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No One Lives Forever Review (PC)

November 24, 2000

Remember those great spy films from the 60's? Remember names like James Bond, Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo, John Steed, Emma Peel and Austin Powers? Well, add to that list Cate Archer, the heroine of Monolith's No One Lives Forever, a terrific first-person shooter that plays like nothing so much as being in a really good Bond movie.
Jet Grind Radio Commercial
Sega sent us this Quicktime version of the truly hilarious commercial for Jet Grind Radio. It's got to be the best thing we've seen since the ChuChu Rocket promo that never aired in the US. Now you can enjoy this marketing classic in the comfort of your computer room -- if that ain't style, what is? Click here to start your download.
Alien Resurrection Review (PSX)
Those rascally aliens are back, and it's up to you to splatter their acid blood all over space. This FPS for the PSX is WFC. Best played in the dark, Alien Resurrection is guaranteed to give you at least a few good jumps and a whole lot of intense alien fighting action. Watch out for those face huggers; they're a bitch.
Sambo De Amigo Review (DC)
It's another cool concept and great arcade port from Sega, but it's just not the same without the maracas. If only we had a nickel for every time we've said that. Samba de Amigo is way cool, and would most likely be a lot of fun at a party if you have the dough to shell out for the complete set. As it is, the DC controller just doesn't get us as motivated to shake booty.
Shenmue Review (DC)

November 22, 2000

One of the most talked about titles for DC has finally released, and Shenmue is definitely worth the hype. Combining elements of RPG, Action, Fighting, and Quest games, this bad boy will forever change the way you think about video games. With realistic passage of time, densely populated settings, variable weather, and lots of extra goodies, you cannot miss this one.
GamesFirst! Mailbag
It's been awhile, but check out the latest GF! Mailbag for some great letters. Is Jet Grind Radio morally reprehensible? Does Spiderman really deserve only three stars? All of these questions are answered within.
Steel Beasts is Educational
Steel Beasts has been incorporated into West Point's curriculum. It's a big day for the beasts! Get the full press release here.
Smuggler's Run Review (PS2)

November 21, 2000

Look out, Smokey, the power has been given to the people, and the people want to run their "contraband." In Smuggler's Run you'll do just about anything to get your load to the right recipient, including risking massive airs over huge cliffs, smashing into cop cars, and dodging rival gangs. It's a dirty job, and you've got to do it.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Review (PC)
Until now, the whole Tony Hawk's Pro Skater phenomena has rolled right by computer gamers. Well, that's all ended with Activision's release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the PC. Can this great arcadey button-masher make the move from console to computer? Read on.
Jet Grind Radio Review (DC)

November 20, 2000

It's absolutely incredible and it's here. Jet Grind Radio pushes the envelope, giving us two things we really crave out of video games -- originality and way cool play. Innovative visuals, lots of action, a grafitti editor, and a soundtrack worth listening to make JGR a game you don't trifle with. This is hardcore next-gen gaming.
SWAT 3 Elite Edition Review (PC)
The only thing SWAT 3 didn't have was multiplayer. Now it does. SWAT 3 Elite Edition takes all the good things from the original and adds new maps, new skins, and deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes. Even better, owners of the first game can download it absolutely free of charge! Is this a great country, or what?
Shenmue Gets Theater Promotion
It's Shenmue week here at GF! We'll be bringing you the lowdown on this really phenomenal title as soon as we can tear ourselves away from Space Harrier. In the meantime, check out this press release about the theater promotion going on. (Is it just me, or is that band-aid on the cheek thing really starting to catch on?)
THPS2 for PSX World Championship at Twin Galaxies!
Head over to Twin Galaxies to register for the THPS2 on PSX Championship. Registration just opened today, so click here to get in on it, and tell them we sent you. And pray Mr. Robledo and Co. all have injured thumbs. It's hard to compete with those game testers.
Sacrifice Review (PC)

November 17, 2000

Surreal scenery, bizarre creatures and cool spells all add up to big fun in the unique and funny Sacrifice.  You'll need serious horsepower to run it, but the payoff is worth it.  Big, beautiful, and outstanding multiplayer as well--get the goods here.
RealMYST Review (PC)
Do you remember where you were the first time you heard of Myst? The 10 million unit classic from the brothers Miller gets a shiny 3D engine and a new Age to boot in this re-release from Cyan. The textures are to die for; read on to get the full story of RealMYST.
Weekly Gaming News
Tomb Raider Chronicles released, Sony's Superbowl party, a Savage gaming engine, Konami's PS2 two-fer, patching for C&C Red Alert 2 and more in this weeks gaming news.
Combat Flight Simulator 2 Review (PC)

November 16, 2000

A6m5_zero-01.jpg (2912 bytes)In a year notable for its lack of flight sims, Microsoft's already released two big ones--the fun-but-unrealistic Crimson Skies and now Combat Flight Simulator 2, a hardcore sim that allows you to refight the epic battles of WWI in the Pacific. 
Big Mountain 2000 Review (N64)
BM2000_04-01.jpg (4678 bytes)The two-plankers and the knuckle draggers have historically divided the mountain. No skiers allowed in the pipe, and no boarders on the slalom course. Southpeak is doing what they can to ameliorate this division, starting with a fairly middle-of-the-road title for the N64, Big Mountain 2000, in which you can don the skis or the board. It's not much new if you're a snowboarding game afficianado, but it might tickle your skier buddies. Check it out.

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