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Monster Rancher 3 Monster List

October 27, 2001


Monster Rancher 3, like previous installments of the series, features the ability to discover monsters on all kinds of discs. Here is a large, but by no means exhaustive, list of monsters that can be generated from discs you have lying around the house.


Generated Monster

CD/DVD/PSOne/PS2 disc

? (Unlockable) CD- 3 Doors Down: Better Life
? (Unlockable) CD- Crazy Town: Gift of Game
? (Unlockable) CD- Union: Blue Room
? (Unlockable) DVD- Fight Club (Disk 1)
? (Unlockable) DVD- Fight Club (Disk 2)
? (Unlockable) DVD- Matrix
? (Unlockable) DVD- Scarface
Angel CD- Airheads Soundtrack
Angel DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.6
Anubis DVD- Happy Gilmore
Armadiroller DVD- Beyond the Mat
Armadiroller DVD- Gone in 60 Seconds
Aspis CD- Megadeth: World Needs a Hero
Avalanche CD- Mr. Hanky Christmas Classics
Avalanche DVD- Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Disk 1)
Avalanche DVD- Dogma
Avalanche DVD- When Good Ghouls Go Bad
Baksheesh CD- Wayne’s World 2 Soundtrack
Baksheesh PSOne- Darkstone
Baku CD- Weird Al Yancovich: Running With Scissors
Bambiimew CD- Lynnard Skynnard: Essentials (Disk 1)
Bambiimew DVD- Unbreakable (Disk 1)
Bearroller CD- WWF the Music: 5
Biansnow CD- Staind: Break the Cycle
Breeza DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.5
Cactun CD- Queensryche: Hear In the Now Frontier
Carame DVD- South Park Vol. 1
Coconut CD- Lynnard Skynnard: Essentials (Disk 2)
Coconut CD- WWF Agresssion
Colorpandora CD- Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies: Blow in the Wind
ColorPandora CD- Saliva: Every Six Seconds
Colorpandora DVD- American Pie(Unrated)
Colorpandora DVD- Saving Silverman(PG-13)
Colorpandora PS2- NBA Street
Colorpandora PSOne- Bushido Blade
Colorpandora PSOne- KISS Pinball
Coltan CD- Saturday Morning Cartoons
Coral CD- Metallica: S&M (Disk 2)
Dakkung CD- Trixter: Trixter
Dakkung DVD- Monty Python Vol. 1
Dakkung PS2- Dark Cloud
Dakkung PSOne- Bust-A-Groove
Dokkung CD- Union: Union
Drydon (Level A Trainer) DVD- Independence Day (Disk 1)
Durahan (Level A Trainer) CD- Alien Ant Farm: Anthology
Ekidonna DVD- Hollow Man
Elebus CD- Great White: Best of Great White
Elebus CD- Led Zepplin: Boxed Set (Disk 1)
Elebus DVD- Close Encounter of the Third Kind (Disk 2)
Elebus DVD- Pitch Black
Electrieel CD- Detroit Rock City Soundtrack
Farn CD- Limp Bizkit: Significant Other
Fay DVD- Blade Runner
Fleece DVD- Bulletproof
Fukazo CD- Godzilla Soundtrack
Fukazo DVD- Groundhog Day
Fukazo DVD- Predator
Fukazukin CD- Sevendust: Home
Fukazukin DVD- Jaws Collectors Edition
Gitan PSOne- Metal Gear Solid (Disk 2)
Golem CD- Queensryche: Empire
Golem DVD- Dr. Strangelove
Golem DVD- Iron Giant
Golem DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.7
Golem PSOne- Driver
Golem PSOne- Saga Frontier 2
Gramper CD- Coal Chamber: Chamber Music
Grumper CD- Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet
Hare CD- Foo Fighters: There’s nothing left to Loose
Hare CD- Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Soundtrack
Hare CD- Warrant: Cherry Pie
Hare PSOne- Xenogears
Hengar DVD- Tomb of the Blind Dead
Hibis CD- Live: Five
Highlander (Level A Trainer) CD- Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine
Hohocto PSOne- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Holstarin DVD- Erin Brokovich
Hotrod PS2- Eternal Ring
Jell CD- Godsmack: Awake
Jell CD- O’ Brother Were Art Thou Soundtrack
Jell DVD- Halloween III
Jell DVD- Highlander: Endgame (Disk 1)
Jell PS2- Madden 2002
Jell PSOne- Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
Jell PSOne- Skullmonkeys
Jell PSOne- WWF War Zone
Jungle Plum DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.12
Jungle Plum DVD- Robotech: First Contact
Kaio DVD-Boogeymen
Kaio PS2- Kessen
Kesshoka DVD- Casino
Kobu PSOne- Loaded
Konta CD- Dust for Life
Kuloro DVD- Highlander: Endgame (Disk 2)
Kurincho CD- Barenaked Ladies: Stunt
Kyvza CD- Motley Crue: New Tattoo
Lapislatel CD- Tool: Aenimia
Lapislatel DVD- Total Recall(Schwarzenegger Box Set)
Lesione CD- Aerosmith: Just Push Play
Lesione CD- Guns ‘N Roses: Appetite for Destruction
Lesione CD- Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar
Lesione CD- Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack
Lulu DVD- Children of the Corn
Lulu DVD- House on Haunted Hill (1950’s)
Marimba CD- KISS: Psycho Circus
Marimba CD- Trixter: Undercovers
Maririn CD- Marilyn Manson: Holywood
Maririn DVD- Dragonheart
Maririn DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.3
