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Emperor: Battle for Dune Review (PC)

October 11, 2001

Westwood and EA bring us another installment of Dune-y goodness. Emperor: Battle for Dune is a great real-time strategy game, especially for those fans who know the books and film by heart. And one copy will stoke a LAN bash. Click here -- Fear is the Mindkiller.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Review (DVD)
Given that two of the three big console systems this year feature DVD capabilities, and just about every PC you run across, we think it's time for GF! to start covering cool DVDs. Plus, we like movies as well as games. What better way to kick it off than with Jason's stellar write-up of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? This two-disc deluxe edition features a ton of, well, features. Click!

Arc the Lad Collection Review (PSX)

October 8, 2001

Working Designs offers up another phenomenal import RPG. The Arc the Lad Collection is a whopping package that includes four titles: Arc the Lad I, II, III, and Monster Arena. We've got full coverage of Arc the Lad I, and are working on the rest. Click here.
Dark Arena Screens
Check out these latest screens of Dark Arena, one of the wave of first person shooters to hit the GBA. Dark Arena is the title that reminds us a lot of Half-Life or the early Quake titles -- kill those aliens before they kill you. It sounds fun. Portable deathmatch sounds good, too.  Click here.

Shattered Galaxies Review (PC)

October 6, 2001

battle3-01.jpg (9245 bytes)Nexon's innovative MMORTS has been causing waves. Lauded at the Independent Games Festival, Shattered Galaxy has become an online hit. With insane battles, a great system of incorporating new players, and damn fine structure and design, this is it. Click here.
What Gamers Got
Valve and partnered for a massive survey of PC gamers. They wanted to find out what kind of systems gamers use -- RAM, video card, processor speed, etc. The results are a bit shocking if you don't expect PC gamers to have super beefy systems. If you do, then it's maybe not as interesting. Either way, click here to read our writeup about What Gamers Got.

The bleem! Is Back

October 5, 2001

bleem! has just notified us of their plans to distribute their product through their new e-commerce site, bleemDIRECT!. After encountering all kinds of resistance to emulation programs in the retail world, bleem! has decided to go it alone online. Click here to read all about it.
Star Wars Starfighter Bound for PC and Xbox
LucasArts has just announced that Star Wars Starfighter will make an appearance on PC and Xbox. We can get behind that. The real question is if LucasArts can make it look half as nice as Rogue Squadron 2? Click here to get the skinny on the ports.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD Preview

October 3, 2001

These DVD things have really taken off. The latest gratuitous use of extra features comes on the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD, due this month in rental and retail outlets all over. Following an underwhelming theatrical performance, the DVD promises to be something to behold. Get the skinny on the next big DVD of the fall here.
Art Is Not a Crime
Sega has announced that Michael Jordan will appear in Sega's NBA 2K2 for all platforms. We just thought you might like to know. In other Sega news, the Jet Set Radio Future Art Contest is now open. You can submit your best graff tag to be featured in the upcoming Jet Set Radio Future, the preview of which is available here.

GF! 3.0

October 1, 2001

For the past three years, GF! has been run by Rick Fehrenbacher and Al Wildey. They gave the site a direction (quality game coverage) and a style (fun and intelligent). Now they've sold out, but not in the good way that nets you millions of dollars and screaming fans. They've sold the site to us: Shawn Rider, Sarah Wichlacz, and Jeff Luther. What are we gonna do with it? To find out, you'll have to read all about GamesFirst! Three Point Oh-So-Good. What are you waiting for?
Empire Earth Preview (PC)
ee4.jpg (3376 bytes)Just to prove that with the changes in GF! things will stay basically the same, Al has whipped up this preview of the highly anticipated Empire Earth. This is a huge strategy game that spans some 500,000 years of human development. Click here.

