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Rockstar Games Announces Launch of
"Rockstar Games Upload"
Online Media Awards Program
February 5, 2001


NEW YORK, NY – February 1, 2001– Rockstar Games announces the launch of its first annual "Rockstar Games Upload" online digital media awards. The aim of the awards program is to reward and promote the next batch of underground talent with respect to the way the Internet is changing how artistic endeavors are both undertaken and distributed. The awards program focuses on the specific kinds of entertainment content the Internet is facilitating. Rockstar is accepting submissions for the categories of short subject film, short story, and DJ mix. These categories represent the three most prominent formats of web entertainment today – mpegs, html text, and mp3. All submissions are to be entered digitally, as entrants must upload their digital files to Rockstar’s secure FTP site. Rockstar Games will determine the top semi-finalists in each category – credible judges will then select one winner and two runners-up for each category. The winner of each category will receive a generous cash prize and have his/her work streamed from the Milia D’Or award-winning Rockstar Games website: (

The awards program is co-sponsored by the Independent Feature Project (IFP). The Independent Feature Project is a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to providing resources, information and avenues of communication for its members: independent filmmakers, industry professionals and independent film enthusiasts. The IFP will be bringing their experience and credibility from sponsoring and hosting renowned annual film festivals such as the Independent Feature Film Market, held in New York City every fall, the IFP/Abroad festivals based in Europe, and IFP Buzz Cuts for short-subject films to the Rockstar Games Upload competition. The IFP in conjunction with Rockstar’s in-house video producers will be providing the judging panel for the short-subject film category finalists.

Rockstar Games’ own Terry Donovan is assembling an all-star panel of celebrity DJs and music journalists to judge the DJ category finalists. Scheduled to participate are established dance music record labels, Moving Shadow Records and Guidance Records, as well as the editorial staff of Flyer Magazine, a monthly nightclub publication.

Judging for the short-story category will be provided by Rockstar’s in-house team of writers, as well as a small panel of published authors and writers including the Vice Magazine editorial staff and Daniel Crowe, editor of Butterfly Magazine.

Rockstar will be accepting entry submissions up until April 22, 2001. For more information visit the official website at or


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