Marshmallow PSOne- Resident Evil 2 (Disk 2)
Merman CD- Live: The Distance to Hear
Mermen CD- Skid Row: Slave to the Grind
Metal Head CD- Metallica: S&M (Disk 1)
Mew CD- Strangeland Soundtrack
Mew DVD- Goodfellas
Mewkiri CD- Chipmunks Sing-A-Long
Mewkiri PS2- Silent Hill 2
Mocchi CD- Kid Rock: American Badass
Mocchi CD- Night at the Roxbury Soundtrack
Mocchi PSOne- Darkstalkers 3
Mocchi PSOne- King’s Field
Mogi CD- KISS: Gene Simmons
Mogi CD- P.O.D: Fundamentals of Southtown
Mogi CD- Quantam Leap Soundtrack
Mogi CD- Skid Row: Skid Row
Mogi DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.14
Mogi DVD- Star Trek: Insurrection
Mogi PSOne- Syphon Filter
Momo CD- Hard Rock
Momo CD- Led Zepplin: Boxed Set (Disk 3)
Momo CD- Transformers the Movie Soundtrack
Momo DVD- Godzilla 2000
Momo DVD- Robotech: Transformation
Momo PSOne- Metal Gear Solid (Disk 1)
Monzo CD- Disturbed: the Sickness
Munke PSOne- Tecmo Deception
Munlee CD- Puddle of Mudd: Come Clean
Naga CD- Europe: Final Countdown
Naga CD- Gun’s ‘N Roses: Use Your Illusion II
Naga CD- Mortal Kombat Soundtrack
Naga CD- Motley Crue: Greatest Hits
Naga CD- Soul Asylum: Let Your Dim Light Shine
Naga CD- Sugar Ray: Floored
Naga PSOne- Sled Storm
Naga PSOne- Tomba
Octopee CD- Everlast: Whitey Ford Sings the Blues
Octopee CD- Led Zepplin: Boxed Set (Disk 2)
Octopee CD- Little Nicky Soundtrack
Octopee CD- Metallica: And Justice for all
Octopee CD- Rock Star Soundtrack
Offshore CD- Creed: Human Clay
Offshore CD- Drain S.T.H.: Freaks of Nature
Offshore DVD- Running Man
Ogyo CD- Dry Kill Logic: Darker Side of Nonsense
Ogyo CD- Ozzy Osborne: Ozzman Cometh (Disk 1)
Ogyo CD- Van Halen: 3
Ogyo DVD- Independence Day (Disk 2)
Ogyo PSOne- Breath of Fire III
Oh PSOne- WWF Smack Down 2
Oltan DVD- Commando
Palacauso PSOne- Doom
Palasaulo DVD- House by the Cemetary
Pancho ( Level B Trainer) CD- Union Underground: Education in Rebellion
Pancho (Level B Trainer) CD- Songs in the Key of X
Pashminer CD- Pearl Jam: Ten
Pashminer CD- Powerman 5000: Tonight the Stars Revolt
Pashminer DVD- An American Werewolf in London
Pashminer DVD- Night of the Living Dead (1991)
Peligoon DVD- X-Files: Fight the Future
Pepe CD- Drowning Pool: Sinner
Pepe DVD- Carnival of Souls
Pepe DVD- Unbreakable (Disk 2)
Pixie DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.13
Piyopi PSOne- Resident Evil 2 (Disk 1)
Plannekkun DVD- Apollo 13
Plant CD- Haunted Mansion
Plant CD- Luke Doucet: Aloha Manitoba
Plant CD- Tonic: Lemon Parade
Plant DVD- Akira Collectors Edition (Disk 1)
Plant PSOne- Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Plasaulo DVD- Remember the Titans
Psiroller CD- Korn: Issues
Psiroller DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.9
Puddingel CD- Limp Bizkit: Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water
Raiden CD- Perfect Circle: Mer De Noms
Raipenpenn DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.11
Remus DVD- Akira Collectors Edition (Disk 2)
Saboran CD- Beatles: Ones
Sandlessie CD- KISS: Greatest KISS
Scissoo DVD- Abyss Special Edition (Disk 1)
Seniorin CD- Stabbing Westward
Shelluncho(Level B Trainer) PSOne- Caesers Palace 2
Sherbet DVD- South Park Vol. 6
Shironcho(level B trainer) DVD- Cannibal the Musical
Strawberry CD- Extreme: Best of Extreme
Strawberry CD- Tantric: Tantric
Succhi PSOne- Monster Rancher
Suezo CD- KISS: Destroyer
Suezo CD- Nelson: After the Rain
Suezo PSOne- Ball Blazer
Suezo PSOne- Ceasers Palace 2000
Tanklon DVD- Saving Private Ryan
Tanuzo DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.4
Tanuzo DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.8
Tiger CD- Metallica: Garage Inc. (Disk 1)
Tiger DVD- Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Tiger DVD- South Park the Movie
Tigre CD- Queensryche: Greatest Hits
Tortboy DVD- 3000 Miles to Graceland
Tortboy DVD- Abyss Special Edition (Disk 2)
Tortboy DVD- Deep Blue Sea
Tortboy DVD- Goonies
Tortboy DVD- Legend of Hell House
Tortboy DVD- Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol.10
Tortboy DVD- Mummy Returns (fullscreen)
Turkey CD- KISS: Carnival of Souls
Usazo CD- Kid Rock: Devil Without a Cause
Usazo CD- Lifehouse: No Name Face
Vivaroller DVD- Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me
Vulcan DVD- Galaxy Quest
Warabi CD- Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime
Yappee DVD- Stir of Echoes
Zaza CD- Dust to Dust: Dust to Dust
Zaza CD- Godhead: 2000 Years of Human Error
Zaza CD- Stone Temple Pilots: 4
Zoom CD- South Park Soundtrack
Zoom CD- Slaves on Dope: Inches from the Mianing

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