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Evil Dead: Hail to the King Review (PSX)

January 12, 2001

It's the king of B-movie comedy gore, but the transition to video game hasn't gone as smoothly as that whole defeating the undead thing for our hero, Ash. Evil Dead: Hail to the King should be amazing: Sam Raimi involved in creation; Bruce Campbell lending his voice. What happened? Click here to get some.
Wingman Strike Force 3D Review (Peripheral)
This latest Logitech joystick is the WingMan Strike Force 3D, a full-featured peripheral that’s easy to set up and use despite the plethora of jam-packed controls.  It’s the additional options (and a slightly higher price tag) that sets the Strike Force 3D apart from the rest of the pack.
3D game engine shows vast potential for emergency response specialists
The same technologies that power interactive 3D games might save lives.  NDL's NetImmerse 3D game engine, used to create more than two dozen game titles worldwide, has been licensed by Applied Research Associates (ARA) to develop a computer-animated training environment for emergency response specialists. Click here for the full story.
Mage Knight: Rebellion
Collectable Miniatures Game

January 11, 2001

Draconum-01.jpg (7608 bytes)What do you get when you combine the collectability of a CCG with the tabletop allure of miniatures? The answer is Mage Knight: Rebellion, the hottest thing going in tabletop gaming. While the quality of the figures can be spotty, the game has simple-yet-deep rules, an innovative combat dial base, and bottom-line affordability. It's a simple formula: Warhammer + Magic: The Gathering = The Next Big Thing. Only wish we'd thought of it.  
Iridion 3D Preview (GBS)
level204-01.jpg (3448 bytes)The screenshot to the right is from Iridion 3D, a new space shooter from Majesco. Is it for the SNES? Nope. N64? Nope. PSX? Nope. This baby is coming to a Game Boy Advance near you next fall, and it should be a helluva lot better than we've seen in portable gaming so far. Read the release here.
Gran Turismo 3 Preview (PS2)

January 10, 2001

Sony has sent us an amazing preview disc of GT3. Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec offers a quick glimpse into the improvements and enhancements coming this March in Gran Turismo 3. It's pretty amazing, and absolutely gorgeous. If you're a sim racing fan, you can't miss it. Click here for our preview.
Giants: Citizen Kabuto Review (PC)
giant4.jpg (7228 bytes)Interplay and Planet Moon serve up a winner with Giants: Citizen Kabuto--one of the funniest, most colorful, most action-packed games of the year. Whether you play the technologically savvy Meccs, the magical Sea Reapers, or the brutish Kabuto, this one's a lot of good not-quite wholesome fun, even though a lack of in-mission saves and some bugs can be just a little frustrating.
Driver 2 Review (PSX)
The Wheelman is back, and this time the story and cutscenes are absolutely amazing. Driver 2 puts you in a whole new set of cities, vanquishing a whole new crew of 70s styled gangsters. It's pretty sweet if you can overlook the technical foibles. We still want to see it on a next-gen system. Click here for the review.
Skies of Arcadia Review (DC)

January 9, 2001

Ahoy ye scurvy airdogs. What could be better than anime-styled air pirates looking for moonstones and lost technology? Not much, according to resident Mr. Unimpressed, Matt Baldwin. Skies of Arcadia passes the test with flying colors. Except for those random encounters, which suck. Click here for the review or we'll make you walk the plank.
Resident Evil 2 Review (DC)
Remember this classic gaming scene? Oh yeah, there's nothing like putting crystals in a statue to evoke true terror. Capcom brings Resident Evil 2 back to life in Dreamcast form at a bargain price. For those of you who missed it the first time around, click here.
Did We Mention Xbox?
Sure, maybe it's unwarranted hype, but we don't think so. Nope, the Xbox just sounds dang cool. Scroll down for full coverage of Microsoft's announcements from CES, info about Xbox titles in development, and plenty of pretty pictures of the new system.
Onimusha Preview
Capcom isn't just pushing out re-releases of their old games. They've got several incredible new titles coming out, one of which is the future PS2 hit, Onimusha: Warlords. We covered this after E32K, but we're revisiting the game after receiving new screens, a great trailer you MUST download, and the current release date: March 2001. Click here.
Xbox X-travaganza

January 8, 2001

We're having a hard time believing all the cool news Microsoft unleashed on the world this weekend. At the Consumer Electronics show they unveiled the Xbox, and third-party developers came out in droves to support the company. Just look at what all these developers had to say. No software support for Xbox? Hah!
New Munch's Oddysee Screens From Xbox Version
Oddworld released new screens from their highly anticipated, and highly innovative, Xbox launch title, Munch's Oddysee. You can skip directly to the images by clicking here, but we recommend you read the whole preview and releases, available here.
Malice: A Dark and Comic Fiery Tale at Xbox Demo
Argonaut Games PLC is bringing us an intriguing new title, Malice: A Dark and Comic Fiery Tale. You play a little girl destroying the most evilest thing in the world. Maybe not totally innovative, but pretty-looking. Check out images and a press release detailing all the features.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X Announced for Xbox
Okay, so that's not an Xbox screen over there, but just imagine how sweet Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X will be, what with all the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER and the enhanced graphics and extra levels. It's going to be an insane grindfest online. Look for us when you want some schooling. Click here for the press release.
WWF Raw is War Will Kick Ass on Xbox
That's not an Xbox screen either, but it is a shot of the Rock slamming Rikishi. THQ will bring the WWF franchise to Xbox with Raw is War. Expect it to be bigger, better, and prettier than the competition. And expect us GF! pantywaists to have ambivalent feelings about the contemporary WWF and whine about the "good old days" when Andre was tops and Hulk was a nice guy.

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