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Majesco Provides Fast-Paced Puzzle Action for Game Boy Advance with "Fortress"
February 01, 2001


Fortres-GBA1.jpg (3753 bytes)EDISON, NJ, February 01, 2001 - Melding fast-paced addictive puzzle action with combat strategy, Majesco, Inc. announces Fortresss for Nintendo's forthcoming Game Boy Advance system.  Slated for release this summer and developed by Pipe Dream Interactive, Majesco's internal development studio, Fortress offers both single and multi-player action in which players are challenged to build castle-like structures while simultaneously attacking and ultimately destroying their opponents' edifice.

Fortres-GBA2.jpg (3530 bytes)"Fortress' unique combination of puzzle-action and combat strategy delivers a completely addictive and compelling game play experience that's well positioned to take advantage of the diverse demographic in the hand held market," said Dan Kitchen, Vice President of Handheld Development for Majesco. "We're confident that the hardcore gamer will wholeheartedly embrace the awesome multi-player dynamics, while the more casual gamer will appreciate the short-learning curve and user-friendly interface."

Fortres-GBA3.jpg (3761 bytes)In Fortress, each level is unique and set in different time periods from the Stone Age and Medieval Era, to swashbuckling Pirates and the last frontier of space.  Using a variety of building components reminiscent of each particular time period, players must first build their castles as each building block falls from the top of the screen onto the playing field. Once the structures are complete, players strategically position weapons
onto their 'Fortress' to begin the battle, in addition to utilizing certain block combinations to bring monsters to life to support their conquest. 

Fortres-GBA4.jpg (3696 bytes)As full-scale assaults ensue on each 'Fortress', players may choose from an array of Twerp Characters to aid in the repair of their own structure, or help advance the destruction of their opponent's castle.  The battle continues until one player has completely destroyed their opponent's structure.  By utilizing the Game Boy Advance link feature, Fortress allows gamers intense multi-player competition, playing head-to-head against the computer or other opponents.

Fortres-GBA5.jpg (3940 bytes)In addition to Fortress, Majesco has announced plans to release an impressive 10 titles for the Game Boy Advance system in 2001. These include Iridion 3D, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Aerial Aces, Jelly belly, and Earthworm Jim.

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