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Unreal Tournament 2003 Preview (PC)

May 28, 2002

Infogrames is prepping one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of this year or the next. Unreal Tournament 2003 promises to satisfy the hardcore UT fans as well as bring a whole new generation to the game. Amazing graphics, gameplay enhancements, and lots of cool additions will make it a must have game. Click here.

Unreal Episode II Preview (PC)

UT is the multiplayer game, and for the past while it has overshadowed the single player title that spawned it. This year Unreal Episode II will remind us all just why this franchise became so popular. Insane graphics, great action, and a cool single player adventure  make this game one to watch for. Click here.

O.R.B. Preview (PC)

Strategy First will bring us a potentially revolutionary deep space RTS this fall. O.R.B. puts you in control of huge space armadas and interstellar action has never been so accurately reproduced. Accurate physics offer new tactics to exploit and the fully 3D galaxy is just beautiful. Click here for more.

Article: WildTangent Offers New Take on Game Distribution

What company hires giant Samoans to hand out E3 swag rather than the standard 38-18-32 booth babe? WildTangent, a company with a unique take on more than just the distribution of their promotional materials. These games are worth checking out, and most of them are free. Click!

Roller Coaster Tycoon II Preview (PC)

It's back! The phenomenally huge hit now has a sequel, and Roller Coaster Tycoon II promises to fulfill the hopes and dreams of aspiring theme park developers. A new editing interface, a Six Flags license, and improved graphics are just the beginning. Put your existing park on hold and check out this preview. Click here.

Shadowbane Calls for Beta Testers

One of the cool new MMORPGs we saw at E3 this year was Shadowbane, in development by Wolf Pack Studios and coming later this year from Ubi Soft. We'll get around to a full preview soon, but those already in the know may want to head over and sign up for the beta test gearing up now. Get the details here.

Neverwinter Nights Preview (PC)

May 27, 2002

BioWare and Infogrames will bring us the long-awaited Neverwinter Nights sometime this year. After a long time of anticipation, the game is looking better than we could have hoped, and given that NWN makes major advancements in the genre, this is probably the most serious contender for RPG of the year. Click here for a full preview.

Metroid Prime Preview (GC)

She's back, and it's nice to see that the glory of Metroid will be preserved for another generation. Metroid Prime, the FPS next-gen installment of one of the most beloved gaming franchises, is all set to go on Gamecube, and it is going to be a whole lot of fun. Incredible visuals paired with tight gameplay insure this a spot in any gamer's library. Click here.

Age of Mythology Preview (PC)

Bruce Shelley and the gang have put together a wonderful next installment in the Age of Empires series. Age of Mythology allows you to play several cultures replete with heroes, fantastic creatures, and plenty of heavenly vengeance. The new 3D engine lets you see the action from any angle and zoom. It's just beautiful. Click here.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Preview (PS2)

Reportedly not a sequel to last year's mega-hit, Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Rockstar was very secretive about the game at E3, but we got what info we could out of them. Click here.

Myst III: Exile Preview (Xbox & PS2)

Is this gorgeous enough for you? The series that brought computer graphics into the mainstream consciousness is coming to a console near you. Myst III: Exile maintains the on-rails, point and click, interface of its predecessors, but features a 360 degree camera and the most photorealistic landscapes we've seen so far, not to mention a meaty narrative. Click here for more.

Smuggler's Run: Warzones Preview (GC)

ss2-01.jpg (7188 bytes)In what seems like a coup, one of the formative titles from PS2 is jumping to GC exclusivity. Smuggler's Run: Warzones will hit Nintendo's system this summer, and it's likely to please fans and novices alike. New countermeasures, better visuals, and a beefed up multiplayer are just some reasons to check it out. Click here.

Article: PC Gaming by Design

In PC Gaming by Design, our man Paul takes a look at a PC gaming trend that seems to be amping up for the coming year. Certainly mods and modders have been around for years, but the latest crop of PC titles take great pains to give players the chance to get in on designing their own content. Get the skinny on this trend here.

We're Outta Here

May 20, 2002

As the tumbleweeds blow through the GF! office, our skeleton crew is sure to wonder, what happened? Have no fear, we haven't given up this insane indy website lifestyle quite yet -- we're on our way to Los Angeles to cover the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo. We'll maintain radio silence over the next five days, and then we'll loose a barrage of E3 coverage the likes of which hasn't been seen since our trip last year. Well worth the wait, we'll see you in a week. In the meantime, check out GF! E3 Central.

