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Acclaim Responds to Criticism of BMX XXX

October 17, 2002

Acclaim has responded to the recent controversy surrounding the release of BMX XXX, their latest extreme sports game targeted to a mature audience. The company makes some good points about unfairly characterizing videogames as exclusively kids' stuff. Also noteworthy in their statement is the lack of any mention of toning down the PS2 version, as was previously rumored. Click here.

Icewind Dale II Review (PC)

October 16, 2002

Interplay brings us the last RPG to use the Infinity engine. A bit of silence is in order. OK, now we can make a whole lot of noise about Icewind Dale II. Utilizing the Third Edition AD&D rules set, it isn't the prettiest RPG out there, but it is one of the biggest and best. Click here.

Prisoner of War Review (Xbox)

Codemasters brings us a really innovative WWII-themed title. Prisoner of War puts you in the role of a downed American fighter pilot, and it ain't all Hogan's Heroes. You'll sneak around, infiltrate, steal and escape, but you won't fire a shot from a weapon. Plus, you'll learn derogatory terms for Germans you never knew existed. Click.

BMX XXX Preview Updated (Xbox, PS2, GC)

As BMX XXX (formerly known as Dave Mirra BMX XXX) nears its release, big retailers are getting nervous and making statements because everybody knows that nudity is more dangerous than graphic violence. We've updated our preview with a couple of new screens and the latest info. That black bar won't be present in the final version of the game (unless, perhaps, you own a PS2...) Click here.

Xbox + 2 Games + Controller S = $199

Microsoft is making the Xbox very appealing this Fall. For a limited time, you can pick up an Xbox, with the Controller S that everyone loves, Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future all for the low, low price of $199. Not bad. Click for details.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Review (PC)

October 11, 2002

Infogrames, Atari, Epic, and Digital Extremes have teamed up to give us the ultimate team-up game. Unreal Tournament 2003 refines rather than redefines the genre, offering amazingly beautiful graphics, cool new gameplay modes, finer control, robust stats, and a lot more. If you love the FPS, you just can't miss this one. Click here.

Check out

Sue Morris is a PhD candidate at University of Queensland in Australia, and she runs a site called Game Culture. She is the founder of the first all-female Quake clan in Australia and has just published a study about the social benefits of online gaming, which is getting mainstream attention like this. Check it out.

WIN a FREE Copy of Syberia

We enjoyed Dreamcatcher Interactive's hit adventure game, Syberia, so much that we've decided to give it away. Check out the review and then head over to our Contests section to enter. It's easy, simple, and quick, and you might just find yourself the proud owner of one of the best games of the year. Click here to enter the contest.

IDSA Foundation Sponsors Fifth Annual Nite to Unite Charity Auction

The Interactive Digital Software Foundation is a charitable organization, and they put on an annual charity auction called Nite to Unite. Proceeds from the auction go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club Delinquency Prevention Initiative, Web Wise Kids and Just Think Foundation. Where else can you buy a slick Pokemon PT Cruiser like this one? Click for more info and a link.

Turok: Evolution Review (Xbox)

October 9, 2002

Those of you who have already played Turok: Evolution should be quaking in your boots looking at this screenshot. Does it bring back bad memories? Of poor control? A shoddy story? Ugly graphics? All this and more is yours for the playing in the latest devolution of one of our favorite franchises. Click here for the horror story.

ARTICLE: What's in a Game? A Linguistic History of "Videogame"

Jeff Luther takes us on a fantastic linguistical voyage through time and space to track down the etymology of the word "videogame". His article, What's in a Game? A Linguistic History of "Videogame" will have you scratching your head and winning bar bets faster than you can say "Gamen eft astah." Click here for the article.

Syberia Review (PC)

October 4, 2002

DreamCatcher Interactive and Microids score their first big hit with us and a whole lot of other folks. Action game fans will love Syberia, which does wonders to reinvigorate a genre that has been poo-pooed by so many game reviewers. An eerie French town, bizarre toymakers, incredible visuals, and involving gameplay hit the spot. Clickez!

Altec Lansing XA3051 Speaker System Review

Altec Lansing does it again. The XA3051 Speaker System is their high end, six piece, setup for console gaming, DVD players, VCRs, home stereos, portable audio, and the like. How is it? It's great, and at $199 it's a bargain Dolby 5.1 system. Click here.

Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 Review (PC)

Americans aren't necessarily keen on the F1 racing world. We've got that NASCAR to satisfy us. Still, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 4 is a phenomenal F1 racing sim that will satisfy hardcore race sim fans regardless of where you were born. Great graphics, nice gameplay, and a treasure trove of background depth make this a must-play for any serious racing fans. Click here.

Totaled! Review (Xbox)

Majesco brings us a wonderful surprise for the budget game bin. Their crash-up derby title, Totaled!, is a lot of fun to play, and at just under $30 it won't break the bank. While a bit light on the single player mode, multiplayer on this bad boy kicks tush. Click here.

Power Rangers Wild Force Review (GBA)

THQ brings us yet another Power Rangers title. Power Rangers Wild Force offers pretty much what you would expect from a Power Rangers game -- lots of brawling and not much depth. This time around up to 4 players can link their GBAs for cooperative action. Click here.

Medieval: Total War Review (PC)

September 27, 2002

Activision brings us a sequel to the hit Shogun: Total War. Medieval: Total War puts you in the heart of European valor and intrigue on a national scale. Featuring gargantuan battles and an incredibly detailed simulation, you'll be running your own multinational empire in no time. Click here for more.

Freedom of Expression Policy Project Combats Notions About Violent Videogames

A group of thirty-three scholars from various prestigious institutions have collaborated on a rebuttal to the US District Court Judgment passed last Spring by Judge John Limbaugh. Limbaugh determined that videogames could not be classified as speech and are therefore not subject to protection under the First Amendment. This is obviously an insane decision, and nobody has rebutted it as good as the FEPP. Click here for more.

NFL Fever 2003 Review (Xbox)

The latest incarnation of Microsoft's football franchise is pretty to look at and fun to play, but in the end NFL Fever 2003 is a flawed game. Our man Todd lays it all out for you in his review. Click here.

Nyko AirFlo Review (Xbox, PS2, GC)

We got the Xbox version in for review, but Nyko is releasing the Nyko AirFlo controller for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube. WIth an internal fan and air ducts molded into the grips, the AirFlo cools you as things get hot in the game. Does it work? Click here to find out.

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