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Hot Potato!

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Hot Potato! has the PR spin of a "girls’ game". In fact, when Sarah and I demoed the game at Bam!’s booth, she did the driving. However, I’m here to tell you, as a rough and tumble man from North Idaho, that this title is no more for girls than Tetris is, and I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws all over it. Hmmm, something about that last line doesn’t sound quite right.

potato_screen1-01.jpg (10658 bytes)Hot Potato! is one of those games that you’ll have dreams about – you’ll be shifting different colored spuds around on the back of your eyelids every time you shut your eyes. At this point, you’re probably a bit confused. Let’s take a step back and re-start this preview the way it ought to be: Intergalactic space potatoes have taken over the streets, something like the WTO rioters in Seattle. They’re crowding up the place, creating infrastructure nightmares, and it’s up to you to clear them out, er, take them home.

This is basically a puzzle game – you steer a sort of flat-bed potato truck (their bus) with a group of multi-colored spuds on it. As the bus rolls down the streets, you send waves of spuds down the street ahead of you, and if they run into a potato of the same color, you save that potato. Are you still with me? Think of puzzle games like Dr. Mario or the Next Tetris for a general idea of the color-matching gameplay. Needless to say, the further you get in the game, the quicker everything goes, and the more chaotic your rescue mission becomes.

Again, Hot Potato! features extremely smooth gameplay and gorgeous graphics – the cartoony little spuds are just damn cute, and they’re literally everywhere. Each spud is animated, and flails its arms to attract your attention. While there will be no shortage of puzzle games available for GBA, the little tubers of Hot Potato! are much cuter, funnier, and more involving than falling crystals or blocks.

Look for Hot Potato! to accompany the GBA release. If you’re up for some serious puzzle action (whether you’re a boy or girl, young or old), this should be at the top of your list.

Shawn Rider


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