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Alice Review (PC)

December 15, 2000

American McGee's Alice is a title we've long awaited--here's the full review. Follow us through the looking glass as we take a close look at this darkly updated version of Wonderland. The graphics are pretty brillig, but gameplay can be a little slithy, and the mome wrathes outgrabe. Snicker-snack.   
Weekly Gaming News
Sony and the PS2 make the news thrice this week, Amazon.com is raking in scads of holiday dough, Sega gets into the holiday spirit with a variety of gaming bundles, and Nintendo plans to ship 24 million Game Boy Advance units in the first year of it's release (starting March 2001).  This and more in the Weekly Gaming News.
Women the New Majority in Online Gaming
According to a recent study by PC Data, more women play games online than men.  In addition, men and women differ on the types of games they play online.  Okay, at least the first part was surprising.  Check out the release of this study here.
EA does Xbox

December 14, 2000

m2k1a.jpg (7539 bytes)Electronic Arts has decided to develop on the Xbox. Look for classics like Madden NFL and SSX, as well as lots of other EA titles, to be available on your Xbox at launch. It's a major coup for Microsoft's fledgling system. Read the release here. And then think to yourself: If EA is developing for Xbox, can Square be far behind?
Virtual Pool 3 Review (PC)
vp3_5.jpg (6723 bytes)Well we've got trouble, right here in River City! With a capital '"T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool. Virtual Pool 3 is one heckuva pool game that will no doubt live up to its claim to "improve your pool game or your money back." Its lack of personality will do nothing, however, to promote juvenile delinquency. We don't know how to feel about that.
Micro Machines V3 Review (GBC)
32042_s04.gif (5287 bytes)It might just be the greatest race game available for the GBC. Or, it might just be the most bizarre attempt at simultaneous multiplayer using a single GBC unit. Either way, Micro Machines V3 is dang fun. Check it out here.
Mary Kate and Ashely's Pocket Planner Review (GBC)
Good old MK&A come through for us again. Well, "us" if we were pre-teen girls swept up in the Olsen Twin craze. Pocket Planner is an innovative use for the GBC that will give lots of kids a reason to play their Game Boys that isn't Pokemon. Read it here.
Gunbird 2 Review (DC)

December 13, 2000

The best thing about Gunbird 2 is that it's a cartoony top-down shooter that elicits fond memories of Legendary Wings on the NES. Unfortunately, Gunbird 2 is shorter than that NES classic, and doesn't have a whole lot of replay value. If you're a shooter nut, or just into old-school style, pick this one up at your local rental shop. But read the review first.
Championship Surfer Review (PC)
Cowabunga!  Or, er, is it Kowabunga!? Krome Studios is back with Championship Surfer, their latest title employing the Merkury 3D engine.  And we must say, it hardly looks a day past 3 years old.  Simultaneously released for PC, PSX, and DC, did something just wash up on the beach or do we smell a console port?  
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Evergrace Review (PS2)

December 12, 2000

It seems as though it's empirically unlikely that a really good RPG will launch with a new system. Evergrace doesn't buck the trend, but something about this quirky action RPG makes it fairly playable. Don't expect dazzling FMVs or ingenious gameplay, but with the current crop of PS2 RPGs, you could do worse. Click.
Soldier of Fortune to be PS2 Exclusive
Our good friend, Laura, sent us this juicy little tidbit. It looks like upstart publisher, Majesco, has obtained the rights to Soldier of Fortune and will publish the title as a PS2 exclusive. Click here to read the full press release. And keep an eye out for Majesco -- they are also developing launch titles for the ultra-cool Game Boy Advance.
Alice - First Impressions (PC)

December 8, 2000

American McGee's Alice is a title we've long awaited. Follow us through the looking glass as we share our first impressions of this darkly updated version of Wonderland. The graphics are pretty brillig, but gameplay can be a little slithy, and the mome wrathes outgrabe. Snicker-snack.   
Weekly Gaming News
American McGee's Alice goes Hollywood, Infogrames buys Hasbro, PS2 titles suffer low sales, Deus Ex Multiplayer, TV Guide showcases videogames, and, what's this, March Madness already?  All this and more in the Weekly Gaming News.

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