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B-17 Review (PC)

February 9, 2001

B17: The Mighty Eighth allows you to fly the famous B-17 “Flying Fortress” Bomber that played such a large role in the bombing raids on Germany that helped cripple German industry and demoralize the population. B17 allows you to play from any one of the B17’s crew stations, so you can play as pilot, copilot, bomber, navigator, radio man, and ball, tail, waist or or top turret gunner.  Soar this way for more...
D-Link DMP-CD 100 Review
The DMP-CD 100 is a Walkman-type CD player that plays MP3s. And it works. Because its design is fairly standard—it looks like most portable CD players, but sports an attractive sea-blue case—it is easy to set up and use. It’s a reliable product that offers the amenities of the finest portable CD players—phat bass boosters, anti-shock capabilities, a limited warranty—as well as the ability to play and program your own MP3s.  More here.
Interact PSone Mobile Monitor Review
By all accounts, the latest version of Interact's Mobile Monitor for PSone is not bad. That's the "square" version. The "oval" version, which was the initial design, apparently has a real bad problem with color bleed, crappy sound, and serious overheating. So what happens when you buy a defective square version, and have that replaced with a crummy oval version? You get a review like this. Click here.
Ubi Soft acquires Blue Byte
Ubi Soft, a global leader in the field of interactive entertainment, today announced the acquisition of a major German video game firm, Blue Byte Software.  Check the release here.
Sonic Adventure 2 Preview (DC)

February 7, 2001

It's settled: Sonic Adventure 2 kicks ass. There's no denying it. Go out, pick up Phantasy Star Online, and play the demo yourself if you don't believe us. Amazing graphics, cool level design, and some new play elements make it even better than its predecessor. Haul balls over here for the preview.
Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Review
Our dreams of high-speed access to the Internet via our Dreamcasts have been answered. Mostly. The new Dreamcast Broadband Adapter is a snap to install, but not supported by all online titles and not really built for dynamic IP assignation. What a bummer. Plus, it doesn't include the new browser software yet. Click here for the whole story.
We're Giving Away Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Hey, FREE STUFF! Okay, now that we've got your attention, check out the Contests page for your chance to win a copy of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. This game is a lot funnier than Must See TV, and a blast to play. Click here to enter.
Fortress Preview (GBA)

February 5, 2001

Majesco, who recently scored us some screens of their 3D space fighter, Iridion 3D, for Game Boy Advance, has just kicked us down the good stuff on Fortress. Fortress, another Game Boy Advance title, is like a cross between Tetris and Scorched Earth, and it sounds like a game with high addiction potential. Check it out here.
Rockstar Games Wants to See Your Stuff
Those folks at Rockstar work hard and play hard. Combining a little of each, they've launched a new contest for budding filmmakers, musicians, and web artists. The Rockstar Games Upload contest offers wads of cash and plenty of promotion to the winners. Everything must be digital, so get your bits in order and click here to get all the details.
NBA Live 2001 Review (PS2)

February 2, 2001

EA Sports brings the first basketball game to the PS2, and it's pretty dang sweet. With lots of customization, nice visuals, and floor-pounding, backboard breaking action, NBA Live 2001 ought to keep you busy. Check it out here.
Looney Tunes Racing Review (PSX)
Infogrames does it again -- great Looney Tunes action makes for a great kart racer. Looney Tunes Racing is a little bit innovative and just a whole lot well-made. Wacky weapons, events, and levels combined with over a dozen fave
characters makes this one you should play. Get on the line.
America Review (PC)
Remember the real-time strategy glory days of ’97 and ’98, when you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting some Warcraft II or Total Annihilation or AoE knockoff?  America is an RTS set in the American West, and you can play campaigns as one of four “peoples” -- Settlers, Outlaws, Mexicans, and Native Americans. That sounds pretty interesting, right?  Saddle up and mosey thisaway pard.
John Carmack to be Inducted into Hall of Fame
John Carmack, creator of id Soft and Doom, will be inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame during the 2001 Interactive Achievement Awards, which will take place during GDC. He will be inducted by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy. Click here for more details.
Sega Announces New Strategy

January 31, 2001

This morning Sega of America President and COO, Peter Moore, held a press teleconference to unveil SoA's plans for the future. Of course, we were there, and we've got all the dirt here. Highlights: No more DCs; DC only $99 now; Sega games in development for PS2 and GBA (we've got titles). And we finally got some hard answers about all those rumors that have been going around. Get the whole story here.
Dragon's Lair Review (GBC)
Dirk the Daring is back, and it's up to you to help him save the Princess. That's right -- Dragon's Lair for GBC is out, and that makes three systems we've seen it on in the past six months. DL is a staple of gaming history, and if you've never played it, it's worth a spin. You can check it out here.
Metal Walker Review (GB) 

January 29, 2001

It's one of the best RPGs we've played lately, and it's on the Game Boy. In Metal Walker, you and your robot buddy must search for your lost father. Sure, the story isn't much to brag about, but the way cool fighting system is. It's like marbles meets pool. If you like RPGs you must play it. Click here.
Infogrames Acquires Hasbro Interactive
Game publishing powerhouse, Infogrames, has announced their acquisition of Hasbro Interactive, completed today. It would be too easy to put in some joke about Napoleon and complete global domination, but it's already been done. Just check out the Press Release. Cliquez ici.

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