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Famed—and often debunked—“psychic” Uri Geller has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court against Nintendo for what he claims is “unauthorized use of his name on Pokémon cards and related materials.” Though he’d complained publicly before about the existence of a character named Kadabra in the Pokémon games, who appears with a bent spoon—one of Geller’s trademark tricks—in the Game Boy games, he’d only threatened legal action.

“Nintendo turned me into an evil, occult Pokémon character,” Geller said through his lawyers. “I’m filing this lawsuit against Nintendo, not only to protect my name, but also to tell the world before the start of the Holiday Season that I have nothing whatsoever to do with these violent characters that have a negative impact on children.”

The statement by Geller’s lawyers also states that the Kadabra character features a star on its forehead, as well as lightning bolts on its chest, which are then compared to the lightning bolts on the uniforms of the Nazi SS in World War II. Geller was born in Israel. The statement also noted that Nintendo had been “ordered to remove a close representation of a Swastika (the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich) from a Pokémon card.”

Midway Games Inc. has shipped Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes for Dreamcast, porting over The 3DO Co.’s plastic soldiers to Sega’s console. The game offers 14 single-player missions, multiplayer for up to four gamers, nine different characters and the addition of a Sniper Mode.

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes has an ESRB rating of T (Teen).

Eidos Interactive and Ion Storm have announced that Deus Ex has received PC Game of the Year honors from BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), which offers annual kudos to the best in film, interactive media and television. BAFTA awards prizes in various categories, such as Children, Television and Interactive Entertainment, the latter in which Deux Ex won.

Activision, Inc. has taken Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, one of its most popular games and ported it over to the PC. Available immediately, the game has all of the features that its console predecessors has such as the detailed, real-time 3-D skatepark editor.

Carrying an ESRB rating of T (Teen), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Gathering of Developers has created its own strategy guide for its Blair Witch triology of games. Entitled The Blair Witch Series: Official Strategies, the 140-page book offers advice on each of the three games in the set: Blair Witch Volume I—Rustin Parr, Blair Witch Volume II—The Legend of Coffin Rock and Blair Witch Volume III—Elly Kedward’s Tale.

The book has a suggested retail price of $14.95.

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Sega Corp. is negotiating with companies that make portable game machines, personal computers and mobile phones in order to create games for the respective products. Sega’s chairman and president, Isao Ohkawa, said this “move is part of the firm’s efforts to improve earnings.”

Midway has revealed that in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 there are a couple of very special extra characters, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Gamers can put up their dukes using the couple, and listen as they trade spicy insults back and forth.

Even though Xbox is dominating the headlines with so many developers committing to the machine, Nintendo’s GameCube is slowly increasing its product lineup.

At the tenth annual Toy and Interactive Entertainment Conference, a few companies spoke of GameCube development. Infogrames currently has five GameCube projects. Take-Two Interactive and THQ announced that they are planning to create games for the GameCube, but no specific numbers were given.

London-based Eidos plc has announced that Charles Cornwall, until today the company’s CEO, has left the company to “spend more time on his technology and mining interests in the USA and South Africa.” The move boosts COO Michael McGarvey to the role of CEO in Cornwall’s place.

Cornwall has been on the board of directors since May 1993, and was named CEO in October 1995. According to the company’s statement, he previously was “involved in the consolidation of and investment in a number of gold mining companies in South Africa.

Additionally, Eidos has appointed Jonathan Kemp, previously managing director of Eidos UK, to the position of European Managing Director.

Get your spray cans ready as Sega of America has released Jet Grind Radio for the Sega Dreamcast. The goal is to “tag” or spray paint your territory while avoiding the law and rival gangs. In addition, players will be able to download JPEG images from the Internet and use them in the game. Jet Grind Radio contains music from the likes of Jurassic 5, Mix Master Mike, Rob Zombie, Cold and P.M.M.  

The ESRB rating for Jet Grind Radio is T (Teen) and retails for $49.95.

LucasArts will release the Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy package for the PC this holiday season. The bundle will include X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance and a sample of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Flight School.

The Star Wars: X-Wing Trilogy is expected to be released in November and retail for $29.95.

For those wanting to keep up with the makings of the movie version of Eidos’ popular Tomb Raider series, Paramount Pictures has launched a website that provides background on the film. Included are features, such as an interview with the movie’s director, Simon West (Con Air); cast information, a weekly image shot from the set; and more.

Tomb Raider stars Angelina Jolie in the role of Lara Croft, with her real-life father, Jon Voight, playing her onscreen father, Lord Croft. The film is tentatively scheduled for a June 2001 release in the U.S.

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