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by Enix

Tara-2-copy.jpg (14723 bytes)In 1989 Enix brought to the United States one of the first role playing games to grace the circuits of a console. At the time Nintendo was proving that consoles had staying power. Dragon Warrior helped to establish this fact. Since then Nintendo has let loose a fury that has yet to subside. This phenomenon is called Pokemon, and there are few gamers over the age of fifteen who will admit to owning such a game. Despite this, those games have been top sellers for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. I personally have just begun to experience the world of monster collecting. Many other companies have taken the concept of catch and raise and added their own flair. This is where Enix comes in and takes Dragon Warrior to a new existence. Frightfully fun to play, this will captivate your mind and pass the time like no other.

Tara-10-copy.jpg (14101 bytes)Tara’s adventure is one of two games that share the title of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2. The other is named after her brother Cobi; the adventures are the same except that each has their own unique monsters that are located throughout the worlds. The goal in Tara’s adventure is to replace the naval plug of their world. In order to accomplish this, she must travel to various lands and collect treasures hoping to find the artifact that will save her world. In each land there are a multitude of creatures out to do her harm. As these creatures are defeated they may want to join your group on your quest. You can have a max of three monsters with you at one time. Those monsters that you do not want at that moment can be sent to your farm to be called upon later. In typical RPG fashion, your party gains experience from battles, which makes them stronger. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 also allows you to breed monsters in order to get a different type. There are a total of 11 classes of monsters and well over 100 individual creatures.

Tara-27-copy.jpg (14372 bytes)Ever play a GBC game and wonder why they decided to use the colors they did? Many times the colors are not chosen right. This leaves the viewer wishing they could go back to the wheat colors of the old Game Boy. Enix has gotten the colors right in this game allowing items, people, and the creatures stand out beautifully from the environment. Even the various terrains do not bleed, which allows you to be aware of your surroundings. With so many monsters it’s amazing that the ones they designed still look unique and not a nock-off of other creatures. They are even recognizable when they are following Tara in their pixilated form. With the vibrant colors and unique character design, your eyes will never be bored.

Tara-6-copy.jpg (7757 bytes)Audibly this game will take you back to the days of the 8-bit Nintendo with the synthesized sound effects and music. By stating that, it does not mean that this is bad in anyway. The music sets the pace for the game play; when the music changes tones and beats to fit a situation, it is a plus because this makes the music relevant and not just filler. Also well suited for the game are the beeps and squawks of the sound effects. Spells and acquiring special items each have their own audio support. Rounding out the package are the easy to use controls --as well they should be. It’s the basic command interface found in many RPGs. There are some slight twists, however, that separate it from the others. You can plan out what attacks you want your party to perform before you even enter the first battle. Once you attack plan is set, a simple push of a button will take care of the rest. If faced with a monster that will need an alternate approach, you can still choose your attacks in a battle.

Tara-25-copy.jpg (12535 bytes)Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara’s Adventure is a solid game that will entertain you for hours. Having superb visuals, nostalgic audio, and plenty of game play, there is no reason not to give this a try. Even you Game Boy Advance owners should not overlook this just because it’s for Game Boy and Game Boy color. Overlooking this game would be a tragedy. Just maybe this will be one monster collecting game that you can admit to owning.

Jake Carder   (10/16/2001)


Ups: Lots of monsters; vivid colors and character design; old school music; lots of fun.

Downs: Finding someone with a copy of Cobi's Adventure.

Platform: GBC