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Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business Review (PC)

March 2, 2001

Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business is a combat-orientated game built on the excellent turn-based engine of Jagged Alliance 2, and though it does lack for both an integrated story line and modern graphics, it still comes across as a gripping game with good play and an excellent sense of humor.  Check it out!
Knockout Kings 2001 (PS2)
Walking the razors' edge between sim and arcade masterpiece, Knockout Kings 2001 is the best boxing game we've played in a long time (take that Afro Thunder). Lots of customization, great control, and bumpin' tunes make this one a real blast. Get into the ring.
Earthworm Jim Preview (GBA)
The Game Boy Advance is looking like a lot of fun, and Majesco is bringing a whole slew of really cool games to the platform. We got the latest information on Earthworm Jim, the old-school classic, soon to be new-school fave. Check out those screenshots!
Shaken, Not Stirred
The 'quake that rocked Seattle hit an area that's home to a number of game companies, including Microsoft and Nintendo of America Inc.  Both are located in Redmond, which is northeast of Seattle, and therefore a bit farther from the quake’s center. Early reports indicate that the companies experienced some minor damage and frayed nerves, but no reports of injuries or structural damage.  See the preliminary reports here.
Serious Sam Preview (PC)

February 28, 2001

serioussam5.jpg (8019 bytes)From Croatia, land of . . . uh, Croatians, comes Serious Sam--the most action-packed FPS since Doom. It's got no real story, but it more than makes up for that with a stylish ancient Egyptian setting, hordes of monsters, and gameplay  fast enough to kill most middle-aged men. And at a price of merely $19.99, it's probably the best deal you can get outside the Home Shopping Network.  
Championship Motocross 2001 Review (PSX)
47047_l01-01.jpg (4585 bytes)THQ brings us another mud-slinging, high-flying motocross game, featuring the vehicular talents of Ricky Carmichael and his dirt bike brethren. Championship Motocross 2001 is a decent motocross race title, but it suffers from a bad AI, which, on the upside, makes it easy to kick ass. Click here, you bad motor scooter.
Phantasy Star Online Review (DC)

February 26, 2001

P02-01.jpg (4537 bytes)The big boy of Dreamcast RPG titles is finally here, and it is sweet. Phantasy Star Online not only offers a whole bunch of really cool play, visuals, and monsters, but you can go online and play it with your pals. Welcome to the future. Click here.
Macromedia Flash Technology on PS2
Orange Design created the user interface for Star Wars Starfighter, bringing Macromedia Flash design into the gaming world, and onto the PS2. They sent us an interesting release discussing their innovation. Click here to check it out.
Only One Week Left!
"Only one week left for what?" you ask. For our giant, huge, larger than life, bigger than your mama's underwear, Giants: Citizen Kabuto Contest. People want this game. We know you do, too. Click here for your chance to win.
Star Wars Starfighter Review (PS2)

February 23, 2001

After a long string of very marginal Star Wars franchise games, LucasArts finally hits the nail on the head with Starfighter. You get to mix it up in cool Star Wars ships and giant space battles. With great visuals and sweet control, this one will suck your life away. Come to the dark side.
NBA Live 2001 Review (PC)
EA Sports will be the only ones to take a shot at hoops for the PC this year.  NBA Live 2001 adds a little and takes away a lot from last year's offering.  Yes it's pretty and yes, it'll require a monster of a machine to max out all the graphical goodies.  Is it a brick or a slam dunk?  Fast break here for the scoop on the hoops.
Oni Review (PS2)

February 21, 2001

She's bad, and she's on your PS2. Konoko, the star of Oni, is one tough cookie. And she looks way cool. Rockstar and Bungie have brought us a lot of innovation with Oni, but also a load of headaches. It's not perfect, but it is original and a lot of fun. Check out the review for the whole story.
Sega Game Gear is Resurrected
Sure, the Lynx had color, but the Game Gear had better games. And the Game Boy, well, if you were into graphics at all it wasn't even an option. All ye retro gamers of the 21st Century gather 'round: Majesco has re-released the Sega Game Gear. Plus, they're re-publishing a whole bunch of classic titles.  It's available now -- as in, today. Click here for details.

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