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Gun Valkyrie

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Xbox Launch Title


stage1-1.jpg (7191 bytes)Sega’s Xbox premier titles are looking really fun. Gun Valkyrie is an action/shooter that puts you in control of a super tough soldier fighting to save the world from those who might misuse technology. The plot is pretty straightforward sci-fi stuff: In a retro-future (something like the Victorian era meets Neuromancer), a scientist, Dr. Hebble, has made a series of technological breakthroughs. These advances, of course, accelerate beyond his wildest imagination, and they ultimately result in the creation of a new form of energy that could either save or destroy humanity. To insure the former and repel the latter, the Gun Valkyrie unit is formed, an organization of scientists and warriors who work to protect the new inventions and police their use. The fit hits the shan when Dr. Hebble disappears and big, ugly monsters show up everywhere.

stage1-2.jpg (8761 bytes)You control a character (presumably female is she’s a true Gun "Valkyrie") who looks a lot like Oni with a helmet and jetpack. Eight weapons are at your disposal, and you can perform jumps, hover maneuvers, and spectacular aerial dodges thanks to your jetpack. This variety of maneuverability is important, given the fact that the areas you explore are expansive and complex. You can interact with (read: blow up) most of the items in rooms, which can help you take out the loads of nasties that invariably infest the different corridors, warehouses, and labs you explore.

stage1-4.jpg (9500 bytes)The visuals are a good enough reason to check out this game. A unique shading technique has been used, giving the game a distinctly Anime quality. The shading is excellent, and the colors are incredibly vibrant. In addition, the power of the Xbox allows for extremely high polygon counts, resulting in wonderfully smooth graphics, and excellent particle and light effects, which make every shot and explosion that much more satisfying.

stage1-3.jpg (9845 bytes)Gun Valkyrie is fast-paced and fun. The control allows you to control your movement and the direction you face separately, which in turn allows you to lay waste to enemies in an unprecedented fashion. The jetpack adds a new twist to the standard run-and-gun third-person adventure game, and the levels are truly huge. You’ll spend time searching each corner for a new corridor or tunnel to lead you to another large area. The action hits hard, and keeps hitting.

Shawn Rider


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