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November 3, 2000

Uri Geller sues Nintendo.  The Clintons beat each other up.  Eidos execs resign.  A Tomb Raider movie update.  All this and much more in the Weekly Gaming News
Dino Crisis 2 (PSX)

Dino Crisis 2 surpasses its predecessor and becomes much more than 'Resident Evil with dinosaurs.' With an arsenal of big guns, fast and furious gameplay, and a story that makes the DOA2 plotline seem sensical, this game is cool enough to make Brandon come out of his hole to give us the lowdown.
Top Selling Titles

The Sims are tops on the latest PC sales list, and Madden NFL 2001 scores big on the PS2.  NFL2K1 breaks away from the pack on DC, THPS2 continues it's big run on PSX and The World Is Not Enough is detected atop the N64 best-sellers.  Check the numbers on the top selling titles here.
Unreal Tournament (PS2)

The PC phenom hits PS2, and the results are mixed. On the one hand, Unreal Tournament looks pretty sweet and does offer up to four-player deathmatch action (with the multitap, of course). But it might pale visually in comparison to other PS2 titles, and the gameplay seems lacking after repeated runs of Perfect Dark.
4x4 Evolution Review (PC)

November 2, 2000

4x4evo_ss4-01.jpg (5715 bytes)Terminal Reality's 4x4 Evolution has just about everything you want in an offroad arcade racer--posh graphics, non-stop action, and terrific online support that allows you to play against DC and Mac opponents. But not enough dirt.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 PC Cheats!
Well, it's about time that PC gamers got a shot at what Shawn assures me is "the greatest game in the history of the universe." Of course, he said that about HEDZ, too. We'll have our review up soon, but until then, here are some cheats for THPS2
SegaNet and the Bizkit

November 1, 2000

How does the Dreamcast rock? According to the latest from SegaNet, it rocks like a big, noisy festival touring the United States. "The Anger Management Tour" features Limp and some of their pals as well as Sega's Mobile Assault vehicles and some hardcore DC action. At each venue, some lucky fan will get to play Durst at UFC, and winners will also get one of these autographed machines. Check out the press release and tour dates here.
Midnight Club Review
Rockstar gives us Midnight Club Street Racing for the PS2, and it's a pretty sweet ride (kind of like the GF! Mobile Assault Vehicle, pictured at right). Tour New York and London at all hours of the night, taking on other dudes with hot cars.
Oddworld Heads for the X-Box
Oddworld Inhabitants announced they will no longer release Munch's Oddysee for the PS2. Rather, they will release it and future installments of the Oddworld Quintology on Microsoft's X-Box. Check out the announcement here, and then head over to Oddworld for their take on the situation -- in poetic form, no less!
Armored Core 2 Review
The cult mech game of the decade makes its way to the PS2 and gets a true sequel. Armored Core 2 is up and running, available at your local game store. But does it live up to the expectation? We got Monica to check it out, and it's a mixed bag -- the highs, the lows, the trials and tribulations of giant mech combat...
Tyco R/C Assault Review
Mattel brings us another R/C kart-type racer in Tyco R/C Assault With a Battery. It's not bad; it's not great. It's got the usual modes and powerups and zany action. But this one's also got minigames during the load screen, which provide a cool diversion.
PSOne - The Past Is the Future
psone.jpg (2953 bytes)Sony hasn't given up on it's original baby, and to prove it they've repackaged our glorious PSX into the PSOne. The PSOne is tiny, cute, nearly portable, and should have a portable LCD screen peripheral by next year. Jason gives us the lowdown on the "new" toy.
Star Trek: Invasion Review
Activision brings us a pretty dang fine Star Trek game for the PlayStation. Star Trek: Invasion puts you in the cockpit of a spaceship, commanding a crew through tough times. Complete with characters from the series, this is a must-play for hardcore Trekkers and space fight fans alike. And if it gives you any trouble, check out the Star Trek: Invasion OSG by BradyGames.
Final Fantasy IX Promotion Begins
Square has just announced that promotion for Final Fantasy IX has begun. Theaters will begin showing previews for the game, and of course there will be major retail and television campaigns, too. The release date is November 14, so all you FF fans get ready! You can get the whole scoop on the promos here.
The following games have shipped this week for console systems: Red Dog (Dreamcast), Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast), NBA 2K1 (Dreamcast), RC de Go (PlayStation), Summoner (PlayStation 2).
Wizards and Warriors

