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Microsoft and Capcom Announce Three Games for Xbox


"Genma Onimusha" "Dino Crisis 3" and "BRAIN-BOX" (Code Name) Are Coming to the Future-Generation System

LOS ANGELES — May 16, 2001 — Today at a press conference in advance of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2001, Microsoft Corp. and Capcom Co. Ltd. announced three new games for the Microsoft Xbox™ video game system, Microsoft’s future-generation video game console.

The first Capcom games to appear on Xbox will be "Genma Onimusha" (tentative title), an enhanced version of the worldwide hit "Onimusha" that will deliver new dimensions of gameplay that harness the power of Xbox; "Dino Crisis 3" (tentative title), an award-winning dinosaur game that will be an Xbox exclusive; and an original game by the producer of "Dino Crisis" and "BioHazard," code-named "BRAIN-BOX" (tentative title), also an Xbox exclusive.

"We believe the influence of Xbox in global markets will be overwhelming," said Yoshiki Okamoto, managing director at Capcom. "We have also concluded that in terms of Capcom’s global strategy, participation in Xbox is essential. At Capcom, we intend to introduce a product lineup specifically for Xbox that will fully satisfy game enthusiasts."

"Gamers are going to be impressed when they see what Capcom will create for Xbox," said J Allard, general manager of the Xbox Platform at Microsoft. "Xbox will really let the creative artists at Capcom bring their ideas to life and deliver riveting and heart-pounding game experiences."

According to Keiji Inafune, producer of "Genma Onimusha," the tremendous technological power of Xbox has enabled him to expand on his original vision for the game, resulting in new features and enhanced gameplay options.

"Simply porting ‘Onimusha’ doesn’t mean anything, and I don’t want to produce that kind of game," Inafune said. "I intend to come up with the kind of game that makes people say, ‘It’s Xbox so it must be good. Let’s give it a go.’ I’m going to create an enhanced version of ‘Onimusha,’ the sort of game people will want to play over and over again."

"Genma Onimusha"
Optimized for Xbox, this action-adventure game showcases the superb graphics capabilities of Xbox. In the game, which is based on the worldwide hit "Onimusha" and produced by Keiji Inafune, players take the role of a young Samurai warrior on a mission to save a kidnapped princess in feudal Japan.

"Dino Crisis 3" (Exclusive to Xbox)
The latest in producer Shinji Mikami’s famed "Dino Crisis" series takes advantage of the enormous processing power of Xbox by enabling multiple players to work together. In "Dino Crisis 3," players come face-to-face with attacking dinosaurs in a desperate effort to rescue trapped humans.

"BRAIN-BOX" (Code Name, Exclusive to Xbox)
The game code-named "BRAIN-BOX" is an original robot simulation game by Shinji Mikami, producer of the "Dino Crisis" and the "BioHazard" series. As the pilots of giant android weapons, players explore exploding war zones, steering their armored vehicles through smoke-filled battlefields. An extensive control panel lets players monitor nearly every aspect of their androids to stay on top of the action.

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