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New Legends

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Due Fall 2001 for Xbox


Shot0080.jpg (6040 bytes)THQ had the good fortune and good judgement to add Infinite Machine to their group of developers. Infinite Machine is made up of folks who worked on Jedi Power Battles and Dark Forces, which lends them a bit of clout in the development world. Now unfettered by ties to LucasArts franchises, especially Star Wars, the team is trying their hand at an exciting game, New Legends, which should make it into the first wave of Xbox titles.

Shot0042.jpg (6473 bytes)New Legends is an action/adventure/fighting game set in a retro-future where mysticism and machines co-habitate, and where the world is threatened by demons and technology. The theme of this retro-future is ancient China, and that makes for a very intriguing set of visuals and game elements. The combination seems to be coming together very nicely, and the power of the Xbox will make it all look oh so pretty.

Shot0043.jpg (6495 bytes)You play a hero who is trying to save the world. To do so, you’ll need to master a set of martial arts moves, as well as weapons combat with both melee and ranged weapons. You can carry four weapons at a time, and the weapons you aren’t holding are shown on your character’s back, which is an indication of how much the power of the next-gen consoles will be able to effect gameplay. Each weapon has a series of special moves, as well as standard moves, that must be mastered to do well in the game. You’ll also acquire super-powerful weapons, "Forbidden Blades of Heaven," as you defeat each of the five half-demon offspring of the evil Xao Gon.

Shot0054.jpg (6498 bytes)Along the way you’ll meet NPCs who will aid you in your mission, giving the game a bit more variety, and allowing for bigger battles. While this element is very cool, it’s also a disappointing substitute for a multiplayer mode. Still, given the quality of the graphics, gameplay, and story, New Legends could still be a hit. It feels a bit like Shadowrun meets Dynasty Warriors 2, and looks amazing. Check out New Legends when it chases the Xbox launch by (hopefully) just a couple weeks.

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Shawn Rider


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