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Notes Scribbled in the Dark
While Playing HALO
halo_03.01.01_print_7.jpg (2902 bytes)
November 13, 2001


Screenshot-11-01.jpg (7112 bytes)These controllers aren’t so bad. They’re beefy, but easy to get used to. And while they look like Dreamcast controllers, they sure feel better – the sides are more rounded, and the triggers are much more comfortable. I still don’t know about this big Xbox logo. It looks like you could peel up that plastic and maybe replace the image… I’m not going to risk it. And now I’ll probably get letters from kids busting their controllers. It’s late.

The captain looks like he actually has skin. Sort of.

How did these Covenant guys learn English so well?

Speaking of the Covenant, those little fat aliens look like the mutated Chet from Weird Science. They kind of sound like him, too.

Excellent spaceship design. I’m talking about the inside. This flashlight is addictive. I wonder if you can make shadow animals?

Screenshot-08-01.jpg (6788 bytes)Why does it impress me so much that the metallic armor parts of characters’ battlesuits are shiny and the cloth parts aren’t? Has PS2 done this?

I don’t get it – why would those big, tough aliens even bother dragging around the little, blobby Chets? Cut ‘em loose big guy.

Driving vehicles is fun when you’re not racing. I love this Warthog.

This game rules. I can’t believe how cool it is. Those textures – from a distance they look like regular textures, like on PS2 or something. But up close each bit of metal has scuffs, the rocks look rough, and I can see individual blades of grass on the ground.

Outdoors and loving it. There is no fog in this game. Am I nuts for thinking that’s a big deal? No. I remember putting in Dynasty Warriors 2 – fogtastic. HALO – no fog whatsoever. I feel like I can literally see for miles.

Okay, this is silly. The Warthog should be able to climb this hill, but all it does is spin out. Oooh, pretty dirt clods.

If I can’t steal one of those personal flying things soon, I’m gonna blast someone.

Screenshot-15-01.jpg (6739 bytes)Did I mention how funny the dialogue is? I mean, overall it’s just good voice acting, but the marines really crack me up. "I kick ass!" and "Die you bastards, die!" are my faves. Damn, I just blew that alien’s head off.

Uh, oh – sniper rifles with night vision. Kick ass.

These canyons look awesome. The rock is so realistic, and the flashlight is just damn cool looking on it. I can hardly contain myself, especially when using the night vision scope.

Wow, this level is really hard and it’s only number three or something. Maybe it’s just too late. My eyes are bleeding, I think. Maybe just tearing up. Either way, it’s probably time to put this baby to bed.

Shawn Rider


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