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Zone of the Enders Review (PS2)

April 20, 2001

Raise your hand if you love big robots. OK, now that we've got a consensus, let's just say that Zone of the Enders kicks some shiny metal ass. With a fun, arcade feel, and amazing graphics (not to mention a MGS2 playable demo), this one is a blast. Report for duty, robot nut.

Unreal Tournament Review (DC) 

The outer space fragfest, Unreal Tournament, has migrated to the Dreamcast, and guess what: It rules! We're sure that's not shocking news. Still, we've had a lot of fun, between the dozens of arenas and the 8 player multiplayer. Lock and load, Fanboy.

The RPG Experience: Conventions and Not Beyond

Ever notice how most RPGs are the same story with different graphics? Ever been sick of that? Our man, Jeff, sure is. In his critical essay dealing with the conventions of the RPG narrative, The RPG Experience: Conventions and Not Beyond, he outlines just what we've come to expect, and makes a plea for
something new. Click here.

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns Review (PC)

April 18, 2001

kohan1.jpg (6734 bytes)We're going through another one of those periodic real-time strategy gluts, and here at GamesFirst! we take seriously our charge to separate the fruit from the chaff for you, our beloved audience. Bottom line: even if you don't like quick-twitch RTS's, you might want to give a Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns a look. It's a truly original RTS that places a real emphasis on strategy and planning while never letting those nasty details get in way of immersive gameplay.

Call of Cthulu Preview (PC)

April 16, 2001

Tentacles and monsters and a convoluted mythology -- that's what HP Lovecraft was all about. Of course, in these fast paste times, that's a readymade plot for a survival horror game. But wait! Not only does Call of Cthulu embrace Lovecraftian plots, but this bad boy is designed for PC. Take that RE fans! Click here.

Xbox Roundup Updated!

Last fall we set up an Xbox Roundup page. Back then it was harder to come by info about the Xbox. Now, that information is just flying out of Microsoft offices. We've updated the page, again, to give you the most current details about the system. Check it out here.

Onimusha: Warlords Review (PS2)

April 13, 2001

More than simply Resident Evil in Edo Japan, Onimusha: Warlords is a great next-gen action title that incorporates a bit more of the RPG influence than we've seen in previous zombie-slashin' epics. Unfortunately, as with all the greatest "survival horror" games, this one is way too short. Check it out here.

UFC: Tapout Preview (Xbox)

Crave will bring their ultra-popular, and ultra-fun, brawler to the Xbox.
Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout promises more realism, bigger tournaments, and lots of graphical goodies. "Every bead of sweat and drop of blood" should really enhance the feel of this game. Check it out here.

It's Your Lucky Day!

So what it's Friday the 13th! If you've played Icewind Dale, you probably loved it. So now we'd like to give you the chance to score the expansion pack, Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter, for free. Woo-hoo! Remember, you'll have to answer questions that can be found in our review by clicking here. Then, slash yer way to the Contests page.

Fallout Tactics Review (PC)

April 11, 2001

ft4.jpg (7031 bytes)If you love the future of past decades, you'll love Fallout Tactics' 50's future, when social engineering had a fascist edge and didn’t bother to hide its onwards-and-upwards ideal of self-driving cars, homogenous white suburbs, and bubble-n-plastic skyscrapers. The game itself is an impressive addition to the Fallout story, even though it disappoints in a few minor but irritating ways.

Star Trek: Away Team Review (PC)

stat4.jpg (6496 bytes)Like Fallout Tactics, Star Trek: Away Team is a squad-based combat game with a 3rd person top-down isometric view. It's also based upon a universe near and dear to gamers everywhere. It's just not as good, and we're here to tell you why.

R.I.P. Indrema

It was such a cool idea that something had to go wrong. Unfortunately, Indrema never got the chance to botch a launch or fizzle with too few decent games. The economy got to them before the gamers could. It looks like Indrema is closing up shop now. Click here for the news.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Preview (PS2)

April 9, 2001

The bad boy of international espionage, Solid Snake, is back, and this time it's super pretty looking. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty will be damn impressive when it releases this fall for PS2. Get an early look at it here.

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon Review (PC)

pc_3-01.jpg (4142 bytes)Once again, we return to ancient China to set things straight. In Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon you vie for control of the empire. It's super deep and really interesting, with great detail and nice graphics, but it's also got some real drawbacks. Click here.

MP3DC Audio Player

Pelican Accessories has come out with another must-have device to go with your DC. You can wait all your life for Sega to release their MP3 playing VMU, but the MP3 DC Audio Player is here right now, and it kicks butt. Get the lowdown right here.

Darkstone Review (PSX) 

April 4, 2001

Darkstone013-01.jpg (4706 bytes)Take 2 has really done it right this time. Darkstone, an action RPG similar to Diablo, is really fun on the PlayStation. Sure, the graphics might be a little dated, but the play is solid and addictive. Click here for the whole story.

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