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Alice - First Impressions (PC)

December 8, 2000

American McGee's Alice is a title we've long awaited. Follow us through the looking glass as we share our first impressions of this darkly updated version of Wonderland. The graphics are pretty brillig, but gameplay can be a little slithy, and the mome wrathes outgrabe. Snicker-snack.   
Weekly Gaming News
American McGee's Alice goes Hollywood, Infogrames buys Hasbro, PS2 titles suffer low sales, Deus Ex Multiplayer, TV Guide showcases videogames, and, what's this, March Madness already?  All this and more in the Weekly Gaming News.
Cannon Spike (DC)

December 7, 2000

43-01.jpg (4467 bytes)Capcom's latest "fave characters" game, Cannon Spike gives us almost
everything we've ever wanted out of a shooter: great graphics, frantic action, way cool bosses, and everything you shoot blows up. Everything. Even the dogs. Read about it here.
Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
For multipurpose gaming, we've always said there's nothing like the good ol' Sidewinder Force Feedback stick. Is there any way Microsoft's Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick can replace it in our hearts? 
Daria's Inferno Review (PC)

December 6, 2000

MTV's Daria--the series for Smith College wannabes--gets its own video game from Simon and Schuster, Daria's Inferno, and the results are not good, not good at all. Read on as Matt overcomes his affection for sardonic teenage girls and gives you the goods on a title that's more a marketing tool than a game. Oh, the irony.
Chicken Run Review (GBC)
Help them chickens get off the farm in the GBC version of Chicken Run. It was one of the best movies of the summer, and the GBC version is one of the best adaptations we've seen. That's not saying much, given the history of GBC movie conversions, but this one is pretty fun. Click here.
Holiday Fraud Frustrates PS2-Seeking Parents & BBB
It's amazing what people will do for the little black box. There's a problem with some online retailers claiming they have PS2s in stock, but not. Also, people have been putting up questionable bids like this one on Ebay. Read the Better Business Bureau release here. And for a lighter take on how extreme PS2 fans can get, check out our PS2 Fanatics page. Beware: Weirdos are featured prominently.
NBA 2K1 (DC)

December 5, 2000

nba2k1c.jpg (4549 bytes)Oh, those Dreamcast sports games. Though Sega would probably like to forget World Series Baseball, the DC's NFL and NBA games have been stellar. NBA2K1 is no exception--it looks great, plays an exciting game of basketball, and is packed with features. It might be a little too arcadey for the basketball strategists out there, but for button-mashing showboaters it doesn't come any finer.
Delta Force: Land Warrior (PC)
dflw3.jpg (5865 bytes)With so many excellent first-person shooters out there, is Novalogic's Delta Force: Land Warrior worth your time? Well, the move away from voxel technology is a plus, as are the game's vast maps. But some goofy AI may put you off this one. Check out the review here.
Star Wars: Demolition
Review (DC)

December 4, 2000

LucasArts teams up with Luxoflux to give us Star Wars Demolition. Okay, picture this: Jabba the Hut is sponsoring an intergalactic space demolition derby. You drive your favorite spaceship, landspeeder, or Rancor monster and try to destroy everyone else. What's not to like? Click here for the whole story.
Xbox to Sport Nifty, New Parthus Chip
Okay, bear with us here: Parthus makes a Digital Signal Processor called the MediaStream. NVIDIA is working on a Media Communications Processor (MCP) for the Xbox, and they're going to use the MediaStream DSP in it. That's supposed to give the Xbox even better audio capabilities. The MCP is supposed to give the Xbox cool broadband media capabilities. Read the release over here.
Devil Inside Review (PC)
After we got past all the Michael Hutchence and INXS jokes, we discovered that Devil Inside is actually a pretty good game, especially if you're a fan of the Resident Evil series or the X-Files. On the other hand, some truly bad documentation almost moves this game into the puzzles genre. Check out the review here.
Win Cool Spy Stuff From Fox
Fox Interactive is sponsoring a No One Lives Forever contest in which you can win a Triumph motorcycle, spy gear and training, DVDs, controllers, copies of NOLF, and a bunch more stuff. Click here to head to Fox Interactive's website and enter. But don't forget who told you about it.

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