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Sacrifice Review (PC)

November 17, 2000

Surreal scenery, bizarre creatures and cool spells all add up to big fun in the unique and funny Sacrifice.  You'll need serious horsepower to run it, but the payoff is worth it.  Big, beautiful, and outstanding multiplayer as well--get the goods here.
RealMYST Review (PC)
Do you remember where you were the first time you heard of Myst? The 10 million unit classic from the brothers Miller gets a shiny 3D engine and a new Age to boot in this re-release from Cyan. The textures are to die for; read on to get the full story of RealMYST.
Weekly Gaming News
Tomb Raider Chronicles released, Sony's Superbowl party, a Savage gaming engine, Konami's PS2 two-fer, patching for C&C Red Alert 2 and more in this weeks gaming news.
Combat Flight Simulator 2 Review (PC)

November 16, 2000

A6m5_zero-01.jpg (2912 bytes)In a year notable for its lack of flight sims, Microsoft's already released two big ones--the fun-but-unrealistic Crimson Skies and now Combat Flight Simulator 2, a hardcore sim that allows you to refight the epic battles of WWI in the Pacific. 
Big Mountain 2000 Review (N64)
BM2000_04-01.jpg (4678 bytes)The two-plankers and the knuckle draggers have historically divided the mountain. No skiers allowed in the pipe, and no boarders on the slalom course. Southpeak is doing what they can to ameliorate this division, starting with a fairly middle-of-the-road title for the N64, Big Mountain 2000, in which you can don the skis or the board. It's not much new if you're a snowboarding game afficianado, but it might tickle your skier buddies. Check it out.
Lorne Lanning Speaks! All Hail Oddworld!

November 15, 2000

As you all know, or should know by now, Munch's Oddysee has been pulled from PS2 and will be released exclusively on the XBox. You can read that release here. To address the situation, Lorne Lanning gave an online chat about the  future of the Oddworld hosted by Planet Xbox. You can get the full transcript on Planet Xbox. Also, check out this new movie the Inhabitants kicked us down (must see!), and revisit our interview with Lorne Lanning.
Links LS 2001 Review (PC)
A perennial favorite at GamesFirst!, the Links franchise has never failed to please (at least not in its un-extreme interations), and we had high hopes for Links LS 2001.  With a new graphics rendering engine, more pros, new courses and a fancy new course editor, there was a lot to look forward to.  Read here to see if it's a hole-in-one or if it just teed us off.
RPG Maker Review (PSX)
If you can dream it, you can play it. Build it and they will play. Those are the two cheesiest ways I can sum up RPG Maker, a game that just begs for high cheese factors. Write, draw, and create every little aspect of your very own RPG. My idea: Review Editor must beat down the slackful writer and must suck up to the finicky PR firm, fighting slimy hakorz and fending off mean emails, lest his website fall under the crush of "Market Tendencies," the plague taking out every other content-oriented site. Scary, huh? Read all about it here.
Zeus: Master of Olympus Review (PC)

November 14, 2000

achillesvshector_th-01.jpg (10318 bytes)Sim City 3K? Ha. Anyone can build a city if they've got some plumbing and a SWAT team. For a real challenge, try Zeus: Master of Olympus. The gods themselves have got it in for you in this, the latest and best of Impression's city builder series.
Hologram Time Traveller Review (PSX2, DVD)
Spacemen-01.jpg (2780 bytes)Digital Leisure brings us another blast from the past. Do you remember that phenomenal Sega arcade game, Hologram Time Traveller? It played like Dragon's Lair, but it looked like tiny people acting out a bizarre play in
the middle of the arcade. It blew my little mind. This time around it's available for play on DVD-ROM, most standard DVD players, and the PS2. How is it? Well, check out the review here.
Time Splitters Review (PS2)

November 13, 2000

Fans of Perfect Dark and Goldeneye may be a little more content with Eidos' entry into the FPS battlefield on PS2. Time Splitters lacks the gore of Quake or UT, and the single-player mode of PD or Goldeneye, but manages to be a whole crapload of fun anyway. With killer graphics, lots of weapons (including proximity mines!), and a map editor, this one won't get old any time soon. Check out the review here.
Blair Witch Vol. 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock Review (PC)
Gathering of Developers fleshes out the Blair Witch mythos with Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock. Our man Van says that while it looks and sounds good, there are also some terrible, terrible, things happening in the woods outside Burkittsville, Maryland. Do you dare lay down your $30? Read on.
Contests, Releases, and Naughty Fighting Games
It's another week here, and we're glad to kick it off with some good news. We've announced our first batch of contest winners on the Contests Page, so check it out. We've also put a copy of Close Combat: Invasion Normandy for the PC up for grabs. And to address some implied concerns: Yes, you do have to get all the answers right in order to win. Just check out the review -- all the facts are in there. It's a big week, what with Shenmue already making our thumbs cramp and FFIX due out tomorrow. And to make things a little prettier on the front page this week, Tecmo sent us this ad they recently ran in Maxim. Get a bigger version here.

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