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Article: Greek Geeks Fight Gaming Ban

September 5, 2002

In a horribly misguided stab at limiting gambling in public places, the Greek Government has created a ban on all videogames. That's right: Playing games on your PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance (especially in public) is illegal in Greece. The first couple of internet cafe owners have been arrested already for allowing gaming in their public establishments, and things have gotten more rotten than 4:00 AM at a LAN bash over there. Click here for our coverage.

Splashdown Review (Xbox)

September 4, 2002

Infogrames and Atari bring us a title that gives Wave Race: Blue Storm a real run for its money. Splashdown features stunning visuals, lots of well-designed courses, and plenty of gameplay to keep you running those waves well into the next year. Fans of racers and watersports, click!

The Future of Video Games Review (DVD)

Australian production company, Next Gen Video, brings us a DVD collection of game footage from E3 2002. If there's anything better than seeing screens from these titles, it's seeing them in full motion. The Future of Video Games will make you feel like you're at the show, and just like E3, it's not a perfect package. Click for more.

Barbarian Review (PS2)

Titus gives us Barbarian, an arena based fighter that puts you into a fantasy world in dire need of a good saving. Sound familiar? Barbarian doesn't break a lot of new ground, but it does provide a nice distraction for awhile and hints at some good possibilities. Click here.

Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven Preview (PS2)

Activision will give us another installment in the venerable Tenchu series. Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven continues the story of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, putting you back into the shoes of Ayame and Rikimaru. It looks cool, packs a load of new features, and let's hope it contains lots of cheesy translations. Click here.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Preview Update (PS2)

August 30, 2002

Rockstar has finally given us some more information about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This coincides with the unveiling of the official GTA: Vice City website, which is pretty snazzy in the purest of Rockstar traditions. Check out our preview again, and then click on the link to the official website. All you need is right here. Click!

Tetris Worlds Review (Xbox and Gamecube)

THQ brings Tetris Worlds to the Gamecube and Xbox, and what can we say? It's pretty much just like Tetris Worlds for PlayStation 2, and the game itself is basically a collection of all the previous Tetris titles.  Click here for the Gamecube version. Click here for the Xbox version.

Wavebird Wireless Controller Review (GC)

Nintendo's Wavebird Wireless Controller is a serious blessing for Gamecube owners. Featuring the solid construction and quality performance we've come to expect from the Big N, this bad boy will have you sitting 25 feet back from your TV, juggling dinner, homework, and Mario Sunshine all at the same time. Click for the review.

PSA: Microsoft Xbox DVD Playback Rebate

As a public service announcement to all you Xbox owners without the DVD Playback kit or folks thinking about getting an Xbox, check out this deal: Until November 1, customers get a full rebate for the purchase of an Xbox DVD Playback kit. That means it's free. So get yourself an Xbox, get a DVD Playback kit, and start enjoying.

UFC Throwdown Review (PS2)

August 25, 2002

Crave Entertainment brings us the latest installment in the UFC series, and fans of the franchise should be pleased with UFC Throwdown. Featuring the same in-depth, strategic fighting system, this is not one of those flashy fighters that zip along at a million miles per hour. This is the thinking feller's fighter. Ironic? Click.

GTC Africa Review (PS2)

Sick and tired of racing games that take place on closed tracks and in crowded urban areas? Majesco might have your antidote with their latest rally racer, GTC Africa. Sporting some innovative gameplay ideas and some of the best course design we've seen in a long time, gearheads should find something new here. Click for the review.

Men In Black II: Alien Escape Review (PS2)

Following the summer blockbuster, Men in Black II: Alien Escape succeeds in creating a fairly entertaining, if a bit mindless and way short, interactive MIB adventure. Control agents J and K as they make the planet a bit safer for gamers like us. Click here.

Atari Revival Review (PC)

Nostalgia gaming is a hot topic these days. We hear from gamers who insist the old-school was the best school of gaming. If you're one of these retro gaming addicts, check out Atari Revival -- it packs Combat, Missle Command and Warlords into a pretty new graphical skin but keeps the same old-school gameplay. Click here for the story.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Review (GC)

August 20, 2002

Nintendo and Silicon Knights have redefined the 3D action horror genre previously dominated by the Resident Evil series. Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a true evolution of the genre and gaming in general. Jeff's take on the game includes a great exploration of the ways Eternal Darkness succeeds and fails at pushing the limits of what a game can be. Click here for the review.

Dropship: United Peace Force Review (PS2)

BAM! has been making a good showing of late, and their latest offering, Dropship: United Peace Force, is another title that comes in just shy of great. Featuring some of the best missions we've played in a long time, Dropship nonetheless suffers from some issues. Jeremy does a great job spelling it all out for you. Check the review.

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Review (GBA)

Capcom's venerable Mega Man returns for his second spin in a GBA RPG. Mega Man Battle Network 2 puts you in the shoes of LAN, an average boy who just happens to use a virtual Mega Man to keep the Net safe from evildoers. Click here.

Wrestlemania X8 Review (GC)

August 14, 2002

We're back! And we've brought you a big, steaming helping of some extreme reviews. The newly dubbed "WWE" makes its debut on your Gamecube, and wrestling fans should be amped. Wrestlemania X8 is a beauty to behold, and the combination of some old-school game concepts with new controls could be just the thing. Click here.

MX Superfly Reviews (PS2 and GC)

Take a look at this screen from the PS2 version and you can see why it's called Superfly. MX Superfly brings THQs motocross staple to a new middle ground between sim and outrageous fantasy. Click here for the rev of the Gamecube version. And click here for the scoop on the PS2 version.

HALO 2 Preview (Xbox)

Microsoft and Bungie are at it again, and they've finally copped to a sequel of one of the biggest games of last year. HALO 2 promises online multiplayer support, a focus on squad-based tactics, a larger arsenal of weapons, and a whole lot more of what we loved in the first place. Get the preview here.

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