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by THQ

croc21-01.jpg (2550 bytes)I played the original Croc game on the Game Boy Color and I was expecting more of the same when I popped this cartridge in. The original Croc was a fairly standard side scrolling platformer that was a pleasant enough diversion when I played it. Much to my surprise, I found myself facing a completely different game. Instead of Super Mario Bros.-Lite the folks at THQ have given us a Legend of Zelda-Lite game. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact Croc 2 is one of the more entertaining Game Boy games out there.

croc22-01.jpg (3099 bytes)The story is your standard quest for long lost parents. Along the way your altruistic nature diverts you from your main goal and you end up helping out the locals in need. I was impressed with the detail of the level design. The worlds that you have to explore are fairly extensive. The only downside to the large levels is that it is fairly easy to get lost while seeking out your goal. There is a kind of faux 3D design to the levels that gets a little frustrating at times when you don’t know whether or not you’re able to jump to the next level. But once you learn Croc’s limitations things are fairly easy going.

croc23-01.jpg (2800 bytes)Besides jumping, Croc has the tail spin attack and stomp that we saw in the first game. The controls aren’t nearly as buggy as they were on the first version which makes playing a joy rather than an exercise in frustration. Battling the baddies isn’t much more exciting than in the side scroller, but the puzzles really add to the overall effect of the game. You’ll find yourself having to do things like maneuver various objects in order to get to higher ground, which makes this more than a seek and destroy game. There is actually a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you figure your way through a level.

croc24-01.jpg (3041 bytes)I was disappointed to find that there was no battery backup. It is ridiculous to have to enter in a password (it was just a little too reminiscent of the original Zelda for the NES) when I wanted to start a new game. In this age of digital wonders I resent having to keep a pen and pad of paper so close at hand.

In the original Croc it was really easy to advance through the levels by replaying earlier, easier stages and collecting additional coins. In Croc 2 it is fairly easy to build up money crystals by returning to previously completed levels. I felt like I was cheating when I did this and I feel enough guilt for just playing the game. I don’t need any easy ways out to compound my low feelings of self worth.

I liked the graphics a lot in this game. Croc has a pleasant little jaunt as he walks across the screen; however, when Croc is walking towards the top of the screen it’s a little eerie looking at the back of his eyeballs.

I would have liked to have seen slightly bigger levels and a battery back up, but those are only minor concerns in an otherwise entertaining game. Croc 2 will not disappoint Game Boy adventure seekers. There is enough variety and action to keep the average gamer entertained for a few hours. Like all Game Boy games, it’s over a little too soon, but it lasts longer than a lot of cartridges we’ve seen on this platform.

Jason Frank


Ups: Cool, Zelda-like feel; nice visuals; good gameplay.

Downs: A bit confusing sometimes; still pretty easy and short.

System Reqs:
Game Boy Color


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