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by THQ

clothsline.jpg (10030 bytes)There have been quite a few wrestling games out there over the years that test more of your button mashing skills than your mental prowess. THQ has decided that it is time to dust your brain off and test your skills against a faceless opponent somewhere in the good ol’ US of A. In WWF: With Authority the goal is to pummel your opponent with a variety of wrestling moves; the catch is that you have to pay more money for other superstars.

rikishi.jpg (8318 bytes)Some readers might be aware of a WWF collectable card game out there called Raw Deal. With Authority is similar in that you play with virtual cards and are dealt a WWF superstar and a set of moves. In order to perform moves you will need to increase your momentum after successfully completing moves. You also have the ability to add more superstars to your stable, but in order to do so you must buy them at the on-line store. This right there makes the cost go up dramatically. Sure you might be able to download it for free, but to get the wrestlers that you want to play they have to be bought separately. Those who feel that they have what it takes to defeat the rest of the on-line community can enter a sweepstakes in which the prize is an authentic belt of your very own signed by whomever held the title at the point the game was created.

rockbottom.jpg (9682 bytes)The way the game is set up makes it easy to navigate through all the various menus. Also the layout for the game itself makes it easy to see what momentum you might have and remaining hit points. Along with this there is the addition of small movie clips of moves being performed and the introduction movies of the various superstars as well. To give some added effects there are sound clips of the crowd cheering and the thumps of bodies hitting the mat when moves are performed. Some might say that the bells and whistles are lacking compared to those of other games on the market. The truth is that this game is for nearly every computer owner who has access to the Internet, not just the owners of supercomputers.

atomicdrop.jpg (9850 bytes)WWF: With Authority takes the premise behind collectable card games and allows them to be played over a phone line. Tthose who are willing to spend a lot of money will have a variety of wrestlers to choose from, and could have a great time playing. It doesn’t hurt that they begin the With Authority marketing campaign with a contest for an Official WWF title signed by a superstar. What a deal.

Jake Carder   (09/29/2001)


Ups: Customizability; low system requirements; strategy; online multiplay.

Downs: Could eat up a lot of money.