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SOCOM: US Navy Seals Hands-on Preview (PS2)

July 26, 2002

Sony's betting big money on SOCOM: US Navy Seals, and from what we've seen, it's a safe bet. The game is being pushed as an online multiplayer title, but the single player game is really great already. Nice AI, team strategizing, serious realism, and just plain fun gameplay should get it on your list of ways to avoid homework. Click here.

Altec Lansing XA3021 Speakers Review

Altec Lansing is making a big push this year in the console gaming slash home theater arena. Their XA3021 speaker setup enhances your TV sound, adding some booming bass and nice mids and highs. At $100, this setup dominates its price range. Plus, that subwoofer looks like a bomb. How cool is that? Click here.

Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights Review (PS2)

Like, wow, folks: Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights is an amazing rendition of the cartoon and a great play while it lasts. Sure to satisfy the younger crowd, and pleasing to us old fogeys who "get it", this title is not without its flaws. You'll definitely want to get the scoop here. Yoinks!

Lost Kingdoms Review (GC)

The Gamecube has been devoid of RPGs, and that makes many gamers sad. Fortunately, Activision has stepped in with Lost Kingdoms, a strange little RPG that uses a collectible card game battle system. Sound strange? It is. But it's kind of fun, too. Click here for more.

Space Race Review (PS2)

When this game came out for the Dreamcast it was a hit. And it's still a super good game. Space Race on the PlayStation 2 brings back all the same tracks and characters with just a few enhancements. Bottom line: If you own the DC version, don't sweat this one, but if you haven't tried Space Race and if you like kart racers at all, click here now.

All-Star Baseball 2003 Review (GBA)

Derek Jeter and co. are now portable. All-Star Baseball 2003 offers up the best baseball action on the GBA, and is probably the best sports title out right now for the system. If you're itching for some out-of-the-park action during those summer roadtrips, click here.

Shantae Review (GBC)

Shantae is a sexy little half-genie. She dances in a club for money by night and fights sexy little enemies by day. She is Sequin Land's only hope for salvation from the evil (but sexy) Risky Boots' dastardly plans. It's a GBC title, with enhancements for GBA, but still worth a look. Cute and quirky, this game has a DDR-style clone built in and a monkey. What else do you want?

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Review (GBA)

The prequel trilogy's GBA titles have not been good, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is only slightly better than Phantom Menace. Neither title offers much entertainment. Click here for the rev.

PSA:  Give Us A Break

GamesFirst! will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks. We're undergoing the first of some major changes to improve the site, and during this time we won't be updating. Have no fear, we'll be back before you know it. In the meantime, browse the archives, download a PC Demo (or the America's Army game for free), or check out some Console Trailers. See ya real soon. -- Shawn

Moto GP Review (Xbox)

July 20, 2002

THQ and their developer, Climax, have done a bang-up job on their latest motorcycle racing sim. Benefitting from some RPG elements and a huge array of bikes and riders to choose from, Moto GP looks to become the Gran Turismo of motorcycle racing. It's a lot of fun, and really, really pretty to look at.  Click here.

Warlords Battlecry II Review (PC)

Ubi Soft and SSG bring us some old-fashioned isometric perspective, but the gameplay in Warlords Battlecry II is completely modern. Incorporating some RPG elements not only increases your investment in units and characters, but adds a twist that makes this already really fun title into an addictive must-play RTS. Check it out here.

Richard Garriott (aka Lord British)

July 18, 2002

Aaron Stanton was lucky enough to get some quality time with one of the legendary figures of gaming. Known for his eccentric qualities, including adventure vacations and his alter ego Lord British, as much as for his foundational role in creating Ultima Online and continuing participation in MMO projects like Lineage, City of Heroes, and Tabla Rasa (working title), Richard Garriott is THE man right about now. With MMORPGs at an all-time popularity high, and many new titles entering the fray, Garriott was kind enough to chat about his projects, game design, why consoles won't succeed online, and much more. Get the interview here.

Test Drive Review (Xbox)

Va, va, vroom, Test Drive is a pretty package. Lots of multiplayer modes and tons of cars to drive give it some quality bang for your buck. Take some spins around the track, admire the tight controls, and get your fender ripped off by a two foot tall fern. It's got issues. Get the whole story -- click here.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Review (Xbox)

July 13, 2002

Bethesda Softworks gets the prestigious honor of gracing the Xbox with its first RPG. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is a great start for the system, and a wonderful example of how cool RPGs can be. Eschewing the Japanese tradition, Morrowind should throw many console gamers for a loop in the best possible way. Click here.

Brittney's Dance Beat Review (PS2)

She's not yet a woman and not just a girl anymore -- now she's a digital character on your PS2 (and we can only hope THQ will have a sense of humor and make her a playable character in one of the WWE titles). Brittney's Dance Beat is awesome if you are in the right target audience, and you already know if you are. If you dig dance games, or really love dancing gams, click here.

Get Your America's Army Right Here!

Soldier, you'd better wax up that modem and get your keister glued to the download meter so you can fully immerse yourself in the real world of defending the US of A! The makers of America's Army (the US Army) have treated us to a bulky prelude to the full release, scheduled for this fall. America's Army Recon is the first installment, and is available for free from our PC Demos page thanks to our good friends at Gigex. Click here or wish you had.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Review (PC)

July 03, 2002

Forget Fourth of July holiday picnics and fireworks display. Give us a fast LAN, a dozen of our closest friends and family, and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and we'll be just fine. Blizzards latest triumph is another unqualified hit. If you can stand to wait another minute before you run out and buy it, click here for the review.

No One Lives Forever Review (PS2)

Sierra brings its classic FPS franchise to the PS2, and all we can say is that Cate deserved better. No One Lives Forever is a disappointing console port, right along the lines of Half Life for the PS2. You can't beat the story and some of the gameplay in NOLF, but it is severely flawed. Click here.

Le Mans 24 Hours Review (PC)

PC gamers who love racing sims should be very, very happy with Le Mans 24 Hours. Featuring a broad selection of vehicles, a nice assortment of tracks, modes and options, and an attention to detail that is refreshing, this latest simulation is a must-play. Click.

Shifters Review (PS2)

3DO does it again. Shifters is a bad game, plagued with bad graphics, bad controls, glitchy play, and no real inspiration. The concept of a shapeshifting, "cast & slash" fantasy action game could have been pretty cool. But this isn't the game. Click here for more.

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

July 01, 2002

Crave brings us a way cool combination of space and planet based first person shooter. Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter creates a seamless world where you chase down bounties, cap on aliens, fly around several different spaceships, and generally rule the universe. So far there isn't a downside to this one. Click for more.

Shadowbane Preview (PC)

Ubi Soft and Wolf Pack Studios have teamed up on a seriously ambitious MMORPG. Shadowbane promises to put players in control of a world and have that world stay interesting and dynamic. Impossible? Maybe. But playing characters with wings is pretty dang sweet. Click here for a thorough rundown.

Gladius Preview (Xbox, PS2, GC)

LucasArts decided to take a fantasy-oriented route with Gladius, which pits you against gladiators in arenas from Rome to Hades, but the liberties they've taken should only disappoint those Classics majors and Roman Empire buffs. The rest of us might enjoy hurling fireballs at our foes. In an RPG-style strategy type game. Sounds fun.

Star Fox Adventures Preview (GC)

The high-flying, dogfighting, cuddly, fuzzy savior of the galaxy is back, and this time on a planet of dinosaurs. Star Fox Adventures has a steamy and sordid past -- brief fling with the N64, merged with a dinosaur game -- but from what we've seen the finished product looks like it just might work. Lube up that Arwing. Click here.

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