Mario Kart Super Circuit Review (GBA)

September 29, 2001

Kart racers are a dime a dozen, and for some reason none have quite surpassed the glory of the Mario Kart franchise. Mario Kart Super Circuit for  GBA is no exception. Amazing graphics, robust gameplay, and absolute perfection make it clearly one of the best games ever. EVER! Click here.
WWF With Authority Review (PC)
Collectible card games have moved online. The concept is definitely not for everyone. But hardcore fans of the WWF may get into WWF With Authority, an online, multiplayer, collectible game that relies on strategy not button mashing. Check it out here.
WWF Betrayal Review (GBC)
Another THQ title based on their WWF franchise, WWF Betrayal brings back the side-scrolling brawler action of old classics like Final Fight or Double Dragon. Kick and punch your way through level after level, defeating the baddies to rescue Stephanie. Ain't it sweet?
Fortress Review (GBA)
A radical revision of the Tetris-based puzzler, Majesco's Fortress is a sleeper hit on GBA. It's addictive and innovative, rounded out nicely by some sweet graphics and just plain fun gameplay. Click.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Review (PS2)

September 27, 2001

Capcom has just stated that future RE titles will be GameCube exclusive. So Resident Evil: Code Veronica X may be the last chance PS2 owners get to enjoy the gore. Seize the day! Or just read what our man David says about it here.
Whole Lotta Gran Turismo
It's been awhile since GT3: A-Spec came out, but we're going to review it anyway. Jeremy is a longtime fan of the series, and takes a good look at how GT3 continues to develop the franchise and the genre. Also, check out our review of the Logitech GT Force steering wheel. The force feedback will have you squealing more than your tires. Click here for the GT3: A-Spec review or here for the GT Force write-up.

GF! Adds New Features

September 25, 2001

GamesFirst! is dedicated to being the best gaming site we can be. To further achieve that goal, we have made some changes that have become active today. The first thing you may notice is that we have removed the Cheatszone. Cheats have been difficult to maintain, and we felt our sorry section just didn't give you what you need. We now feature a search box for cheats in the left sidebar, which allows you to enter search terms and find the cheats you want immediately. We have also added our Console Trailers section, offering hi-res videos of upcoming console titles. In addition, we have created a page where you can access the latest PC Patches and Updates. Last but not least, we are now offering GF! merchandise through CafePress. All proceeds from the sales will go toward making GF! a better place to visit. We hope you enjoy these new features, and welcome your comments.

Dragon Warrior III Review (GBC)

September 22, 2001

Enix brings us a classic NES RPG, all buffed up and bulked out for the GBC. Dragon Warrior III is part of the most popular RPG franchise in Japan, and it's not hard to tell why. With plenty of innovation, a healthy dose of RPG tradition, and hours upon hours of gameplay, this is one you can't miss. Check it out.
Release Date Shuffle
Microsoft was oh so sly about postponing the Xbox release date to November 15. They sent us this press release, which promises expected numbers of Xbox units for the holiday season. Nintendo gave up their release date, too, postponing the GameCube launch until November 18. That means the Xbox will now beat the GameCube to market. Is it just me, or does it feel like we're all standing around the field across from the school, waiting for the two guys who are going to fight to show up?

Game Aid

September 17, 2001

The whole country agrees that it's time to get things back on track. We at GF! look forward to getting back to some semblance of ordinary routine. We feel everyone should do what they can to help out in this time of crisis, and thanks to our buddy Scott at Game Rankings, we're happy to offer you a chance to buy a game to help the American Red Cross efforts. Game companies have donated hundreds of titles, and we've sent some of our own review copies along, which are being sold through All proceeds will go directly to the American Red Cross. Check out Game Rankings for more details.
Rune: Viking Warlord Review (PS2)
Awake the Viking horde within you with Take Two's latest, Rune: Viking Warlord. Offering up a cast of Norse gods, mythic beasts, and plenty of red-bearded tough guys, Rune puts you through your own private Ragnarok. Check it here.
The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Review
Whether you just want to sit and stare at the wireframes of Aki, or if you desire a stately yet hip accessory for your coffee table, Brady Games offers the perfect solution in The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within by Steven Kent. This beautiful tome gives a whole slew of background anecdotes, details, and secrets in a way even the most untechnical reader can understand and enjoy. We can't say enough how cool this book is. Click to get the whole story.

Our Deepest Sympathy

September 11, 2001

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the victims of this morning's attacks on America.  Our thoughts are with you and your families. Al made a set of pages about the events of 9.11.01. Click here to visit that site. We'll be taking the rest of this week off. We have reviews, but somehow games just don't seem like the thing to talk about. Check back with us this weekend for your regularly scheduled GF!

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