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Due Fall 2001 for Xbox.


tito_stand.gif (9006 bytes)LOS ANGELES, CA - April 11, 2001 - Crave Entertainment today announced details regarding "Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout" for the Xbox(TM) video game   system from Microsoft(TM) (NASDAQ:MSFT). The title, set to be released in the   first wave of games for the system in fall 2001, perfectly portrays the real-life   mixed-martial arts pay-per-view spectacular, complete with stylized fighter entrances  and signature submission moves.

"'Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout' is like no other fighting game ever  created. Xbox has allowed us to detail the characters in such a way that every  minute detail is displayed," said Holly Newman, Crave's Executive Vice President  of Publishing, "'UFC: Tapout' has proven to be a tremendous franchise, changing  the face of fighting games altogether by mixing both standing and ground combat,  combined with the most realistic gameplay and graphics ever created. Our first  generation UFC games have already won numerous Best Fighting Game awards and  we plan on continuing that success with Xbox. Crave will be represented in full  force in the first wave of Xbox titles."

fight_screen-01.jpg (4530 bytes)Packed with a full roster of the world's most accomplished athletes, including  current UFC middleweight world champion Tito Ortiz, as well as classic brawlers,  this title promises to offer gamers more full contact fighting than any other  title ever created. With a variety of in depth gameplay modes, "Ultimate Fighting  Championship: Tapout" will take players through a grueling career mode as they  work their way up through the ranking system. Would-be champions start out brawling  against generic fighters in various tournaments as they work towards the ultimate  bouts with UFC superstars. Even the cream of the crop will have to train diligently  to get the championship title.  

The presentation will be flawless; with music, sound, and visuals on par with  actual UFC telecasts. Whether players are using a custom-made brawler or a real-life  UFC athlete in the 8-player or 16-player tournaments, arcade, training, or versus  modes, the hyper-realistic moves and athleticism will be jaw-dropping. Little  differences will come to the forefront with the 'shader' technology of Xbox,  as every bead of sweat, blood, bruising, and swelling will be displayed, only  adding to perfectly captured renderings of the fighters, the event, and the overall  aggressive feel of the sport.

"The first generation UFC title from Crave earned its place as a kick-ass modern  fighting game," said J Allard, General Manager, Xbox Platform. "We're excited  to be working with Crave on the next installment of UFC; the power of Xbox will  bring fighting to an unparalleled level of realism, speed and intensity." 


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