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Due November 2001 for Xbox.


Screenshot-03-01.jpg (8125 bytes)Dark Summit, the latest snowboarding title from THQ, promises a mixture of story-based gameplay and SSX-style riding. Through 45 challenges, riders try to conquer the unfriendly Mt. Garrick. The runs are huge and extreme, full of obstacles and peril. But if you’re good enough, you’ll be able to reach the summit, top of the heap, head snowboarder in charge.

Screenshot-01-01.jpg (8736 bytes)The story behind Dark Summit is one that has actually played out on mountains all over the world. Chief O’Leary, the head ranger on the mountain, has taken a particular dislike to snowboarders, completely closing down the mountain to all knuckledraggers. Of course, the riders aren’t going to stand for this, and that’s where you come in. Controlling one of the snowboarders, you ride through the 45 challenges on the hill, earning reputation points and pursuing the storyline, which will eventually reveal to you the horrible truth behind Mt. Garrick.

Four.jpg (6752 bytes)Gameplay is tight and responsive. Tricks are fairly easy to pull off, and most of the challenges are based on completing a task such as breaking all the "No Snowboarding" signs or beating ski patrol personnel to the bottom of the mountain. All the cool moves you perform build your reputation, making you top dawg on the hill.

Nine.jpg (7929 bytes)Keep an eye out for more details about Dark Summit. The game is set to debut in the first wave of Xbox titles this fall, and ought to give SSX (also coming to Xbox) a real run for its money. As a snowboarder, I find Dark Summit’s brand of fantasy boarding infinitely more appealing than SSX. SSX is snowboarding for folks who have never stepped on a mountain, and SSX Tricky is absolutely ludicrous. They may as well have made a game with hoverboards so they weren’t restricted to snowy environments. However, the story of a mountain closed to snowboarders is a common one, and it’s every rider’s fantasy to forcibly open up those mountains. Indeed, many riders have violated rules just to get access to amazing terrain. It’s this key difference that will make Dark Summit a hit, and hopefully help it drain some of SSX’s naive audience.

Shawn Rider


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