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Lady Sia Review (GBA)

November 3, 2001

TDK Mediactive brings us a whole new wave of girl-power, and let us tell you -- it's not just for girls anymore. Lady Sia is a great sidescroller for the GBA, with vibrant graphics and complex gameplay. For a bunch of old guys soured on the platform experience, this really does the trick. Click here.
F-14 Tomcat Review (GBA)
You are an F-14 pilot, patrolling and defending a no-fly zone over an unnamed gulf in the Middle East. F-14 Tomcat puts you in the cockpit, and you can imagine whatever enemies you'd like. Click!
Tetris Worlds Review (GBA)
The good old days of the Game Boy were marked by the Russian classic, Tetris. The Game Boy has evolved, and so has Tetris. Tetris Worlds gives you a whole bunch of different gameplay styles, all in a pretty package for your GBA. Click here for the full review.

Throne of Darkness Review (PC)

November 1, 2001

Sierra brings us Throne of Darkness, which looks and plays a lot like Diablo in Japan. Control a set of seven samurai as you struggle against unspeakable evil, a bizarre party formation system, and continually breaking weapons and items. We're gonna have big fun the the Daimyo tonight. Click here.
Red Faction Review (PC)
When THQ released Red Faction for PS2 last summer, it brought a whole new level of gameplay to the console system. Now, Red Faction is finally available for all you PC shooter fans, and the Geo-Mod technology is still super sweet. Welcome our latest addition, Eric, to the site by reading this review. Click here soldier.

X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse Review (GBA)

October 30, 2001

Activision brings us another X-Men title, and this one is not exactly satisfying. X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse takes the old Double Dragon route -- sidescrolling brawler. Get the whole story here.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Review (GBA)
It's odd timing, but THQ has released Atlantis: The Lost Empire smack between the movie and the DVD. Keep the fire alive? Well, we're pretty sure this won't keep you busy until the DVD release. Click.

Black Hawk 2 Review (PS2)

October 27, 2001

Nuby offers up a nice little third-party controller for the PS2. The Black Hawk 2 features the standard macro and key-mapping functions, plus some advanced features for getting the most out of your pre-programmed moves. It's got a good feel to it, especially if you've got big hands. Click here.
Monster Rancher 3 Review (PS2)
Tecmo updates its classic monster battle series in Monster Rancher 3. Taking the game to a whole new graphical level, it still offers the same great play. And while you're checking this out, peep our big old Monster List. Click.
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix Review (DC)
Capcom brings us another 3D fighter, but this ain't no Power Stone. Heavy Metal: Geomatrix brings together Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley as creators, but they can't save this game. Give us Julie Strain any day. Click here.
Enter Our Latest Contest!
Thanks to the kind folks of Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment, we are proud to offer you the chance to win BIG in the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Sweepstakes. Enter to win action figures, soundtracks, pin-up posters of Aki, and CD trading cards. You'll see this contest all around, but your best chance to win is right here at the GF! Who loves you? We do.

Portal Runner Review (PS2)

October 20, 2001

3DO brings us a 3D platformer called Portal Runner. You'll assume the role of one tough lady, Vikki, and her lion, Leo, which isn't half bad. The story revolves around a tie-in to 3DO's venerable Army Men series, and for a game directed at kids, there sure is a lot of cleavage. Click here for the scoop.
Woody Woodpecker Review (GBC)
We've played this game a thousand times on the GBC, and so have you. Woody Woodpecker is another side-scrolling platform adventure. It does have some vibrant colors and graphics going for it, but otherwise relies on Woodpecker appeal. We hear he's big in Europe. Click here for the word on the bird.

Frequency Preview (PS2)

October 16, 2001

frequency_4-01.jpg (11451 bytes)Club kids and trip-hop techno DJ wanna-bes, here is your chance. Frequency is the latest music mixing game from SCEA, and, well, it's a music game. Lacking any cute characters to make it interesting, this is a blur of colors and sound, probably greatly enhanced with copius amounts of Robitussin. Click here.
Dragon Warrior Monsters: Tara's Journey Review (GBC)
Tara-25-copy.jpg (12535 bytes)Enix brings us another incarnation of their well-loved Dragon Warrior series. Dragon Warrior Monsters: Tara's Journey is a Pokemon-esque title that will have you capturing monsters and saving the world. Sound like the same old monster game? Sure, but with an Enix flair this one is a blast. Click here.

Typing of the Dead Review (PC)

October 14, 2001

The latest addition to the GF! ranks is Paul Cockeram. We asked him to give us something good about Typing of the Dead and he gave us something phenomenal. Whether you like your typing tutors with or without gore, this review will remind you why you love GF! Click.
Silent Hill 2 Review (PS2)
It is October, and the spooky games are coming out of the woodwork. Konami's long-awaited Silent Hill 2 is one not to miss. Nasty monsters, a psychotic storyline, and healty doses of gore make this title a true survival horror thriller. Click here or pay the price.

Emperor: Battle for Dune Review (PC)

October 11, 2001

Westwood and EA bring us another installment of Dune-y goodness. Emperor: Battle for Dune is a great real-time strategy game, especially for those fans who know the books and film by heart. And one copy will stoke a LAN bash. Click here -- Fear is the Mindkiller.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Review (DVD)
Given that two of the three big console systems this year feature DVD capabilities, and just about every PC you run across, we think it's time for GF! to start covering cool DVDs. Plus, we like movies as well as games. What better way to kick it off than with Jason's stellar write-up of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? This two-disc deluxe edition features a ton of, well, features. Click!

Arc the Lad Collection Review (PSX)

October 8, 2001

Working Designs offers up another phenomenal import RPG. The Arc the Lad Collection is a whopping package that includes four titles: Arc the Lad I, II, III, and Monster Arena. We've got full coverage of Arc the Lad I, and are working on the rest. Click here.
Dark Arena Screens
Check out these latest screens of Dark Arena, one of the wave of first person shooters to hit the GBA. Dark Arena is the title that reminds us a lot of Half-Life or the early Quake titles -- kill those aliens before they kill you. It sounds fun. Portable deathmatch sounds good, too.  Click here.

Shattered Galaxies Review (PC)

October 6, 2001

battle3-01.jpg (9245 bytes)Nexon's innovative MMORTS has been causing waves. Lauded at the Independent Games Festival, Shattered Galaxy has become an online hit. With insane battles, a great system of incorporating new players, and damn fine structure and design, this is it. Click here.
What Gamers Got
Valve and partnered for a massive survey of PC gamers. They wanted to find out what kind of systems gamers use -- RAM, video card, processor speed, etc. The results are a bit shocking if you don't expect PC gamers to have super beefy systems. If you do, then it's maybe not as interesting. Either way, click here to read our writeup about What Gamers Got.

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