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Gamecube Coverage Continues

November 22, 2001

We've told you what we think of the Xbox, and we've given you a checklist for purchasing one. The same goes for the PS2, although that launch already seems ages ago. Now we've got the scoop on the Gamecube. Get our take on the system in Jeremy's Nintendo Gamecube: The Little System That Could. And if you're buying a GC for somebody else this season (parents, I'm looking at you), make sure you get the scoop on what you need in our Gamecube Checklist. It's not all in the box. Happy Thanksgiving, America.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage Review (PC)

November 20, 2001

The long awaited sequel to 1998's cult hit, Commandos 2: Men of Courage delivers about what you would expect -- beautiful visuals, deep, complex gameplay, and an insanely high difficulty factor. Load 'em up and move 'em out for this one. Click here.
Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes Review (GBA)
Dee Dee is at it again, and this time there are lots of her. Bam! takes the franchise in the right direction with Dexter's Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes. With actually decent puzzles and Dexter's trademark humor, this is a GBA hit. Click heeeeeere.
MadCatz 900Mhz Wireless RF Controller Review (PS2)
MadCatz offers up a wireless controller that might just be the solution to that ratty mess in front of your entertainment system. The MadCatz 900Mhz Wireless RF Controller uses radio frequency to avoid line-of-sight problems, and comes with a handy charging unit to avoid massive battery bills. Click.
Five Chances to Win!
We introduced our Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Sweepstakes a few weeks ago, and the response has been great. However, we just found out that we can expect FIVE PRIZE PACKAGES, meaning that FIVE lucky GF! readers will win all kinds of great stuff. We were so excited we had to let you know. Now click here to enter.
Doctor Zhivago Review (DVD)
All the other sites, from to Cheat Code Central, are covering DVDs, so we thought we'd get our piece of the action. Since two of the three console videogame systems double as DVD players, we think it makes sense. So you can expect us to cover movies with the same insightful criticism we use on the games, and if that doesn't work we'll whip out some kung-fu. So let's start with a classic film newly released on DVD, David Lean's Doctor Zhivago. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

HALO Review (Xbox)

November 18, 2001

The Xbox launch has been dominated by a long-anticipated first person shooter: HALO is just about everything you could have ever hoped for. With stellar AI, amazing graphics, excellent gameplay, and a great story, it's just about there. Unfortunately, we're not willing to call this one finished. Find out why here.
Monopolies, Megacorporations and Myopia
With all the discussion and debate about console systems going on these days, we hear a lot of opinions. As a result, we often form our own opinions, although at GF! there is rarely consensus among us, except that games come first. So in the spirit of lively debate, I offer you Monopolies, Megacorporations and Myopia, addressing one of the frustrating arguments I hear way too often: Xbox = Bill Gates. Click.

Xbox Vs. PS2 Redux

November 15, 2001

Over a year ago we posted the original Xbox Vs. PS2 editorial, and it's been incredibly popular. However, it's also very out of date, so we've updated with a whole new editorial, Xbox Vs. PS2 Redux. You can check it out here. And if your mind is already made up, you'll need to know what to get when you pick up your Xbox. To help out, we've got a brief Xbox Checklist that should help out.
ICO Review (PS2)
Possibly the most beautiful game yet for PS2 is ICO, the strange story of a little boy with horns growing out of his head. Normally, that would be cool, except in his culture they sacrifice little boys with horns growing out of their heads. Click here for the whole review.

Devil May Cry Review (PS2)

November 13, 2001

We've had a great time slashing, shooting, and dispatching of all kinds of demons and baddies in Devil May Cry, Capcom's latest survival horror masterpiece. With beautiful graphics and some really cool gameplay elements, this is one title you need to check out. Checkit.
Notes Scribbled in the Dark While Playing HALO
See that marine? That's me, and I'm blowing away one of those little Covenent suckaz. I stayed up way too late last night playing HALO, so do me a favor and read my Notes Scribbled in the Dark While Playing HALO. Thanks. More coverage is on it's way soon.
Xbox Launches This Thursday
It's finally time for the videogame console wars to begin. The Xbox launches this Thursday, November 15, and we're right on top of it. Check GF! for reviews and recommendations. In the meantime, check out our Xbox Roundup, featuring all the news you need. Click.
GameCube Launches Sunday?!?
In a highly unorthodox move, Nintendo's GameCube will launch on November 18 -- a Sunday. We aren't sure why Big N picked a Sunday, but we are sure we can't wait to log some serious playtime on a brand new GameCube. With some amazing titles, phenomenal graphics, and the cutest little discs you ever saw, it's going to be a hit. Get all the details here.

Yuri's Revenge Review (PC)

November 8, 2001

EA brings us an expansion pack for Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Yuri's Revenge adds a whole new set of missions focusing on the rascal, Yuri, and his badass new soldiers. Once again, it's up to you to command and conquer. Click here for the full story.
FPS on PS2 Previews (PS2)
This fall will see a whole bunch of FPS titles come to the PS2. Some are original, some are ports, some look great, and some stank. Get the whole scoop in Jeremy's roundup, FPS on PS2: A Look at Things to Come. He covers Aliens, Deus Ex, Half-Life, Project Eden, and more.
Spiderman Review (PC)
This isn't the first time our Spidey senses have tingled this year. Activision and Neversoft bring their comic-based hit, Spiderman, to the PC. It's still a bit easy and short, but that doesn't matter to all you true believers out there. Click here for the scoop on your friendly neighborhood web-slinger.
Waverace Blue Storm Preview (GC)
Waverace was a cult hit on the N64, but never saw a sequel. Nintendo rectifies the situation with Waverace Blue Storm for GameCube. Fans of jet powered watersports will get a jolt from this latest title, which sure looks pretty if nothing else. Click, click.
Monopoly Tycoon Review (PC)
This ain't yer daddy's Monopoly game. Monopoly Tycoon mixes the classic boardgame with Sim City styled play. It's a great combo, opening up new possibilities for multiplayer and adding depth that makes you actually want to play Monopoly on your PC. Click here.

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