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Sheep Review (PC)

December 22, 2000

Long ago, the ancestors of today's modern sheep were sent out across the galaxy from the star system of Ovis Aries, and a few of these explorers landed on Earth. Their mission was to pose as peaceful observers but they got lazy and were domesticated and lost track of their goals.  It's up to you to redeem this mighty race in this puzzler from Empire Interactive.  Lead on...
MiB 2 Review (GBC)
Agents J and K are back in Men in Black: The Series 2. Based on the animated series, the latest incarnation of this side-scrolling platform title packs in a ton of weapons and a bunch of new gadgets. The boys need you to help
beat back the alien hordes. Click here to report for duty.
Weekly Gaming News
Politicians, Guns & Games reported on by the Violence Policy Center, another X-Box peek, 2001 E3, games from LucasArts, Dreamworks & 989, GameSpy acquisitions and more in this edition of the Weekly Gaming News.
Q Ball: Billiards Master Review (PS2)

December 21, 2000

qb3-01.jpg (3667 bytes)Take Two Interactive brings us another "home" version of our favorite bar game -- pool! Q Ball: Billiards Master offers interactive billiards lessons, a slew of different games to play, and beautiful graphics. Unfortunately, there's no making money hustling virtual opponents. Check it out here.
WWF No Mercy Review (N64)

December 20, 2000

Let's think about wrestling. No, I'm serious - let's think about it. This stuff is wildly popular, and some of us think the latest incarnation of the WWF deserves a good old JYD Thump! So think about wrestling, and what a great wrestling title WWF No Mercy is, and then make your own wrestler and try to break the system. Click here for a revolution.
MTV Sports: TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX Review (GBC)
The latest in MTV's cornucopia of extreme sports titles actually brings freestyle BMX to the GBC in a pretty cool way. TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX is kind of sweet, what with all the tricks, tons of levels, and six different pros to choose from. This one will keep you busy for quite awhile. Click here.
ESPN National Hockey Tonight Screens
Our pal, Steven, kicked us down some screens from ESPN National Hockey Night, and they look great. The graphics are super flashy and the gameplay is supposed to be deep and sprinkled with ESPN flavor. And as a special bonus, we've got a bunch of ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding screens, too. This game is amazingly beautiful, and just the ticket for hardcore riders who aren't satisfied with the cutesy fireworks of SSX.
WWF Smackdown 2 Review (PSX)

December 19, 2000

SD2_ss02-01.jpg (5128 bytes)If you smell what the Rock is cookin', then WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role is the only wrestling game you need. THQ is at it again, and they've really done an amazing job with the latest WWF title. The graphics are great, the gameplay is boneshattering, and the authenticity oozes from the game. Click here.
Starship Troopers Review (PC)
starship1.jpg (9692 bytes)Van gives us his take on Hasbro's Starship Troopers (it's got more in common with the movie than the book). It's also got plenty of fast action and stellar graphics, along with a few control problems and a bit of an identity crisis. Check it out, and see if you're cut out for a role in the Mobile Infantry.
Pelican Codebreaker Review (PSX)
codebreaker.gif (12556 bytes)A new cheat challenger has risen. Pelican Accessories wants to make your PSone the cheatinest machine in town with their Codebreaker. It stores codes on your memory cards for easy access, works on the new PSone without an expansion port, and is compatible with GameShark codes. What more could you want? Click here.
GF! Mailbag
In the latest installment of the GF! Mailbag we discuss the more gruesome side of Lewis Carroll, shamelessly flaunt our praise, and tell you how to get the lead singer from Blink 182 in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Click here to check it out.
Escape From Monkey Island Review (PC)

December 18, 2000

The fourth installment of the long running Monkey Island series, Escape From Monkey Island is fun and often hilarious.  Follow would-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood, self-proclaimed scourge of the tri-island area, as he puzzles his way through this zany adventure from the king of pc adventures, LucasArts.  This way, matey!
Sonic Shuffle Review (DC)
It's either the life of the party or the death of it -- Sonic Shuffle is just that kind of game. Although they do everything right, the Shuffle is plagued by an incredibly slow pace that will have most party-goers reaching for their coats. However, it could be just the thing for those "spin da night" gamefests the young'uns are so fond of. Click here; decide for yourself.
Sega.com Unleashes Amazing Holiday Deals
Our prayers have been answered. Check out this press release about Sega.com's latest holiday savings. Games like Seaman, Toy Commander, ChuChu Rocket, Rippin' Riders, and Space Channel 5 are only TEN BUCKS! Plus, there are amazing hardware and software bundles you'll just die for. Trust us, if you have a DC, you need to read this. And if you don't have a DC, read this, buy one super cheap with a bunch of games, and discover what was missing in your life.
Rugrats in Paris Review (GBC)
Ah, Paris: The Louvre, the catacombs, bawdy stage shows, La Tour Eiffel. What's missing? Nickelodeon's hit sensation with the pre-pre-teen set, the Rugrats. However, if you saw the movie, you know that Rugrats in Paris for GBC puts the diaper-sportin' adventurers smack in the heart of romance and intrigue. Cliquez ici.

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