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Final Fantasy X Review (PS2)

January 8, 2002

Square brings us the long-awaited next installment in the Final Fantasy series, and Final Fantasy X does a whole lot of things right. With an entirely new combat and skill development system, FFX manages to maintain the classic feel and incorporate some innovation. Click here for the review.
Half-Life Review (PS2)
1998's classic FPS, Half-Life, has made its way to the PS2. After much hype and anticipation, the finished product just isn't what we were looking for. The story is still great, but the gameplay and technical execution is just dated. And don't even bother with those multiplayer modes. Click.
4x4 Evo 2 Review (Xbox)
Take Two brings their off-road PC hit to the Xbox, and it looks very sweet. Lots of detail and real vehicles make 4x4 Evo 2 an off-roading fiend's dream, provided that off-roading fiend loves fairly straightforward racing and isn't too hung up on driving Fords. Click.

Max Payne Review (Xbox)

January 5, 2002

The folks at Rockstar have brought one of the most popular PC games of the summer to the Xbox. Max Payne is a cinematic third person shooter that sports a slew of cool effects and is a helluva lot of fun. Blaze through loads of ammo as you make like Chow Yun-Fat. Click here for the scoop.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Review (PS2)
Interplay brings their fave PC RPG series to the PS2, and it's a whole new thing. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is a beautiful and really enjoyable RPG, plus it supports two player cooperative gaming. All the glory is checked, however, by the brevity. Click here.
Gun Smith Cats: Bulletproof Review (DVD)
Continuing our DVD coverage, check out the DVD release of an anime classic. Gun Smith Cats: Bulletproof offers a trilogy of episodes based on the very popular manga series. In addition, a newly buffed up making-of documentary gives you an inside look. Otaku and casual anime fans alike should enjoy this one. Click.
A Winner Is You
Only five more days to enter our contest to win one of five boxes of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within stuff. This has been a really great contest, and we're eager to send out those prize boxes. Sign up to win one of five prize packages with books, CDs, action figures, and other great FF swag. Click here for more details. 

Burnout Review (PS2)

January 5, 2002

Acclaim brings us an arcade racer to get your motor running on pure adrenalin. Burnout will have you dodging traffic to collect turbo boosts and then getting trippy in a totally sped up mode. And the car wrecks (inevitable when the GF! crew is at the wheel) are bad as hell. Click here for the review.
Kinetica Review (PS2)
In the future, racing will be conducted without cars. People will wear bizarre suits with wheels on their hands and feet, kind of like a really tough fursuit, and will race on buildings, bridges, tubes, wherever. Well, that's if the future looks like Kinetica, which it might. What do we look like, Nostradamus? It's pretty fun, and my Gawd, it's full of thongs. Check it out here.
Transworld Surf Review (Xbox)
Surfing games are tough to pull off, even tougher than their skate or snowboard cousins. Transworld Surf is probably the best surfing game ever made, but it's still a long way from pulling in anybody but the most die hard surfer dudes. It is a gaming oddity -- at the same time the dank and the swag. Get lit here.
Okage Review (PS2)
If your sister only speaks in Pig Latin and you have an evil demon living in your shadow, then you just might be playing Okage. It sounds wackier than it is, although it's pretty wacky, and we wanted to like it more than we did. Oh well, with a bazillion RPGs due for the PS2 this year, we'll just wait. Click!

MX Rider Review (PS2)

December 29, 2001

For those of you who have spent way too much time on MX2002, Infogrames brings another thoroughly worthy Motocross title, MX Rider. With excellent graphics and pros and circuits taken from the European arm of the sport, there's plenty here to keep your motor running. Click for more.
Crazy Taxi Review (GC)
The cult classic makes its way to a variety of systems, including Gamecube. Crazy Taxi on the GC is a pretty straight port from the Dreamcast version. Fans of the DC original may not find enough new stuff here to keep it interesting, but if you haven't experienced the fast-paced arcade action, you definitely need to. Click!

