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Developer's Support Xbox
January 08, 2001


"Acclaim is working very closely with Microsoft to deliver original Xbox games for launch. We're very impressed with the technology and look forward to creating games that showcase our great brands and leverage the power of the system."

--Greg Fischbach, Co-Chairman and CEO, Acclaim Entertainment

"Activision is excited about our Xbox games under development, and the progress we’ve been able to make on the system is unprecedented a year from launch. Gamers will definitely get all the realism, action and intensity they can handle when our Xbox titles hit the market. "

--Ron Doornink, President and COO, Activision, Inc.

"Xbox's amazing performance has liberated our game designers, allowing them to elevate Argonaut's games and visuals on to a level not seen before on any other console"

Jez San, Managing Director, Argonaut

"We would like to add to the unlimited capabilities of Xbox, with games that are full with technology and dreams."

--Naoya Harano, president, Atlus Co., Ltd.

"The game console industry is constantly changing. Our creativity must also progress in accord with these changes. The birth of the Xbox allows us this opportunity."

--Haruhiro Tsujimoto, managing director, Capcom Co. Ltd.

"As one of Europe’s top publishers and developers of games from our company’s inception, Codemasters weighs carefully each decision as to which platforms toward which we’d like to turn our development talents. But there was no hesitation in our minds, when it came to developing for the Xbox. It is a platform we support, and we are eager to showcase some of our world-class titles on this world-class system."

--Richard Darling, co-founder and creative director, Codemasters

"There is no doubt that gaming has ascended to its rightful place as a form of mass-market global entertainment. With Xbox, the potential for even more broad appeal is imminent. We are proud to be at the forefront of this future-generation game system."

--Holly Newman, Executive Vice President, Crave Entertainment

"Eidos' Xbox games portfolio is far into development. The combination of time, technology, and tools will allow us to deliver future-generation games at launch."
--Rob Dyer, President, Eidos, Inc.

"Fox Interactive and our developers are thrilled with the progress of the Xbox. Everyday games look better and better, the exciting combination of the Xbox technology, and our hit entertainment franchises, will prove to be a powerful force when the Xbox hits next fall."

--Steve Bersch, President of Fox Interactive

"People expect a certain high quality gameplay experience to go along with the Gathering of Developers name, and you can bet, they’ll get it with our Xbox games. We are very excited about being a part of this launch."

--Mike Wilson, co-founder and CEO, Gathering of Developers

"Microsoft's entry into the console business will broaden the appeal of video gaming. Hasbro Interactive looks forward to bringing our strong brands and play patterns to the Xbox platform.

--Tom Dusenberry, president, Hasbro Interactive

"Sierra is dedicated to developing quality Xbox titles among many different genres. We’re allocating significant resources to the platform as we accelerate our console gaming efforts."

--Hubert Joly, CEO, Havas Interactive (Sierra)

"We are very excited to be developing the contents of the new superior Xbox platform. We plan to do our utmost to ensure that the Xbox will further activate the family game console industry."

--Shinichi Nakamoto, executive vice president, Hudson Soft. Co. Ltd.

"Xbox, through it's powerful brand and its specific design, is pushing the limits of interactive imagination and challenging developers' and marketers' minds to establish interactivity as the new dimension of entertainment"

--Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO, Infogrames Entertainment

"Interplay's focus as a developer and publisher has been to create technologically advanced games. With the launch of Microsoft's X-Box, console gaming has finally caught up with the high end PC which allows us to bring across our strong brands and advanced technology to console gamers around the world."

--Brian Fargo, chairman and CEO, Interplay Entertainment Corp.

"It is a great opportunity for us to be able to develop exciting games for the new Xbox platform because we have the chance to not only expand the current family game console industry, but also to catapult it to new heights."

--Kazumi Kitaue, director, officer, a member of the board and executive corporate officer, consumer software division, Konami

"The technical capabilities of the Xbox are remarkable. The incredible hardware performance combined with powerful design tools and a flexible architecture will allow designers to produce visually stunning, highly entertaining videogames."

--Neil Nicastro, Chairman and CEO, Midway Games Inc.

"We welcome Microsoft in joining the game business. We hope for the success of Xbox to bring evolution to the computer entertainment industry as a whole."

--Yasuhiko Asada, managing director, group executive consumer business, Namco Limited

"We are very excited about developing for Xbox and are pleased to continue our strong working relationship with Microsoft. As we enter the next and arguably most exciting period of growth for the whole games industry, we feel Xbox gives us the opportunity to deliver an unsurpassed audio and visual interactive experience direct to the consumer."

--Paul Finnegan, CEO, Rage

"Red Storm is famous for creating games of uncompromising realism and the Xbox gives our designers the power to realize the full scope of their vision. We look forward to building on the already established relationship with Microsoft to further expand the Rainbow Six franchise."

--Mike Lomas, vice president / product development, Red Storm

"The specs of this system are so powerful that all our developers are singing its praises. There's no substitute for the kind of satisfaction we feel when we can see something we've only visualized, come to life. The capabilities of the Xbox system are awesome. That satisfaction is nothing compared to what the world's gamers will feel when they experience Xbox games for real next year."

--Paul Eibeler, President, Take Two Interactive.

"As a tremendously powerful game console, Xbox provides a wonderful opportunity for THQ to progress our brands and technology. We look forward to harnessing the power of the system to create content that will engage and delight gamers in ways they have never experienced."

--Brian Farrell, president and CEO, THQ, Inc.

"Our enthusiasm for the Xbox grows steadily. The combination of our strong and familiar Ubi Soft brand names and the power and potential of the Xbox is an unbeatable combination."

--Yves Guillemot, CEO, Ubi Soft Entertainment

"Xbox is a groundbreaking and advanced platform. We hope that it will promote growth of, and activate, the game industry."

--Masaaki Ohki, president, Victor Interactive Software Inc.

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