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by Club Acclaim

bamm1.jpg (9213 bytes)I had to delete Solitaire off of my Windows PC. I couldn’t get anything done. "One more game," I would tell myself, and then three hours later I would be wondering where the time had gone. Most games you beat and then shelve like a buck trophy for everyone to see. But there are a handful of puzzle games that demand to be played to infinity. Bust A Move Millenium is one of them. I literally had to ask my wife to hide this game from me this week, because I just had too many things to do. I freely admit that I lack any type of self-control when it comes to Tetris, Solitaire, and now Bust-A-Move Millennium. If you value your time, do not buy this game! It must be the deceptively short gameplay. You know that each mode won’t last for more than a couple of minutes, but what you don’t admit to yourself is that you’ll play a level for an hour until you beat it.

bamm11.jpg (6693 bytes)If you’ve never played Bust-A-Move before, the best way to describe it is as a cross between Breakout and Tetris. You shoot bubbles at a slowly descending mass and try to join three or more bubbles of the same kind before they overtake you. You can bounce your bubbles off walls to get them in the right position or shoot them directly at the oncoming pile. It takes awhile to see the strategic implications of what you’re doing, but when you see the game as a whole it can be almost overwhelming.

bamm2.jpg (5252 bytes)There is plethora of different modes of play. You have a story mode where you follow one of the available characters through challenge after challenge to save something or other with your superior puzzle skills. There is a puzzle mode where you’re confronted with specific dilemmas that you have to solve. It breaks up the monotony of just getting through it as quickly as possible. And finally there is an endless mode where you play until you drop. You can either play against the computer or play on your own. As if the game wasn’t already endless, there is also a link mode to challenge friends with.

bamm3.jpg (8711 bytes)The graphics work just fine for a game like this. There is a big enough variety in background types and characters to keep amused. But, for a game like this, graphics always take a back seat to gameplay. I did find that I had difficulty distinguishing between the blue and green balls which sometimes messed up my strategies, but for the most part, I was thoroughly taken in by this game.

I would have liked a little more detail in the instruction manual. This is the first time that I’ve played a game from this franchise and I wasn’t familiar with all of the gameplay options. However, you do pick them up quickly enough.

Acclaim is coming out with a new version of Bust A Move for the PS2 which seems like a waste of processing power if you ask me. The Gameboy Color has everything you need for this game and then some. I mean really, they’re bubbles! How much rendering power to you need?

bamm4.jpg (6788 bytes)Admittedly it’s not all that original, but Bust-A-Move Millennium is the perfect Game Boy game. Like Tetris and Solitaire before for it, it promises to suck precious hours from you life and leave you wondering, like Ray Milland,"What happened to the weekend." You will play this until your extremities go numb. Bust-A-Move Millennium proudly stands in that small group of games that will never be shelved out of boredom or fatigue.

Jason Frank


Ups: Very addictive gameplay; excellent puzzle action; lots of modes; prefect kind of game for GBC platform.

Downs: Similar shades sometimes difficult to distinguish on GBC screen; different modes can be confusing at first.

System Reqs:
Game Boy Color


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