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March 2, 2001


Based on David Perry’s Ground-Breaking SNES Favorite

EarthJim01-01.jpg (4743 bytes)EDISON, NJ, February 28, 2001 – Melding the legendary game play of an adventure classic with cutting-edge technology, Majesco, Inc. announces Earthworm Jim for the Game Boy Advance. Based on David Perry’s classic SNES game, Earthworm Jim is being developed by Majesco’s internal development studio, Pipe Dream Interactive, and is scheduled for release this Summer in conjunction with the launch of the eagerly anticipated new handheld system.

EarthJim02n-01.jpg (4259 bytes)"Earthworm Jim’s immense popularity can be attributed to its lavish graphics and artwork, wonderful game play design, and a slew of hilarious and zany characters," said Dan Kitchen, Vice President of Handheld Development for Majesco. "The Game Boy Advance version will allow us to introduce this timeless classic to a new generation of gamers, while simultaneously providing more experienced gamers with a venue for reliving an old favorite."

EarthJim03n-01.jpg (3827 bytes)Earthworm Jim, the game’s reluctant hero, transforms from ordinary worm into super hero with the power of his magical cyber suit. Now, Earthworm Jim is faced with the daunting task of keeping the super powered suit from the clutches of the evil Psy-Crow and his nefarious crew, as he fights to save the Princess. Using lavish traditional hand-drawn artwork, Earthworm Jim features stunning graphics and cinematic sequences as players venture through seven action-packed game levels while earning extra points playing numerous mini-games.

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  • Explore and conquer seven bizarre and action-packed levels including New Junk City, Andy Asteroids, Intestinal Distress, and Snot A Problem, a world in which players bungee jump on vines of phlegm to battle the Mucus Phlegm Brain.
  • Battle zany characters including an estranged internal organ named Doc Duodenum, Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, the bodacious Princess-What’s-Her-Name, and The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug for a Butt….
  • Powerful pick-up and weapons arsenal includes: Suit Power, Mega Plasma, Fuel Pods,

Asteroid Shields, and Extra Lives that will give you extra chances to rescue the Princess;

  • Earn extra points playing exciting mini-games such as Defeat Psy-Crow, in which players get the opportunity to earn extra points by shooting the twisted-minded crow in the butt.

In addition to Earthworm Jim, Majesco has announced plans to release an impressive 10 titles for the Game Boy Advance system in 2001. These include the graphically astonishing Iridion 3D, Fortress, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Aerial Aces, and Jelly Belly.



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