October 31, 2000

screen3-01.jpg (8574 bytes)Our resident RPG aficionado Matt looks over Activision's long-awaited (or long-delayed) Wizards and Warriors. It's a Halloween treat, as he will horrify you with tales of dated graphics! clunky interfaces! and what's wrong with first-person party-based RPGs!. Ooooh, spooky!
Everquest Ensnares 300,000th Customer
It says something about a game when it makes 300,000 people want to pretend to be a dwarf rather than do stuff like have a girlfriend, drink beer, or learn kung fu. Read the press release here, and then read our reviews of Everquest and its expansion, The Ruins of Kunark.
Hitman Preview
SCREEN_009-01.jpg (5807 bytes)Eidos comes up with a game that'll surely be a favorite with concerned parents groups everywhere. Hitman lets you take the role of a paid assassin. No word yet on whether the game allows you to play as a cute and confused assassin like John Cusak in Grosse Point Blank. We'll keep you posted.
Review of D&D Dungeon Master's Guide, 3rd Edition
Will Wizards of the Coast's new 3rd Edition rules save Dungeons and Dragons from the twin threats of Pokemon and video games? Read Rob's reviews of the new Dungeon Master's Guide and Player's Handbook. And while you're in a fantasy mood, check our review of the new Warhammer Sixth Edition.

October 30, 2000

It's a week marked by change here at the old GF! We're celebrating our second anniversary with the site and implementing some great new changes like an enhanced Cheatszone, Game Giveaways, and *gasp!* daily updates! Yup, we've got your daily dose of gaming info right here, each day, fresh and steamy. Get the whole story on our site upgrades in Rick's flagship editorial.
PlayStation 2 in Da Hizz-ouse
There's nothing to interfere with major site renovation like the release of a brand new system. The long awaited PlayStation 2 sold out in minutes, and the only way you're going to get a hold of one now is if you're rich and shop Ebay. Have no fear, more units will be arriving soon, and you'll be better prepared if you check out these helpful articles. The PS2 Deal will let you know just what you're getting in that sexy blue box, and what you'll need to budget in. Get the lowdown on the PS2's DVD capabilities in Your PS2 DVD Player vs. The Competition. And finish things off with a forward-looking editorial, The PS2 and the Future of Console Gaming.
Tekken Tag Tournament Review
It's here, and while Tekken Tag Tournament is not a proper sequel to Tekken 3, it is a massive step forward. All the characters from Tekken 1 & 2 are back, and they've never looked so good. With killer animated 3D backgrounds, amazing textures and lighting, plus cool minigames and lots of play options, Namco's PS2 sweetheart doesn't disappoint.
Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 Review
Bruce Buffer isn't the only celebrity to grace the ring in Ready 2 Rumble Round 2. Good ole Shaq and MJ make appearances in this wacky, and very playable, sequel to R2R. The beauty of the visuals is nicely offset this time with much more interesting rings and lots more fighters.
Dynasty Warriors 2 Review
Ever find yourself hankering for those bygone days of the scholar system, heavenly mandate, and feudal warlords? If so, or if you just like the thought of defeating over 700 baddies per level, Dynasty Warriors 2 is probably a game you should check out. It's not strategy that will win the war in DW2 -- this one relies on pure, unadulterated, button-mashing, berserker goodness.

Spankin' New GF!

October 28, 2000

Notice the nice new look? After two years, we're revamping the whole GamesFirst! site. Over the next few weeks we'll be moving to daily postings, expanding our Cheatszone, and running weekly polls and contests. Get the whole tawdry story here.


Get over to the Contests page to find out how you can win a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 or one of three copies of the Diablo II Official Strategy Guide. All you have to do is answer some questions, cross your fingers, and hope you're the one. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 10, so hurry up.

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Review
Activision combines the Quake 3 engine with the Star Trek Voyager Universe and comes up with a first person shooter that's real pretty and real fun. The AI can be a little Borgish, but Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force still gets the thumbs up.
Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 Review
Crave brings us hardcore highway racing excitement in Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 for Dreamcast. Lots of vehicles, options for customization, pretty colors and shiny textures make us go: Ooooh! It looks sweet, plays sweet, and has us busting out the rachets and modifying our Subarus.
Sacrifice Goes Gold
Katy Hammond, our good friend at Interplay, has just informed us that Sacrifice has gone gold. Check out our preview of E3's biggest suprise.

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