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Blood Wake

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Fall 2001 for Xbox


Screenshot-10-01.jpg (4157 bytes)There were a lot of surprises at E3, but mostly of the, "Wow, it’s going to be that cool?" sort. However, one thing nobody expected was Blood Wake. A vehicular combat game of sorts, Blood Wake has you commanding a team of modern day pirates and a fleet of floating kill-boats. The phenomenal visuals, amazing water physics and rendering, as well as the huge arsenal of bad ass weapons, had gamers stopping, scratching their head, and saying, "Why haven’t I heard of this?" Well, now you have.

Screenshot-09-01.jpg (4168 bytes)Blood Wake puts you in the role of a naval lietenant who has been doublecrossed by his evil government. In retaliation, he partners with a group of "sea-raiders" and begins running a variety of paramilitary operations. There are over 25 missions in the game, in environments ranging from the open ocen, island groups, sheltered bays, river deltas, to deep canyons. During each mission you’ll face a range of weather, including fog, typhoons and the like, and you’ll be asked to execute several different types of mission including attacks, defense, recon, and more.

Screenshot-14-01.jpg (4301 bytes)To accomplish such treacherous goals, you have a good array of equipment at your disposal. There are ten kinds of gunboats, including Catamarans, Torpedo Boats, Sampans, and Devil Boats. Weapons are big and explosive in Blood Wake: Chain guns, cannons, rockets, torpedoes, and mines to name a few. The action is furious, and explosions are the order of the day. You’ll need this kind of hardware, too, because the AI is supposed to be very good.

Screenshot-11-01.jpg (4504 bytes)At first glance this game just looks amazing. At second glance it becomes apparent that Blood Wake is going to be amazing. The feat of creating such a realistic water setting for the game is a major accomplishment in and of itself. Every boat creates a wake, and the wakes collide, intersect, and realistically create waves and chop. The effect is incredible, and the game supports the effect with a large narrative and multiplayer deathmatch modes. Keep an eye out for this one next Fall.

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Shawn Rider


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