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Dragon Warrior III Review (GBC)

September 22, 2001

Enix brings us a classic NES RPG, all buffed up and bulked out for the GBC. Dragon Warrior III is part of the most popular RPG franchise in Japan, and it's not hard to tell why. With plenty of innovation, a healthy dose of RPG tradition, and hours upon hours of gameplay, this is one you can't miss. Check it out.
Release Date Shuffle
Microsoft was oh so sly about postponing the Xbox release date to November 15. They sent us this press release, which promises expected numbers of Xbox units for the holiday season. Nintendo gave up their release date, too, postponing the GameCube launch until November 18. That means the Xbox will now beat the GameCube to market. Is it just me, or does it feel like we're all standing around the field across from the school, waiting for the two guys who are going to fight to show up?

Game Aid

September 17, 2001

The whole country agrees that it's time to get things back on track. We at GF! look forward to getting back to some semblance of ordinary routine. We feel everyone should do what they can to help out in this time of crisis, and thanks to our buddy Scott at Game Rankings, we're happy to offer you a chance to buy a game to help the American Red Cross efforts. Game companies have donated hundreds of titles, and we've sent some of our own review copies along, which are being sold through All proceeds will go directly to the American Red Cross. Check out Game Rankings for more details.
Rune: Viking Warlord Review (PS2)
Awake the Viking horde within you with Take Two's latest, Rune: Viking Warlord. Offering up a cast of Norse gods, mythic beasts, and plenty of red-bearded tough guys, Rune puts you through your own private Ragnarok. Check it here.
The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Review
Whether you just want to sit and stare at the wireframes of Aki, or if you desire a stately yet hip accessory for your coffee table, Brady Games offers the perfect solution in The Making of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within by Steven Kent. This beautiful tome gives a whole slew of background anecdotes, details, and secrets in a way even the most untechnical reader can understand and enjoy. We can't say enough how cool this book is. Click to get the whole story.

Our Deepest Sympathy

September 11, 2001

We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the victims of this morning's attacks on America.  Our thoughts are with you and your families. Al made a set of pages about the events of 9.11.01. Click here to visit that site. We'll be taking the rest of this week off. We have reviews, but somehow games just don't seem like the thing to talk about. Check back with us this weekend for your regularly scheduled GF!

Contest Winners Announced! 

September 10, 2001

We would like to congratulate the three lucky winners of our Rails Across America contest, sponsored by Strategy First. Winners have been announced on our contests page, and will be treated to free copies of Rails Across America, along with a whole mess of train oriented goodies. Big thanks go out to Strategy First for giving our readers a chance to win. Look for Rails Across America, due later this month at a video game store near you. Click here.
New Console Trailers Section
The smart folks at Gigex have expanded their file-supplying empire into the console gaming market. For over a year, GF! has been proud to serve up fresh PC Demos via the oh-so-sweet Gigex system. We are now proud to offer the latest Console Game Trailers through the same no-hassle technology. You can now download the latest vids showing off the freshest console games, updated continually. Click here.
Twisted Metal Black Review (PS2)
Better late than never, right? Well, we think so. Sony's Twisted Metal Black is just as good as you heard on every other site, but Jeff's battle- hardened, witty, and historically aware review is one of a kind. Faster Gamer! Kill! Kill!

Majestic Review (PC) 

September 9, 2001

pic3.jpg (5828 bytes)EA is running up a great record this year for innovation in gaming. Black and White would have filled the quota for most publishers, but EA brings us Majestic, an online, episodic conspiracy game that gets all up in your business. We love it so much that we've published the picture to the right, which could get us killed. Check it out.
EA Sports Football 2002 Review (PS2)
Another football season, another great year for EA Sports! As luck would have it, we’ve an opportunity to cover both the college game and the NFL with NCAA Football 2002 and Madden 2002. It’s a great time to be a football fan--get the pig skinny here.

Soldier of Fortune Review (DC) 

September 5, 2001

Crave gives us one of the last FPS titles for the Dreamcast. Soldier of Fortune is a port of the PC hit, which features, prominently, lots and lots of gore. It also features strategic, mercenary, military action, but we like the gore. Click here for lots of blood and guts.

City Crisis Review (PS2) 

September 3, 2001

Take Two brings us a game with a bit of a different focus. Rather than blowing stuff up, you're saving people from fires caused by other folks blowing stuff up. City Crisis puts you in charge of a rescue chopper, helping the cops, and generally playing the "other" side of videogame archetypes. Check it out.
Motocross Mania Review (PSX)
It feels like I say this too often, but some of Take Two's Got Game! series (the cheap games) are pretty fun to play. Motocross Mania, however, is not. If dirt bikes are your thing, stick to MX2002. Hope you don't find this in your Xmas stocking. Click here.

Twisted Metal Gets Flak 

August 30, 2001

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) is mad. They take exception to the portrayal of the mentally ill in Sony's Twisted Metal Black and Mattel's series and toys based on Max Payne. What's all the hubub? Check it here.
Sega and Synovial Partner
Sega and Synovial have teamed up to bring Sega's games to wireless handheld devices. That means your cell phone might double as a Virtual Game Gear, and Snakes will no longer be the reigning champ. Click here.

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