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Battle of Britain (PC)

February 16, 2001

Screen10-01.jpg (5365 bytes)It looks good and it plays good--if you can get it running. Rowan and Empire's Battle of Britain combines strategic play that puts most wargames to shame with the most spectacular and compelling dogfighting since European Air War. It's buggier than Louisiana in July and may not even run on some systems, but at its best this could be the finest combat flight sim you can legally purchase.
Mega Man 64 (N64))
5copy-01.jpg (3514 bytes)Mega Man is busy this spring. Not only has he reappeared on the GBC, and is forthcoming on the PlayStation, but Legends has finally been brought to the N64. Mega Man 64 is basically a port of Mega Man Legends, and it looks like a three year old port of a marginal PSX title. It's a bit sad. Click here for the whole spiel.
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Preview (GBC)

February 14, 2001

What's more fun than a late night fog walk? What's more exhilarating than a pickaxe in the back? Well, hopefully it will be The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Night of the Living for Game Boy Color. It just might be the best Simpson's game since the arcade machine. Click.
Croc 2 Review (GBC)
Croc 2 for Game Boy Color takes a bit of a departure from Croc games of yesteryear. Rather than a straightforward platform title, Croc 2 is an action-RPG game that plays a lot like the original Zelda. It's not bad at all. Check it out here.
We Ch-Ch-Choose You!
Did we mention we love you? Enough to give away this sweet copy of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. See? We're not leaving you for the Game Boy. Hell no. We're just playing the field, cuz we're playas baby. But even though a playa's got to play, we got all kinds of lovin' waiting for you. Come and get the lovin' baby.
Mega Man Xtreme Review (GB)

February 12, 2001

Everyone's favorite little blue avenger is back, this time for both Game Boy or Game Boy Color. In Mega Man Xtreme, the goals are pretty much what you would expect: defeat the evil minions to reach the evil bosses, who also need defeating, so as to save the world. Plus it looks really sweet, and it's a damn hard game. Full story of frustration here.
Latest Screens from Sega's Game Boy Advance Titles
Sega announced awhile ago that they would develop for all platforms from now on. So our first real look at those games comes by way of these Japanese screens for ChuChu Rocket and Sonic Advance, due this fall for the Game Boy Advance. Check them out.
Charge 'N Go Game Boy Peripheral
Pelican Accessories brings us a snazzy new way to keep your Game Boy Color all juiced up, all the time. With the Charge 'N Go system, you simply pop your whole GBC in overnight and you've got fresh batteries in the morning. Or, you can use the extra battery swap space for marathon gaming sessions. Click here for the review.
B-17 Review (PC)

February 9, 2001

B17: The Mighty Eighth allows you to fly the famous B-17 “Flying Fortress” Bomber that played such a large role in the bombing raids on Germany that helped cripple German industry and demoralize the population. B17 allows you to play from any one of the B17’s crew stations, so you can play as pilot, copilot, bomber, navigator, radio man, and ball, tail, waist or or top turret gunner.  Soar this way for more...
D-Link DMP-CD 100 Review
The DMP-CD 100 is a Walkman-type CD player that plays MP3s. And it works. Because its design is fairly standard—it looks like most portable CD players, but sports an attractive sea-blue case—it is easy to set up and use. It’s a reliable product that offers the amenities of the finest portable CD players—phat bass boosters, anti-shock capabilities, a limited warranty—as well as the ability to play and program your own MP3s.  More here.
Interact PSone Mobile Monitor Review
By all accounts, the latest version of Interact's Mobile Monitor for PSone is not bad. That's the "square" version. The "oval" version, which was the initial design, apparently has a real bad problem with color bleed, crappy sound, and serious overheating. So what happens when you buy a defective square version, and have that replaced with a crummy oval version? You get a review like this. Click here.
Ubi Soft acquires Blue Byte
Ubi Soft, a global leader in the field of interactive entertainment, today announced the acquisition of a major German video game firm, Blue Byte Software.  Check the release here.

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