yoda
Viper 550 Review
Wavebird Wireless Controller
Xbox Controller S

Books and DVDs

AD&D Third Edition Dungeon Master's Guide
AD&D Third Edition Monster Manual
AD&D Third Edition Player's Handbook
American Pie 2
Conker's Bad Fur Day Official Strategy Guide
Empire of the Sun
The Fast and The Furious
The Future of Video Games
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Game Design: Secrets of the Sages Second Edition
Generator Gawl
Getter Robo Armageddon, Vol. One
Gun Smith Cats: Bulletproof
Magic: The Gathering Invasion Deck
The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
The Matrix Revisited
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Strictly Ballroom
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Official Strategy Guide
Warhammer Fantasy Battles Sixth Edition

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