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Pryzm Chapter One:
The Dark Unicorn

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Due November 2001 for PS2.


Elf_1-01.jpg (4908 bytes)I liked what I saw from TDK at this year’s E3. TDK is amassing an impressive lineup of games primarily aimed at a younger audience but of high enough quality to have across the board appeal. It was refreashing to talk with a gaming company that specifically talked about how to make their games appeal to both boys and girls. It is equally impressive that they have grasped the idea that girls don’t just want to play games in pink packaging. They don’t just want to play games dressing up Barbie or even Mary Kate and Ashley.TDK wants to prove that quality games can have an across the board appeal, and I believe they are right.

Troll_3-01.jpg (5090 bytes)Pryzm: The Dark Unicorn, is just such a game. It is an action/adventure game set in a fantasy world of mystery and magic. Players simultaneously control Pryzm, a magical unicorn, and Karrock, a giant troll. The two have formed a reluctant and unlikely alliance to drive back an evil plague and find a way to heal the land itself. The well developed story line is supported by a large, imaginative, creative cast of characters

Elf_8-01.jpg (5381 bytes)Together, Pryzm and Karrock use magic spells to fend off attacks and restore health to mutated sorcers, warriors, and monsters they find along the way. The characters will also battle multiple enemies while searching for health checkpoints that will allow them to resotore the land.

Troll_8-01.jpg (5753 bytes)The characters’ spells and powers are easily accessible to make the game as user friendly as possible. The levels looked large and highly detailed with an emphasis on freedom of movement. An in-game save is also scheduled to keep the game as straightforward as possible to keep younger gamers immersed in the action.

Troll_1-01.jpg (5801 bytes)Pryzm: Chapter One:The Dark Unicorn should arrive just in time for Christmas with a November release date. It will carry an "Everyone" rating, and should be playable for children seven and older, although it will certainly appeal to a much wider audience.

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