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Sega and Synovial Partner to Bring Sega Content to Various Handheld Devices
August 30, 2001

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Continuing with their strategy of bringing Sega games to all platforms, including non-gaming platforms, Sega of America today announced a partnership with wireless multimedia platform provider Synovial Inc.  Under this agreement, Sega will bring its great video game content to various mobile phones and handheld devices such as the Compaq iPAQ(tm) Pocket PCs, by utilizing Synovial's innovative development toolkit, codenamed SYN(tm).  The first product resulting from the partnership is Virtual Game Gear, software that recreates the experience of Sega's popular hand held Sega Game Gear(tm) system on Pocket PCs.  This
alliance marks the first time Sega content will appear on a PDA in the U.S.

"As we aggressively transition Sega from hardware company to third party publisher, solid partnerships such as this one with Synovial allow us to extend the Sega gaming experience to a vast number of new consumers," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America.  "As Sega builds towards becoming the leading publisher of interactive entertainment worldwide, gamers can expect to see Sega content everywhere from next generation consoles to other Internet appliances."
Synovial's Virtual Game Gear allows Pocket PCs to simulate the same great gaming experience that consumers enjoyed on Game Gear.  To play, gamers simply turn on their device, start the Virtual Game Gear software and choose from one of three popular Sega games that come embedded in the software. Titles include the original smash hit "Sonic The Hedgehog(tm)," starring Sega's speedy blue mascot Sonic, and the exciting puzzle game "Baku Baku(tm) Animal."  To extend the fun, users can download additional game packages from the Internet for a low fee.   

Further demonstrating its commitment to leading the industry in
content development and publishing worldwide, Sega Corporation continues to pursue alliances with providers of Windows® CE devices, PalmOS devices, Java capable cellular phones and more.  Sega is currently working with Motorola, providing games for their iDEN cell phones, available from Nextel Communications in the U.S. and from Clearnet Communications, Inc. in Canada. The iDEN phones come pre-installed with Sega's "Borkov" puzzle game. Similarly, Sega has ongoing deals with NTT DoCoMo, AU/KDDI and J-Phone to
provide special ring tones downloadable for up to $3.00 per month to the iMODE, EZ Web and J-Sky phones, respectively.  Also for the iMODE and J-Sky, Sega is providing content such as wallpaper, a fortuneteller and Java games for a monthly download fee of approximately $3.00.  Some of the Java games
include popular Sega titles such as "Space Harrier(tm)," "Nights(tm)," "Puyo Puyo(tm)," "Samba de Amigo(tm)," and two titles from the ChuChu Rocket!(tm) franchise. 

Sega continues its previously announced partnership with leading set-top box company, PACE Micro Technology, to provide content for their set top boxes in the European market, and its ongoing relationship with Palm Inc. to create on and offline games for Palm PoweredŌ hand held devices. 

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