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Infogrames Entertainment SA has agreed to terms under which it will acquire Hasbro Interactive and According to a joint statement, Infogrames is buying all of the Hasbro Interactive and stock for $100 million, which will be made up of $95 million in Infogrames securities and $5 million in cash.
"Infogrames and Hasbro are truly poised to become worldwide leaders in the digital entertainment market," said Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames' chairman/CEO. "Infogrames' external growth strategy consists of three requirements: a willingness of the prospective partner's management to share our strategic vision, a complementary set of skills and products, and, finally, value for our shareholders. The Hasbro Interactive and acquisition meets these criteria…”

Research firm PC Data has issued the results of console sales for the week ending November 25, and it’s not really a surprise that the new PS One led all others. While PS One carried 42% of the week’s sales, Dreamcast edged out Nintendo 64, 27% to 26%.
Even more than expected, the limited numbers of available PlayStation 2 consoles choked that platform’s sales to a measly 6%, which marked a 71% drop from PS2 sales during Thanksgiving week. The lack of PS2 units gave the other systems dramatic increases from Thanksgiving week to the next: Dreamcast sales increased 104%, N64 sales grew 76% and PS One sales were boosted by 58%.

Though the operational and delivery problems many e-commerce sites faced during 1999’s holiday season don’t appear to be recurring as badly this year, some “e-tailers” are still hitting trouble spots as the heaviest retail period of the year brings various glitches and bugs to the surface.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, Inc.’s online store yesterday has its third outage since Thanksgiving, with a 40-minute disruption during the afternoon. Amazon indicated that all three shutdowns were due to technical problems that it “believes have been solved.”
The report also noted that Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s site has had three outages since the start of December, though the retail giant claims that the problems were due to upgrades made to the site and have been resolved.

The developers of the PC game Deus Ex, Ion Storm, have released a patch that contains a multiplayer mode. The patch only allows for person-to-person combat as there are no bots. Players have a choice of five multiplayer maps: Area 51, Paris cathedral map, New York Smuggler’s lair, missile silo and the Vandenberg command post. For those who want to download the patch, it is available through GameSpy.

According to sources close to GameFan magazine and its sister website, the entire staff was laid off last Friday. Calls requesting comment from the public-relations firm for—GameFan’s parent company—weren’t returned by the time this article was posted. and content on the website hasn’t been updated since Thursday.
Reportedly, is pursuing a buyer for the GameFan properties, which could result in a change to the unemployment status of its former staff. 

The Video Software Dealers Association released its VidTrac results for the week that ended December 3, 2000. The top five games rented were:

1. Driver 2—PlayStation
2. WWF No Mercy—Nintendo 64
3. The World is Not Enough—Nintendo 64
4. WWF Smackdown! 2—Know Your Role—PlayStation
5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2—PlayStation

In recognition of the game industry’s contribution to the holidays, the December 9–15 issue of TV Guide is offering a look at what’s hot in a “Games Users’ Guide,” and commemorating it with six different game-related covers. The game depicted on the covers are:

    • EverQuest
    • Madden NFL 2001
    • Pokémon
    • Shenmue
    • Tomb Raider Chronicles
    • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

During an interview with American McGee, Well Rounded Entertainment has confirmed that his latest PC title, American McGee’s Alice, will be made into a movie. After ten months of discussions with Dimension Films, the two sides agreed on doing the project. Wes Craven (Scream series) will direct the film and John August (Charlie’s Angels) is writing the script. McGee also told Well Rounded Entertainment that he would be a producer on the film.

Electronic Arts has made available to consumers NCAA March Madness 2001 for the PS One. New to the series this year is the Coach mode where players will have to move up the coaching ranks in order to get a shot at the NCAA championship. The developers have also included 64 all-time teams like the 1990 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels and the dominant UCLA squads from the 1970s. NCAA March Madness 2001 features 16 of the top Division I women's teams.

Konami of America, Inc. is a having a special promotion for its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Zone of the Enders (Z.O.E.). As previously reported, consumers who purchase Z.O.E. will receive a free playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
Rick Naylor, action brand manager for Konami of America, said, “Zone of the Enders is kicking off Konami’s 2001 action line-up on PlayStation 2 with a powerful one-two punch…With the purchase of Zone of the Enders, gamers will experience both the thrill of the game’s fast-paced mech combat, and get a chance to play one of next fall’s most anticipated games.”

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