Rogue Leader Review (GC)

December 25, 2001

The word on the street is that Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader is the hottest title for Gamecube right now. For the most part, that's true. With visuals that make you feel like you're playing the movie, and gameplay reminiscent of the N64 classic, this is definitely one title to check out. Click here.
Soul Reaver 2: Legacy of Kain Review (PS2)
Eidos brings their classic Soul Reaver series to the PS2, and to say that it has been highly anticipated would be a gross understatement. Soul Reaver 2: Legacy of Kain is a beautiful, frightful journey into the abyss. Get the full story right here.
Splashdown Review (PS2)
Wave Race: Blue Storm made a splash on GC, but what are PlayStation fans to do? Play Splashdown, brought to us by Atari and Infogrames. With gorgeous graphics and  some really fun gameplay, Splashdown is a more than adequate substitute. Click.

Sheep Raider Review (PSX)

December 21, 2001

What could be more fun than picking off a few innocent sheep? Not much. Looney Tunes Sheep Raider allows you to put yourself right in the mutton rustlin' action. Of course, you'll want to watch out for that dog, who is smarter and quicker than he looks. Click.
Monsters, Inc. Review (GBA & GBC)
The movie tie-in is an art on the Game Boy system, and Monsters, Inc. gets its due on both the GBA and the GBC. The games are nearly identical, both offering darn fun sidescrolling action. Click here.

Survivor: Australian Outback Review (PC)

December 18, 2001

It's been a long time since we've seen a game this schlocky. So we thought Survivor: Australian Outback deserved the top spot today. Welcome our man, Matt, back stateside. We needed him to take the brunt of games like this. Plus, he kind of looks like Colby. Click.
WWF Road to Wrestlemania Review (GBA)
THQ brings us one of the least hyped WWF titles in a long time. WWF Road to Wrestlemania is no match for Fire Pro Wrestling when it comes to GBA wrasslin' games. But the entrances are pretty. Click here.
World War III Review (PC)
Engage in realistic strategy gameplay focusing on a war in the middle east scheduled for the "near future". Hmmm. World War III sounds a bit ominous, but for fans of games like Earth 2150, it could be just the thing to cure those winter blues. This is definitely for the core RTS fans. Click here.
Video Games Go Prime Time
We got a letter from the folks at Cyplex. They're making a prime time videogame competition to show on "national TV networks". We like that it features unified PC and console competition, but we're skeptical about the parts that kind of sound like the WWF. Click here for more (like how you could become the next videogame heavyweight champion of the world).

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Review (PC)

December 11, 2001

The second biggest "Pro" title in Activision's O2 lineup is Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. It's not as pretty, or as fun, as THPS, but it's got some things going for it. Mainly, that's the THPS-style control scheme. You'll have to check the review to hear about the rest. Click.
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Review (GBA)
The Game Boy Advance incarnation of Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is pretty enough, but that's about as far as it goes. After the glory of THPS2 for GBA, we expected a lot more from this one, which is a lot like a Game Boy Color game with better graphics. Get the full story here.
Doom Review (GBA)
The GBA has had a stellar year. We've been reminded often why we love our handhelds. Doom is another feather in the cap of the GBA. Activision brings us a PC-perfect port of this classic FPS, complete with multiplayer cooperative and deathmatch modes. What more could you want? Click here.

Mad Dash Review (Xbox)

December 9, 2001

Eidos brings us an excellent kart racer without the karts. Mad Dash is just like it sounds -- an insane race through gigantic courses with the loopiest bunch of characters we've seen in a long time. It's complex, fast, and a helluva good time. Play it with friends. Click here.
Dark Summit Review (Xbox)
THQ offers up a little competition for SSX with Dark Summit, their story oriented fantasy snowboarding game. You must find out why the Ski Patrol on Mt. Garrick is running down snowboarders, which only leads to more mystery. It's a good time for all you punks. Click.

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