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Crazy Taxi 2

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Due Summer 2001 for Dreamcast


Crazy_Taxi_Screen_shot_1.jpg (7929 bytes)What to say about Crazy Taxi 2? It features new drivers, enhanced graphics, and some nifty new gameplay aspects. It’s still super fast and way crazy, and it still features music by the Offspring. But the real story here is that Crazy Taxi 2 will give us all another reason to get behind the wheel on what has become a classic arcade franchise.

Crazy_Taxi_Screen_shot_3.jpg (9017 bytes)You get three new drivers: two men and a woman. These cabbies aren’t your regular west coast, drive you to the bay kind of drivers. These are New York cabbies, and Crazy Taxi 2 will take place in the Big Apple. Word is, there will be an alternate city setting as in the first installment, but it looks like we’ll still be complaining about the lack of driving environments.

Crazy_Taxi_Screen_shot_2.jpg (10035 bytes)New gameplay features this time around include the jump and the multiple passenger pickup. The jump function comes because apparently all the cabs in New York are equipped with hydraulics. It is handy because it allows you to take your cab to places that cabs weren’t meant to go. The multiple fares aspect allows you to pick up several passengers at a time, who will all most likely want to go to different locations. You must drop them all off in time, or else you lose all the fares. In addition, there are enhanced character animations. For example, when you pick up a load of cheerleaders, they’ll do a little routine everytime you pull off a crazy move.

While there’s not a whole lot new about this title, and there’s no word on a multiplayer mode, it will undoubtedly be another hit. Crazy Taxi was panned by many gamers, but a significant following has developed for the game, and I count myself among its fans. Fans of the franchise will be happy to get a new installment, and the enhancements will be enough to keep it fresh. Acclaim is bringing both titles to the PS2, although there is no word on when Crazy Taxi 2 will hit Sony’s machine.

Shawn Rider


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