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Sega's Game Boy Advance Titles


Not a lot is known about Sega's new Game Boy Advance titles, but since their press conference announcing Sonic Advance, ChuChu Rocket, and Puyo Puyo we've been dying to get a taste. Well, we've dug up the first Japanese screens from Sonic and ChuChu Rocket. Sonic is looking as good as ever, and with the high end gadgetry built into the GBA, it ought to be a lot of fun.

gbasonic.jpg (20280 bytes)

But portable systems have always been popular for puzzle games. Tetris is arguably the most played Game Boy title of all time. Which is why we're really excited about ChuChu Rocket. The puzzler has been a cult phenomenon on the Dreamcast, and we can't wait to get groups of our friends standing around the bus stop looking like a herd of nerds and their games. It's been stated that Mario Kart Advance will enable four players to race using only one cartridge. We can only hope the same will be shown for ChuChu Rocket. Until more information is available, check out these screens.

chuchugba1.jpg (17923 bytes)

 chuchugba2.jpg (16466 bytes)

chuchugba3.jpg (14879 bytes)

chuchugba4.jpg (15183 bytes)

Shawn Rider


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