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Microsoft Unveils Xbox!

January 6, 2001

It's our lucky day. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox at the Consumer Electronics Show this morning, and we've got images. Check out the press release here for more on the event, and come back Monday for a complete update on exciting Xbox news, including THPS2X, new Munch's Oddysee screens, Malice, and more. In the meantime, read our Xbox Fall 2K Roundup and look at those purty pictures.
Looney Tunes Space Race Review (DC)

January 5, 2001

Those wacky cartoon faves are back again, and this time they're attacking the kart racing circuit with a vengeance. Infogrames' latest, Looney Tunes Space Race for DC, is a stellar kart racer that will have everybody giggling all the way to the finish line. Click here for our wacky review.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review (DC)
The creepiest survival horror game of them all is back. And if the Nemesis doesn't make you jump, nothing will. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been polished up and re-released for Dreamcast. It's a pretty nice port, and if you've never played RE3, this is the version to pick up. Click here for a zombie killing jambaroo.
Three the Hard Way: An Analysis of the Next-Gen Super Systems
The PS2 has landed, and we all know that Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube will only make things tougher for Sony, the current king of the hill. In tumultous times like these, we get a lot of questions, and we're all wondering which system will be the best for us. The latest addition to the GF! ranks, Adam Albrec, runs down the known information on all three systems in his excellent article, Three the Hard Way: An Analysis of the Next-Gen Super Systems. Read it.
Weekly Gaming News
Microsoft needs a few good XBox gametesters, the Nintendo and Sega saga continues, PS2 sales exceed expectations (except in Detroit!), EverQuest exceeds prior gaming records, and Blizzard servers bite the dust (temporarily?)  All these stories and more in the Weekly Gaming News.
Quake III: Team Arena Review (PC)

January 4, 2001

A year after the release of Quake III: Arena, Activision offers up the first add-on to be developed by id Software since Master Levels for Doom. The good news: Quake III:Team Arena delivers on its promise to improve the user interface, graphics, and gameplay.  The bad news: it'll run you 30 bucks and there's still some unresolved issues that carry-over from the full version.  Move out! 
Obi Wan Adventures Review (GBC)
32071_s05.gif (8030 bytes)Star Wars fans across the galaxy have been itching for the chance to wave around a lightsaber, prancing like a little girl. Now you can with THQ's Game Boy version of Star Wars Episode I: Obi Wan Adventures. Come to the light side; click here Jedi.
Sno-Cross Review (DC)
Crave Entertainment brings us the latest, most realistic snow- machine race simulation for DC. With actual Yamaha licenses, realistic courses, and cool damage modeling, Sno-Cross isn't one to just pick up, but rewards some dedication. Click here.
StarLancer Review (DC)

January 3, 2001

Crave has brought one of the most popular PC space fighter sims of the summer to the Dreamcast. StarLancer offers up amazing gameplay that will make you feel like the Last Starfighter. And with a super-smooth online multiplayer mode, this one is a must-play for the new year. Report here, soldier.
MTV Sports: Pure Ride Review (GBC)
Another extreme sports game comes to the GBC, and it leaves us wanting more. Again. MTV Sports: Pure Ride for GBC isn't bad -- it's got some cool trick anims and does all it can with the hardware. But the lack of slope and depth inherent in GBC graphics make is unsatisfying. Click here for the review.
Everquest: Scars of Velious Review (PC)

January 2, 2001

scars6.jpg (4365 bytes)Almost two years after the launch of Everquest and less than a year after its first expanison, The Ruins of Kunark, Verant comes back at you with yet another add-on, The Scars of Velious. You'll need a high-level character to enjoy the arctic pleasures of the new areas, but sharper graphics, new items and monsters, and a cool interface overhaul makes this one a must-have for EQ fanatics. 
Oni Preview (PC Demo)

December 29, 2000

Well, here's a title we've been keeping an eye on for a while.  Bungie has released a 2-level demo of Oni, a third-person, anime-influenced, action, hand-to-hand/weapons game.  What's here is mighty pretty (and pretty fun too); what's not here is multiplayer and the occasional graphic glitch.   Read on...

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