Gary Coleman to Star in Postal 2

Those wacky cats at Running With Scissors have secured one of the hottest properties in technology today, Gary Coleman, to star in their sequel to the controversial classic, Postal. Get the irreverent details here.

LucasArts Announces New Indy Game and Gladius

LucasArts brings Indy back to the small screen with Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, an action adventure title due out on all platforms. Also in their backpockets is Gladius, an intriguing new title based on gladiator fighting. Sounds good.

Dark Age of Camelot to Hit Japan

Mythic and Capcom have teamed up to bring Dark Age of Camelot to Japan. But are the Japanese ready for some seriously Anglo myth and mayhem? Probably. Those cats can play it all. Click here for more.

Price DROP

May 15, 2002

Long awaited by gamers everywhere, the two big boys of the console market have locked horns. Sony announced earlier this week that the PS2 price would drop from $299 to $199. Click here for the details about Sony's price change. Microsoft had planned on surprising us all at E3 with a price drop for the Xbox, but in light of Sony's news chose to make the change immediately, dropping the price of the Xbox from $299 to $199. Click here for Xbox details. In other news, Sony Japan has announced the PS3 is in development and slated for Japanese release in 2005.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Review (GC)

Acclaim brings us another Sega port for the Gamecube. 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was a blast in arcades, not so much fun on the Dreamcast, and even less fun on the Gamecube. Dated graphics, simple gameplay, and an incredibly brief story mode make this game not very appealing. Truck on over here for the details.

Tetris Worlds Review (PS2)

That addictive game from the Russians has returned thanks to THQ. Tetris Worlds offers up a smorgasbord of gaming possibilities for those enthralled by falling blocks. And who are we to doubt the power of falling blocks? Click here for the whole story.

Resident Evil Review (GC)

May 13, 2002

Capcom has a habit of keeping their franchises alive on all systems. Less kind folks might say they recycle titles. Well, Jeff is here to tell you that the revamped Gamecube version of Resident Evil is almost a completely new game and well worth the interest of the most jaded RE fans. It's amazing how much a major graphical overhaul can do for a game, as well as how far we've come in our gaming preferences. Click here.

Star Trek Bridge Commander Review (PC)

So you've piloted star ships in some heavy battles with Armada. And you took out some baddies mano-a-mano in Elite Force. Get ready for some more intellectual involvement on the bridge in Star Trek Bridge Commander. Rather than controlling things, per se, you command your crew in a robust simulation. Set phasers on fun.

Dark Summit Review (GC)

THQ brings their edgy snowboarding game with a plot (imagine that!) to the Gamecube, and the results are about what we'd expect. Dark Summit is a good time for a short while. Flashy graphics, a kooky story, and simple gameplay make it fun until you just run out of things to do. Click here for the full review.

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World Review (GC)

Acclaim got one of the hottest stars in motorcross to be in their game. Now they just need the game to go with it because Jeremy McGrath Supercross World just isn't cutting it. Mediocre everything has even the most die hard supercross fans crying. Click here.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Coming to PS2 and Xbox

Eidos and IO Interactive will bring their PC franchise to the Xbox and PS2 with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Hitman 2 will offer up both third and first person perspectives, open environments and lots of hot lead. With a bunch of gameplay options and beautiful screens like these, this game could certainly be a contender. Click.

Earth and Beyond Beta Testing Open Now

Calling all space battle fanatics. Earth and Beyond is now being tested by EA's Westwood Studios. Thousands of testers will be selected from the generral public until there are 100K beta testers playing the game. Click here for all the details.

Black and White Coming to PlayStation

Bethesda Softworks will bring the beloved Black and White to the PlayStation. At one point in time, we were supposed to see B&W on Dreamcast, PS2, and PS1. The gameplay changes listed in the game's announcement have us wondering if this port will do it justice. While B&W needs to be on a console system, will this version satisfy us like the PC version? Click here for more.

Xbox Sales Surge in Europe

The Xbox is slowly but surely carving out a good chunk of the gaming market for itself. The system now accounts for about 50% of European consoles, which ain't bad at all. Click for more from Microsoft on the Euro Xbox boom.

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