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Video Games Go Prime Time

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December 18, 2001


C11a.jpg (3279 bytes)Burtin Productions is producing a TV show called "Cyplex" that's going to be the first unified console and PC championship broadcast on national TV.   The show pilot has just wrapped and the program is slated to air as a 13 episode weekly series in 2002.

"Cyplex" is more than just a TV tournament.   The show combines sports-style competition with a look into the culture of gaming.   Contestants will be recruited for their gaming ability and their interesting personalities, and the format is designed to highlight individual competitors and catalyze dynamic interactions and even rivalries.  "Cyplex" is bringing a new type of program to television, combining the adrenaline of the first-ever unified PC/console championship title, complete with one of the largest purses ever given away, with character-driven conflict, awesome video game visuals and plenty of those brilliant moments that make up the gaming experience.

C16-CB.jpg (3264 bytes)"Cyplex" is the brainchild of Burtin Productions, a team of interactive entertainment industry, film and television veterans.  Rob Sebastian, former head of Warner Brothers Interactive and responsible for such game titles as Harry Potter and the upcoming sequels to The Matrix, is executive producer. The "Cyplex" production team is led by Curt Apduhan, producer, and Joe Kawasaki, director, both of whom recently wrapped work on the highly acclaimed and theatrically released sports documentary, "Go Tigers."  For more information or to sign up for the competition go to

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