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Due for Game Boy Color Winter 2001


Bart3.jpg (4393 bytes)Let's hope they don't screw this one up. Games based on The Simpsons cartoon series tend to be big stinkers. Remember Virtual Springfield? How about the Simpson's Animation Studio? Those titles should have you cringing already. And the latest game on the horizon is Fox's Simpsons Wrestling. Now come on -- when was the last time you ever saw the Simpsons wrestling? I mean, you could possibly justify the Simpsons Stunt Skateboarding, or Lisa's Library Research Tutorial, but wrestling?

Homer4.jpg (4111 bytes)That's why I've got hope for THQ's latest project. Sure, it's for the Game Boy Color, but finally somebody has wiped the goo from their eyes and seen the real gaming potential of the franchise. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Night of the Living sounds like the perfect premise for a game. For those not in the "know," the Simpsons have done a Treehouse of Horror episode almost every year since they began. These shows usually involve three different stories, many of which are combinations and retellings of classic scary tales.

Lisa2.jpg (3646 bytes)Apparently, things start out when the Simpsons are all in the treehouse telling scary stories. A "mystical power takes over" and they all have out-of-body experiences. The goal is to get back to the treehouse and reunite the Simpsons with their bodies. You get to play all five of the Simpson family members, and the six levels of the game are based on Treehouse of Horror episodes, although we don't know which yet.

Marge5.jpg (3044 bytes)THQ promises "all our favorite characters," including Principal Skinner, Moe, Krusty "and more." But what about the children? Doesn't anyone think of the children? Where's Ralph, Nelson, Uder, that baby with one eyebrow? All kidding aside, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Night of the Living looks to be more fun than a late night fog walk. At least we hope.

Shawn Rider


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