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Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance Review (PC)

December 1, 2000

mech4_2.jpg (6609 bytes)The latest and greatest in the Mechwarrior series, Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance has stellar graphics and a solid single-player game, but really excels in its well-supported and outrageously fun multiplayer. If you're into giant robots (and if you're not, who needs you?) this is one you can't afford to miss.
Weekly Gaming News
The recently-deceased Lara Croft is on the shelves, Nintendo is surviving (and flourishing!), Star Wars goes MMOG, and Lucas Arts helps with Escape From Monkey Island.  This and more in the Weekly Gaming News.
Jetfighter IV: Fortress America Review (PC)

November 30, 2000

jf4_1.jpg (3713 bytes)Hop in that F-22 Raptor and defend City Lights Bookstore from pesky Russkies (Oh, Boris--will you never learn?) in Jetfighter IV: Fortress America. This flight sim looks good and plays great, but it may not be for the hardcore. And where's that online support?
Labtec Surge-17 Speakers for Consoles
surge17.jpg (1456 bytes)Labtec has helped us bother our neighbors much more effectively with their thoroughly bumpin' set of speakers for console game systems. The Surge-17 setup includes a subwoofer and two speaks, all powered and ready to go out of the box, for a measly 50 beans. Check it out here.
Summoner Review (PS2)

November 29, 2000

THQ's latest RPG offering has been hyped a whole lot, and we finally got our hands on it. Summoner is among the first PS2 RPGs, and if you like swords, sorcery, and a little action with your role-playing, then it might be the one for you. Read the review here. And you've got to check out this HILARIOUS movie Volition made, called Summoner Geeks. Download the movie here, and try not to hurt yourself laughing too hard.
Motocross Mania Review (PC)
Fast, cheap, a pretty good looker and not a bad ride.  We're not talking about Charlie's Angels--it's Motocross Mania from Deibus Studios. Surprisingly, it's attractive, it plays well, and it comes in under 20 bucks.  Jump on your bad motor scooter and get the dirt on Motocross Mania.
Massive Xbox Update
We are always getting questions about the new systems, and with good reason. Things are getting hectic out there, and the console gaming world has exploded. It will continue to explode for another year or so, and, of course, you know one of the biggest bombshells will be the Xbox. Microsoft is backing their bad boy hard, and amidst the release of the PS2, people are becoming aware of just how great the Xbox could be. We got our newest Team GF! member, Van Davis, on the job, and he tracked down every bit of info out there about the Xbox and put it all into one convenient spot. Join Van, as he goes In Search of... The Xbox.
Squad Leader Review (PC)

November 28, 2000

item_shl_squadleader_PC3-01.jpg (9800 bytes)Squad Leader is one of the most revered, complex, and engaging  board wargames ever. Unforunately, none of those terms apply to Squad Leader the computer game, which is really nothing more than Soldiers at War 2 four years later and not all that much improved.
Bust a Move Millenium (GBC)
bamm1.jpg (9213 bytes)The most addictive puzzle game since Tetris is back again, this time for your Game Boy Color. Bust A Move Millenium features lots of modes and infinite replayability, all in a tidy little package that fits in your pocket. Check it out here.
Rune Review (PC)

November 27, 2000

Seeking to fill the promising niche of Norse mythology-based gaming, Humanhead and GoD Games offer up loads of Viking goodness with Rune. Play as Ragnar and slaughter zombies, goblins, and evil Vikings while hitting switches, jumping barrels and chatting up Odin himself.  With melee-centric multiplayer and support from the UT community, Rune appeals to the barbarian in all of us--sail here to get the full tale.
Win a copy of Smuggler's Run
Congrats to Ray Gleason, winner of our Close Combat: Invasion Normandy contest. Head to the Contests page right away to win a copy of Smuggler's Run for the PlayStation 2. It's a real cool game, and some pretty easy questions. Check it out.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's Magical Mystery Mall
Review (PSX)
You had better be buying this one for a young MK&A Olsen fan. If not, playing dress up with twin 14-year olds in Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's Magical Mystery Mall is a little too much Humbert Humbert to make the "Cool" list. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, light of my life, fire of my... oh, nevermind. It's a bad joke anyway. Read the review here.

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